Have your say on council's annual plan

The month long submissions period on the annual plan is open until April 20.

Tauranga City Councillors are waiting to hear what the public thinks about their plans for the coming year.

Public consultation on Tauranga City Council's draft Annual Plan 2017/18 is now open, and submissions can be made until 5pm on Thursday April 20, 2017. Click here for more.

The Annual Plan process updates the work plans and budgets council previously set through the Long Term Plan (LTP). Any significant differences are brought to the community for review and feedback.

Significant differences to next year's budget are:

  1.   •  A proposal to fund $4m towards an iconic Visitor Information Centre in Mount Maunganui to support the growth of the tourism sector in Tauranga,

  2.   •  Requests from the Papamoa and Mount Mainstreet organisations to increase their targeted rates, which are paid by commercial ratepayers in each area, and

  3.   •  Some differences in planned rates and debt levels, with our fast-paced growth requiring that we reprioritise investment and spend money sooner than planned. This means a proposed rates increase of 3.8 per cent instead of the 3.5 per cent agreed through the LTP, net debt at $462m instead of $427m and the debt to revenue ratio at 221 per cent instead of 215 per cent.

These proposals are set out in a Consultation Document available at www.tauranga.govt.nz/annual-plan-2017-18, in the Council Service Centre at 91 Willow Street and in local libraries.

“We are also seeking feedback on some proposed changes to user fees, and to the draft Development Contributions Policy 2017/18,” says a statement from the council.

“Supporting information and submission forms are available on Council's website and in service centres.”

Talk it over with Elected Members and staff

Elected Members and staff will be at the Little Big Markets at Coronation Park Mount Maunganui, on Saturday April 1 from 9am – 2pm. 

Otherwise please be in touch with any questions on info@tauranga.govt.nzor 07 577 7000. You can also contact Elected Members on electedmembers@tauranga.govt.nzor leave them a voicemail on 07 985 6171. 

Key dates

  •   •  Public consultation: March 20 until 5pm April 20

  •   •  Submission hearings: May 9-12

  •   •  Council deliberations: June 7-9

  •   •  Adoption: June 28


here we go again

Posted on 24-03-2017 10:56 | By old trucker

One expert, (quote) in Demolition has told me this is all BS and there is nothing wrong with it,Gut it and REFURBISH,and like he said they TCC WANT new BAUBLES,and COST $MILLIONS for all the BLUDGERS,my thoughts only and agree with him on this,The Museum is probably already signed off, along with all other stuff from out going ,so called Mayor,Thankyou Sunlive,No1 for News,10-4 out.

I agree

Posted on 21-03-2017 17:46 | By waiknot

It's all predetermined, don't bother making a submission and avoid further disappointment.

here we go again

Posted on 21-03-2017 13:25 | By old trucker

Agree with By The Caveman, when has the TCC ever listened to us,NO WATER METRES, NO MUSEUM,NO NEW TCC Building,etc etc, as i said last year the outgoing Mayor has signed off MEGA BUCKS,and this is all smoke,and we will be in debt,worrying about lighting up sports fields for gosh sake you should be home in bed, maybe its all the TCC ( so called Bludgers) that want them as they have been doing nothing all day and have enough energy to play at night.my thoughts only,Sunlive, Thankyou,10-4 out.

yeah right

Posted on 21-03-2017 12:35 | By Captain Sensible

Have your say....and then be ignored!


Posted on 21-03-2017 10:52 | By nerak

Councillors are waiting to hear, BUT WILL THEY HEED?

Consultation ! ? ! ?

Posted on 21-03-2017 10:42 | By The Caveman

Its a total farce. Yes, required by law, but the public (ratepayer) suggestions/comments are totally ignored by councils NZ wide.

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