Roundabout driver goes wrong way

Dashcam video footage has surfaced online of a driver driving the wrong way around the Maungatapu Roundabout in Tauranga earlier this month. Photo: TBDNAS/Facebook

As defined on the New Zealand Transport Agency website, a roundabout is a central island in the middle of an intersection where all vehicles must travel to the left of the island.

It's a relatively simple concept, right? Well, not for one driver it seems.

Dashcam video uploaded to the Tauranga Bad Drivers Name And Shame Facebook page on Wednesday shows a car driving the wrong way around the Maungatapu Roundabout earlier this month.

The vehicle that recorded the video can be seen entering the roundabout from the eastern side of State Highway 29A, and travels roughly 50 metres or more before coming face-to-face with the wrong way driver, which is seen turning right into the roundabout from the western side of SH29A.

Thankfully, neither of the drivers appear to be travelling at speed and both vehicles manage to stop in time before a crash occurred.

Since being uploaded to Facebook on Wednesday, the video has been viewed more than 5800 times and attracted more than 60 comments.

Some commenters sympathise with the wrong-way driver, saying the layout of the Maungatapu Roundabout can be confusing, especially for out-of-towners.

But most commenters opted to express their opinions in three-letter acronyms: ‘OMG', ‘WTF' and ‘LOL'. 


Pretty common

Posted on 22-04-2017 03:22 | By Kenworthlogger

Ive seen it quite a few times. Seems to be old people and it doesnt faze them when oncoming traffic is seen. Seems hard to believe when all roundabouts have big orange chevrons on signs pointing which way round the roundabout you should be going...


Posted on 21-04-2017 17:53 | By Papamoaner

Maildrop is on the button. Many kiwi drivers do not have the intellect to understand the new roundabout rules, so attempt to do it by wrote and mostly get it wrong. Their indications bear little or no relevance to their intentions. There are two levels of incompetence here. The first is drivers, and the second is traffic engineers who failed to educate or properly advertise before introducing a rule change.

Out of towners?!

Posted on 21-04-2017 16:19 | By maildrop

What, like Tauranga drivers wouldn't do something as stupid? I'm surprised nobody is blaming foreigners. Time for Kiwis to buy a mirror.

Not the first time!

Posted on 21-04-2017 15:43 | By Linaire

In the last 20 years, I think I have seen someone do this at least once a year .. and that is only when I am on the road, so there must be quite a few brainless idiots out there. I saw a guy towing a trailer go around that roundabout the wrong way, about three years ago! Surely, if you can't figure out where you enter, and where you exit .. you shouldn't be on the road!!


Posted on 21-04-2017 12:27 | By Loopy101

Yes this roundabout is confusing to out of towers but to go the wrong way is just pure stupidity it's pretty obvious what way you go the same as any other roundabout.

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