Mauao base track re-opens

The new base track steps. Photo: Supplied.

A temporary pathway around a slip on Mauao will open late this afternoon, restoring the base track walk around the Mount in time for the weekend.

The popular base track walk has been closed since April when heavy rains, associated with ex-cyclone Debbie, took away a 14 metre section of track.

The temporary solution involves several sets of steps, which are not suitable for prams, strollers and wheelchairs, and will take walkers up the hill above the slip site.

The steps are two metres wide and designed to be easy to walk, with handrails at the most challenging points.

“We’re really pleased that people will be able to complete the base track loop again. We know Mauao is of huge importance to the people of Tauranga and we really appreciate how patient and supportive the community has been as we worked through quite a complex process to get to this point,” says Parks and Recreation manager Mark Smith.

The temporary steps are designed to be easily removable and have minimal impact on the ground, which is important as there’s a significant archaeological site in the area.

“They’ll remain in place until a long-term, sustainable solution is complete. The long-term solution will be accessible and provide a new experience for walkers.”

The longer term solution to bypass the slip. Photo: Supplied.

Tauranga City Council approved $2.2m to bypass the slip section last month.

“We appreciate this is a lot of money, however the more we looked into the slip, the more it became apparent that there is a stretch of about 250m of track which is built on a relic slip,” says Mark.

"Generally, if an area has slipped before it will slip again – it’s just a matter of when. There’s already a second, smaller slip just east of the large one.

“If we repair just the 14 metre section that’s damaged right now, we’ll be paying for repairs every time there’s another slip in the area. We would also have to reshape part of the mountain, potentially more than once.”

Council also resolved to ask the Mauao joint administration board, Nga Poutiri o Mauao, to investigate options for alternative funding such as donations for future maintenance of the mountain.

The new track will run along the beach, at three metres above sea level. It will offer visitors easier access to the water, and a view of the water and the statue of Tangaroa.

 The April slip undermined a 14 metres section of the base track. Photo: Supplied.


@ Maildrop

Posted on 31-07-2017 18:17 | By Papamoaner

I agree, no fool like an old fool, - senior moments and all that. But has its compliments too. Where I work (admittedly only part time now) There’s no shortage of young grads asking us old geezers for advice, and when they keep coming back for more, takes the proverbial decade off our age. Woohoo! Back to those steps - you will all have noticed that wherever DOC have built steps on bush tracks, trampers have worn well-trodden bypass tracks around the steps, no exceptions, or except maybe where it’s VERY steep. Daphne spur, Ruahines, Tukituki headwaters up to Howlett’s hut - Feet and hands all the way up on a ladder of tree roots. Try building steps on that lot DOC!Anybody know it?

No fools like old fools

Posted on 31-07-2017 13:31 | By maildrop

I thought a cornerstone of democracy was me being able to tell people, who put themselves up for election, on my payroll, to "bugger off"? I was doing so in a more polite way than you Guy. And that anonymity and privacy were also sacred, hence voting booths. Sunlive is just an extension of that and you must think so because you constantly use it to electioneer. But not so, according to Vladimir Murray. As someone who puts himself up for election he wants to know who the dissenters are. People who put themselves up for election and spout off on Sunlive are fair game. In fact anyone is. Take it on the chin or do as I said originally, or rather, you bugger off. And it seems the only confused people are those having senior moments, though not surprising given they have multiple logins and often "debate" with themselve

@Old Neanderthal Trucker

Posted on 30-07-2017 15:07 | By Papamoaner

Well, what can I say? Having an opinion on everything is nothing to be ashamed of, is it?? Keeps us young!You know what they say about kitchens and heat old chap. By the way, Neanderthal is an endearment.

@Murray Guy

Posted on 30-07-2017 15:01 | By Papamoaner

You are correct about one thing - I had a senior moment, being very old, and confused sender with receiver, and for that, and that only, I unreservedly apologise. Maildrop must be laughing his pants off too.- He finally got me! Without even trying, and has wanted to for a long time - enjoy! You have earned it. Murray, your spelling and grammar is atrocious, but I got your meaning. You are clearly enraged! I do hope it’s a pleasure and not a pain. Meanwhile I will swallow my pride, lick my wounds, and get my target practice up to scratch with emphasis on target identification. Sorry.

golly gosh

Posted on 30-07-2017 11:31 | By old trucker

Papawhinger is sure getting in on this story, my gosh is he a real person with all this knowledge,JUST wondering thats all, maybe a EX SOMETHING,my thoughts only Sunlive,Thankyou, 10-4 out.

