A museum in boxes

An artist’s impression of Whaharoa, the gateway history hub that is planned for the central city this summer. Photo:Supplied.

Tauranga residents and visitors are to be given the experience of what it is like to have an on tap source of historical information in the central city with the opening of a ‘pop up' museum this coming summer.

Tauranga Moana Museum trust is discussing sites with the city council, with the soon to be vacated Council admin building site in willow Street being the first preference.

“It is about community engagement. How do we engage the community? How do they learn about the region, the sites?” says Tauranga Museum trustee Anne Pankhurst.

Using technology rather than artifacts, the two shipping containers will tell some of the region's stories, the battle of Pukehinahina, or the 1000 years of settlement on Mauao. There will be information on where the sites are and how to get to them, says Anne.

“We will be telling those kinds of stories. Not in detail, because that's what a museum would do. But if you want to engage the community and keep the momentum of a museum running, this is one of those tools to do that.”

A presentation was made to the city council this week to give the councillors a view of what the museum trust is considering, says Anne.

Whether on the admin building site or across the road on Masonic Park, the pop up museum may be there for a couple of years or more depending on the speed of the civic centre project.

“Hence it's got to be reasonably portable,” says Anne.

“We are waiting on a site decision. Regardless, the museum trust will be putting in some kind of history hub. The site will decide size and scale. It's already the beginning of that story.

“We hope to have it up and running by summertime which will be great.”

Anne told councillors this week that there will be a ‘health tension' between the pop-up museum being too good, and not good enough.

“We don't want this to be seen as a replacement for a museum, and not that good that people go; ‘see I told you we don't need one'.

“We've got to get the balance right in the middle.”


@ Papamoaner

Posted on 19-07-2017 14:00 | By MISS ADVENTURE

Sorry dude, I tried to use little words and keep it simple, obviously not enough so ...

Enter Miss Adventure;-

Posted on 17-07-2017 17:39 | By Papamoaner

Yet another one-liner that says little of substance, and adds nothing to the debate. Yawn!


Posted on 15-07-2017 12:53 | By MISS ADVENTURE

Well said and indeed hits the nail on the head.

@Murray Guy

Posted on 07-07-2017 19:30 | By Papamoaner

Thanks for making the effort, but you continue to avoid the issue. I have provided a reference to a council poll, but you continue to ignore it. You and Groutby have both "done a runner" Enough said Murray, I can't be bothered. I've made my point, and there will hopefully be observers.

Papamoaner and Corruption

Posted on 06-07-2017 23:23 | By Murray.Guy

Apologies, I thought it would be largely self explanatory. To recap: Political corruption is a manipulation of policies, institutions and rules of procedure in the allocation of resources and financing by political decision makers, ...... FIRSTLY, Tauranga City Council has had throughout my personal observation a corrupt worm that finds it's ugly way into all manner of activity areas, decision making processes and outcomes. The list is endless, incrementally a 'fixed mindset', increasing in frequency, in particular from late 2013. I can quite comfortably state that Tauranga City Council has 'NEVER' consulted with our community from a 'blank sheet perspective' in regards ALL and ANY surveys, workshops, matters 'museum'. The predetermined mindset has been one of a new stand alone facility located in the CBD. One day with your encouragement Sunlive might interview me enabling greater clarity on many examples over 12 plus years!


Posted on 28-06-2017 10:06 | By Papamoaner

Touche! What else can I say other than recommend referral to an ENT specialist for recalibration of your breath sensors. Such raw plageruism. No matter, Lange would have forgiven you for it. Thank you for inviting me to produce any ratepayer referenda for a museum. Said referendum results were reported in Sunlive June 3 2015 by Councillor Gail McKintosh 49% in favour of a museum, 31% against, 20% abstained. Robin bell calculated a margin of error for the abstainers at 59% for, 41% against. A landslide majority for a museum? Maybe not for some, but nevertheless indisputably decisive, would you not agree? I give credit to Robin Bell for the research - see Sunlive report "Hick's model for a museum" on these threads.

Paramoaner..in answer....

Posted on 27-06-2017 19:59 | By groutby

......thank you for using my quote, I feel humbled but to be fair is not original. Some are capable of being swayed either way on various issues, perhaps I am in that category., although I have not seen evidence to be be swayed ( ratepayer funded museum) so far. My comments were, I thought, quite clear to recognise the authority of the paying customer ( ratepayer). For you, "alternative facts"..these may well be "additional facts and alternative information"..(from both sides) yes, as stated by KellyAnne Conway. I say, all these have been done to death on both sides and yet no scrupulous decision can be made without knowing the will of the ratepayers. If such full conclusion can be reached by supplying the link to such a referendum please supply such info. ...I can smell the distinctive museum odour on your breath as you read this...

