Civic Heart developers shortlisted

Three parties have been chosen to present a proposal for the Heart of the City project. Photo: Supplied.

Three developers have been shortlisted to present proposals on the Tauranga Heart of the City project, down from 11.

HRL Morrison and Co Group Ltd Partnership, Kiwi Property Group Ltd, and Willis Bond & Co will proceed to the Request for Proposal stage for the development and delivery of a new civic administration building, surrounding open space and other civic and commercial elements.

'We believe the shortlist consists of credible parties with appropriate experience, capacity and fit with Council's objectives, and would maximise our ability to deliver against our investment objectives,” says mayor Greg Brownless.

'The RFP will seek the partner that can not only deliver the elements identified in Council's Long Term Plan to deliver a civic administration building, civic open space and a city centre hotel, but also to potentially partner with us to deliver the aspirational elements such as a new library, museum and other civic projects.”

Council received 11 Expressions of Interest for a long-term development partner to deliver a civic administration building and surrounding open space.

Through the EOI, respondents were also asked to consider the concurrent development of a city centre hotel and conference centre.

The EOI applicants have been notified, and the RFP will be issued to the shortlisted parties on August 18, 2017.

HRL Morrison is a specialist alternative asset manager focusing primarily on infrastructure, private equity and property investment with offices in New Zealand, Australia and Hong Kong.

Founded in 1988, their subsidiaries include Infratil, JIDA Capital Partners Ltd, Morrison & Co PIP Ltd, Morrison & Co Funds Management Limited.

Kiwi Property Group is New Zealand's largest diversified property company.

The NZX-listed company, formerly a real estate investment trust, owns many retail and commercial properties throughout New Zealand including Auckland's Sylvia Park Business and Shopping Centre, Centre Place North and the Base in Hamilton, the Vero Centre in Auckland, and the Majestic Centre in Wellington.

Willis Bond & Co is a New Zealand-based company specialising in property development and investment.

Their projects are predominantly large scale, medium to high-end developments based in urban environments and historic precincts.

They have a strong focus on waterfront and inner city mixed-use development that combine living, retail, office and parking.

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End result

Posted on 28-07-2017 15:36 | By MISS ADVENTURE

A commercial enterprise as owner, that means the rent will be to, that means that the land will be sold, then built on, the rent payable will be huge. The usual contract that Council cmmits to will be terribly onerous upon TCC and its ratepayers. The financial decisions here will continue to be like a massive heart attack not a cure for a lifetime and more.

End result is wrong

Posted on 28-07-2017 22:13 | By Sg1nz

Maybe check the facts. Land won't be sold, lease back means ROI will be better that council owning and building the property. Remember it's not like TCC have 20m sitting in the bank. It would have to borrow the capital for an build.

golly gosh

Posted on 29-07-2017 12:34 | By old trucker

Agree with MISS ADVENTURE, all of their BUDDIE mates getting in on the TCC TROUGH, they TCC DO NOT CARE ABOUT US, as it goes in one and out the other,my thoughts only on this, Sunlive Thanyou, 10-4, out.

@ Sg1nz

Posted on 29-07-2017 14:28 | By MISS ADVENTURE

The start, path and finsh ... dare I suggest is up teh C##PPERS ditch without a shovel and is looking like the second largest crazy decision ever made in the chambers for Tauranga.


Posted on 29-07-2017 21:03 | By waiknot

Your dead right council don't have a bundle of money in the bank, so they should have lived within their financial constraints and maintained the old building instead of letting it get dilapidated so as to justify building this Ivory Tower.

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