Maildrop is confused and but ...

Posted on 30-07-2017 10:55 | By Murray.Guy

Maildrops post, ’Yawn. Let it go man. Slip away into retirement. You had your day.’ .... Seems you may be confused with a post reply from a $2.2million koha breakdown, please? Posted on 28-07-2017 14:47 | By MMG. That aside, just who the hell do you think you are to suggest I should know longer ’give a damn’ and why is caring a crime? Seems maildrop is like many elected members who thrive on the ego and incomes and when NOT re-elected, disappear. We know you choose to cowardly throw stones hiding behind anonymity, so just like those who choose to ring with ’no number display’, bugger off! For those other than ’maildrop’, giving a damn about the integrity of democracy, your community, is no different to being a parent ... you don’t stop caring just because circumstances change, and if you do stop, you likely never did!

@simple really

Posted on 30-07-2017 10:45 | By Papamoaner

2.2 million? Are you sure? Surely that can’t be correct. There would have to be fraud and theft involved for that amount to be correct. Looks like somewhere around $50k to maybe $100k max to me. Only 3 or 4 $k of materials there. Even if they had bucketed the aggregate in by chopper they still should have done it from go to woe for under a hundred grand. Something smells here and it should be properly investigated.

@the Caveman

Posted on 30-07-2017 10:39 | By Papamoaner

Brilliant ! Couldn’t be said better. Similar in the ranges and mountains. Tramping club working bees for hut and track maintenance were social events and attracted young people too. Then in stepped Rogernomics, and DOC killed that culture off. Not that I blame DOC. They had no choice either.

I fell off my chair laughing

Posted on 30-07-2017 10:35 | By Papamoaner

A failed politician telling Maildrop he has had his day - just because he expressed an opinion on-topic. Almost choked on my coffee


Posted on 29-07-2017 07:35 | By simple.really

Those steps cost $2.2 million? You could build a massive house with that much! Ratepayers certainly got ripped off ! I too would appreciate a cost breakdown...and surely there are no iwi fees for a few prayers! That should be a voluntary thing to do, and be proud to do it.

Have I missed something ??

Posted on 28-07-2017 21:38 | By The Caveman

In my early days the " tracks" were TRACKS. NO wooden steps, NO hand rails, NO metal on the tracks. They were DIRT TRACKS. Not just around the Mount, but also to the top. The "walkers" kept the TRACKS open. Just the odd working bee, now and again to shovel the "slip" - over the side and clear the track. There was NO way that you could BIKE around/up the MOUNT, and as for baby buggies, prams etc, SORRY if you could not carry your baby or your kids could not walk the TRACK - then you did NOT even think about the around the MOUNT walk. Seems that the whole world has gone SOFT. Seems to me that the TRACK have now become cycle and baby buggy roads.

Murray Guy

Posted on 28-07-2017 17:38 | By maildrop

Yawn. Let it go man. Slip away into retirement. You had your day.

Well done guys

Posted on 28-07-2017 17:36 | By Papamoaner

Steps are not good. Ask any tramper what they think of steps on bush tracks. The problem is that they dictate rhythm. But in this case we had little choice and are happy with it as long as it’s only TEMPORARY. Temporary has a habit of becoming permanent if we don’t keep an eye on it, so don’t even think about it TCC ! @MMG; that’s a worry mate, I would hope that anything of a ceremonial nature would not involve cost. Otherwise it’s just exploitive and damaging to relations.

$2.2million koha breakdown, please?

Posted on 28-07-2017 14:47 | By MMG

I would appreciate a truthful, straight answer: "How much of that $2.2million will be allocated to RMA approval koha, karakia blessings & opening hangi, please?" How much for RMA approvals by Tamaki / Auckland iwi?

golly gosh

Posted on 28-07-2017 11:33 | By old trucker

Surely this did not cost $2.2million, and digging at the bottom each time will bring it down, anyway they are not paying, only the STRESSED ratepayers, i bet the OWNERS have not helped in the rebuild, (VERY QUITE ON THIS) my thoughts only, N01 Thankyou, 10-4 out.


Posted on 28-07-2017 10:21 | By Border Patrol

Thanks for getting this in place, it’s been a long time coming, but it’ll be great to go right around again.

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