@Murray Guy

Posted on 27-06-2017 09:05 | By Papamoaner

Good morning Murray. I am looking forward to your response as to exactly where and when there was corruption regarding Council support for museums. I am aware they ran a proper public poll, as recently identified on museum threads by Robin bell, and it was substantially in favour of a museum. Note we are talking about ratepayers here. Are you inferring that poll was corrupted? Be wary of the Waiknot monkey currently sitting on your shoulder. He has feet of clay and will abandon you when the cold steel rattles. You won't find me jumping Waka - I'm here for the long haul. I admire your use of your own name, as does R.Bell. I am unable to do likewise due to my active profile on other issues. But be assured I am not a councillor or politician of any sor


Posted on 26-06-2017 18:55 | By Papamoaner

Thank you for acknowledging my skills in scrutinising side stepping. We are indeed agreed on a point at last. I have considerable expertise in this area, having both suffered and witnessed it in the raw, (More Lately by said ex-councillor) Which reminds me, you have unanswered questions pending on threads old chap, to wit, sidestepped, keyword- Tarlton. (See, I'm good like that). Meanwhile, please accept my challenge to identify any perceived sidestepping on my part, so we can debate it openly. be detailed and specific, not vague! I think in the trade they call it money where ya mouth is, or something like that.

Murray Guy

Posted on 26-06-2017 14:16 | By waiknot

Be very careful Murray, Papamoaner knows quite a bit about sidestepping. hehe

@Murray Guy

Posted on 26-06-2017 11:57 | By Papamoaner

Murray, you have blatantly sidestepped the corruption question with a rather smelly red herring. I NEVER asked for a definition of corruption. That's common knowledge. Your cheerleader Waiknot seems also not to understand the difference, What I requested was elaboration on your allegation of corruption ie; who, how, when, where? If you are going to allege stuff like that without compromising your own credibility, you really ought to provide elaboration on detail. Ignoring or avoiding the challenge draws obvious conclusions and serves only to get your cheerleader excited, which adds nothing worthwhile to the debate.


Posted on 25-06-2017 20:22 | By Papamoaner

It's a worthwhile debate. The reason it (I quote you) "never goes away" is because it's topical and there are many folk interested on both sides, not just on these threads. It's hard to debate when you only "Half say" something. Can you therefore please identify the "alternative facts" you refer to so we can debate them properly.Or can we assume you are just mimicking Trump by rote for something to say?


Posted on 25-06-2017 14:57 | By waiknot

To quote you, "by hook or by crook we will eventually get it" (the museum) now read Murray Guys post, Corruption definition. Now go hang your head in shame.

Corruption definition for Papamoaner in regards Local affairs

Posted on 25-06-2017 09:45 | By Murray.Guy

Transparency International provide this definition: Generally speaking as the abuse of entrusted power for private gain.... Grand corruption consists of acts committed at a high level of government that distort policies or the central functioning of the state, enabling leaders to benefit at the expense of the public good. Petty corruption refers to everyday abuse of entrusted power by low- and mid-level public officials in their interactions with ordinary citizens, who often are trying to access basic goods or services in places like .... Political corruption is a manipulation of policies, institutions and rules of procedure in the allocation of resources and financing by political decision makers, who abuse their position to sustain their power, status and wealth.... Hopefully that is self explanatory. No Tauranga issue at this time better highlights the abuse of power, manipulation of policy than the Museum aspirations of a few! List, however, is extensiv

@Murray Guy

Posted on 24-06-2017 20:18 | By Papamoaner

Murray, with respect, your facebook suggestion makes no sense. Extrapolating that to its logical conclusion, there need be no tourists anywhere, since they could fly everywhere by GE. I also see you called me a sychophant. There are no important entities on this thread for me to attempt to impress, so perhaps you used that word without understanding its meaning. Is it perhaps just Johnny Walker Black Label that occasionally enthuses you to pop up infrequently, when we are least expecting it, and toss in a rock that has little relevance to the discussion? Or am I being unkind?

Never goes away does it...

