Welcome Bay supermarket, yes or no

Waitaha Reserve - one of three potential sites for a new supermarket in Welcome Bay. Photos: Google Maps.

Tauranga City Council is looking to seek to feedback from the community as it considers whether to proceed with the development of a supermarket in Welcome Bay on a Council-owned site. 

At the Community & Culture Committee yesterday, elected members approved that Council commence community engagement to gather feedback on the proposal. 

“The project has been driven by the community's desire for a supermarket, which is why community engagement is vital to help Council make a decision as to whether we should progress any further,” says Councillor and committee chair Terry Molloy. 

Council will engage with the Welcome Bay community to find out whether the development of a supermarket on a council-owned site is supported, and whether the community has a preferred site from the three options available – Waipuna Park, Waitaha Reserve or Owens Park.

All the background information needed for the community to make an informed decision on the three potential sites will be made available during the consultation.

“Engaging with the community does not bind Council to go ahead with the project,” says Terry.

“We want to initiate open communication with the findings being presented back to Council for consideration.”


Yes Please

Posted on 28-04-2017 21:04 | By AnthemNZ

Yes, yes, yes, we've been waiting for years. Support our own New Zealand companies in regarding to large chain store.


Posted on 16-03-2017 09:02 | By Wylliecoyote

Would preferably like to see Welcome Bay shops redeveloped to accomodate the Supermarket. The tavern needs to go, it contributes nothing to the community and attracts bad elements to the area. Otherwise I support the Waitaha Road option keeping all the shops in one area makin it a more convenient and viable option, and at the same time supporting the local businesses that have served the community for many years

Demise of big supermarkets inevitable

Posted on 15-03-2017 20:27 | By Papamoaner

What happens to supermarkets when cars suddenly roll to a standstill? Are you going to carry your groceries 3 km?Most european cities are scattered with small shops which makes good sense. Big supermarkets are Fragile. When they suddenly run out of stock it will be complete chaos and crime will surge upwards in a dog eat dog stampede. bring back the corner mini markets and proper butcher shops.

Kudos for seeking...

Posted on 15-03-2017 20:14 | By morepork

... public engagement. If they are serious about it and listen to the local people, I see a good result from this. It might set a precedent for a newer (better?) form of Local Government.

Bring it on!!

Posted on 15-03-2017 16:22 | By Meatlover

Absofriggenlutely! We totally need a supermarket for the growing numbers in Welcome Bay, that brings affordable items to our area, TCC should definitely support and assist with this!

Remove council from the equation

Posted on 15-03-2017 13:59 | By The Tomahawk Kid

Why must it be on council land?Why do the council have to have anything to do with a SUPERMARKETSupermarkets are NOT COUNCIL BUSINESSSell the land to the supermarket developerAs much as a supermarket is needed in this area people should refrain from demanding council get involved in stuff that is NONE OF THEIR BUSINESS. The next step will be council dictating what foods they can or cant sell, or parking meters in the carpark - God knows what a stuff up it will become with council involved.


Posted on 15-03-2017 13:48 | By overit

Park is a wetland. Tizzy it up and build there.There is nothing wrong with the Welcome Bay Tavern.

Like you need to ask!?

Posted on 15-03-2017 13:33 | By WestieMum

Yes, yes, yes! Waaay, overdue! Owens Park would be great, unless the whole existing village could be revamped - including the scruffy tavern etc, and include the supermarket all in one - like Bureta. I feel for the existing shops, but they have had an overpriced monopoly for our $$ long enough, and our beautiful neck of the woods has been the poor/second hand citizens of Tauranga long enough. Bring it on. Now please. :)

WB Supermarket

Posted on 15-03-2017 13:09 | By Skidmarks

Yes, yes, yes, we've been waiting for years. Just as long as its not countdown or the other Australian stores. Support our own New Zealand companies.

Yes puleaase!

Posted on 15-03-2017 12:38 | By begesch

Owen's park is totally not used as a childrens playground, it's more on Tay street that the kids are playing, Wold be a great place, near the village, without destroying any children's area.

Great idea

Posted on 15-03-2017 12:32 | By Angel74

But not on kaitemako road, that seems an odd place........i live in ohauiti and if i forget something at the supermarket either at gate pa or fraser cove always live it till next time, but if there was a supermarket at welcome bay id go straight back down the road.

In support of proposition 41

Posted on 15-03-2017 10:53 | By Money Bag

As a resident and rate payer I support this. I dislike having to travel to Fraser Cove everyday for my groceries. The price alcohol is to expensive at the bottle store so happy for the bargains at Countdown. I will be able to push my babies pram to and from the Owens Park location rather then driving to get my wine and bread. Good for exercise and saving the planet. Please start bulldozing and building the Supermarket. I'm getting thirsty thinking about it. 10 - 4 over and out

Yes Please

Posted on 15-03-2017 10:15 | By Protein shakes

Absolutely necessary. Owens Park Is the ideal location. Can someone point me in the right direction to engage in this conversation with Council. Expanding population, great location, good opportunities for employment from construction right to the checkout. Super idea for a super market. My 2 cents worth 10 - 4 over and out

Good idea

Posted on 15-03-2017 10:08 | By kiri

Not keen to lose playground or sports fields for the community though. What about the land behind Palmers on Ohauiti Road? Would capture more customers there too.

Yes please Council - Yes to proposition 41

Posted on 15-03-2017 09:28 | By Protein shakes

absolutely - as a handsome ratepayer I support this venture 100%. Owens Park will be ideal, this park is under utilised and problematic. A new supermarket will generate employment opportunities. Can someone tell me where and how I can engage with the council on this subject. What a time to be alive

OMG yes

Posted on 15-03-2017 08:23 | By Chris

Welcome Bay residents have to travel further than perhaps any other suburbanites in Tauranga to get to a supermarket, contributing to congestion in the city. A supermarket would be a massive boon to Welcome Bay and Tauranga, and Council should be jumping all over this idea.

Heck YES

Posted on 15-03-2017 08:19 | By eggwhite

Yes to Supermarket Council! sick of the mouldy bread melted chocolate and expired foods at the other 'food store'

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