Posted on 24-06-2017 16:24 | By groutby

....continual "tittle tattle"...gentle 'manouvering" (and some not so gentle I reckon) , comment, claims and all the rest about a museum could surely (like most things that are ratepayer funded) be "put to bed" ( along with other issues) by offering a referendum to those very people forced by law to financially support the city "activities" by way of rates, so..how about a 'cost effective" (a term not commonly utilised by TCC...Google it and learn) referendum be held. Personally I do not support a ratepayer funded (along with ongoing costs) Museum...however, if the clear majority say "YES"...or "NO", the so be it, us naysayers can cry or smile into our Cornflakes, then can we please move on to the next issue?...As usual though, the whole situation is being "muddied" by "alternative facts"...if we make our choice using reality, surely that's it isn't it?

@ Murray Guy and Rastus

Posted on 24-06-2017 15:13 | By Papamoaner

Murray, you have implied "corruption" You really ought to elaborate on that lest your credibility be compromised. Rastus, the self sufficiency via revenue, of identified Museums, vide Auckland Aquarium museum for example, has been discussed at length. It might be a good idea to read the literature before wading in and shooting from the hip without brief.


Posted on 24-06-2017 15:05 | By Papamoaner

Good that we agree on one thing then. Indeed, that kind of determination is what gave TePapa museum to Wellington, and Kelly Tarlton aquarium museum to Auckland. Evidence you choose to ignore as per your modus operandi. But all that aside, yet again your post has added nothing tangible to the debate at hand . More in the nature of a personal swipe really. That's not at all objective, as you well know. I trust the inference is not lost on you.


Posted on 24-06-2017 13:39 | By rastus

Yes you should be worried folks - Just the same old 'usual suspects' worming their way towards their elitist agendas - I too have no argument with any ideas for displaying our past as long as the proponents are the ones footing the bills - but we all know that their agenda does not allow for self funding operations - not while there are ungrateful ratepayers available for more exploitation - they make you sick!

An interactive Website, Facebook page

Posted on 24-06-2017 12:42 | By Murray.Guy

A promoted interactive Website, Facebook page would reach more tourists, more of our community, provide for 'far greater feedback' opportunities than any container with a $150,000 price tag. Therein lies the problem for Anne Pankhurst and her band of manipulative friends... truth is they cannot control the social online feedback which may well not suit the agenda of those who seek to plunder ratepayers meagre incomes, seek to circumvent integrity based community consultation and decision making. Sycophant 'Papamoaner' confirms that regardless of the processes employed, front door or back door, by corrupt or honourable means, they intend to win out at all and any cost!


Posted on 24-06-2017 11:34 | By Captain Sensible

The PC'ness wafting from these boxes is already making me feel sick.


Posted on 24-06-2017 08:54 | By waiknot

By Hook or by Crook, your determined to get what YOU want.

Never ending.

Posted on 24-06-2017 08:26 | By Minib

What part of WE DO NOT WANT A MUSEUM. does the trust not understand


Posted on 24-06-2017 08:09 | By dumbkof2

papamoaner. never yet have i heard or seen any museum wanters offering to pay for it.when that happens i will be for it. till then forget it


Posted on 23-06-2017 22:51 | By sangrae

What part of we do not want a museum does Ms Pankhurst not understand.Back door politicking by the chosen few ie. Museum Trusr are they never going to give up?


Posted on 23-06-2017 20:02 | By Papamoaner

Back door, front door, who cares? By hook or by crook, we'll eventually get it. Sooner rather than later.

Box Museum

Posted on 23-06-2017 18:12 | By peter pan

The town needs this like a hole in the head.If we are to have a museum lets have a real one not a mumbo jumbo one.


Posted on 23-06-2017 15:47 | By dumbkof2

looks like a back door way of trying to get a museum

Container Museum

Posted on 23-06-2017 14:10 | By PaulM

As long as my Rates are not use (in any disguise) I do not care whether a Maori Museum is planted in the dying CBD for non workers.People will not go there, as now, as there is nowhere to park , and will only get worse.

Congratulations on a great idea

Posted on 23-06-2017 13:22 | By Papamoaner

A potential inspiration to join some boxes together and build our permanent museum. We have the lateral thinkers and arty people to do it. All we need to do is tap into their inspiration and their expertise. Part of that expertise is sourcing the finance, and part of that is dispensing with those bean counters in knitted woollen gloves and Ebenezer Scrooge scarfs who would inhibit cultural progress. Go, the Museum Trust - you guys are doing a great job. Keep Inching forward, we will get there!

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