Attacks on Indian Kiwis shameful – Devoy

Race Relations Commissioner Dame Susan Devoy. File photo.

The Race Relations Commissioner Dame Susan Devoy is concerned at attacks suffered by Indian New Zealanders in recent weeks.

Unprovoked attacks caught on film in recent weeks is "shameful" behaviour, she says.

Auckland man Narindervir Singh live streamed an attack on him earlier this week, showing him being yelled and spat at. Watch the video below.

"He's trying to threaten me, he's giving me bad names," Narindervir said in the video, sitting in his car filming a man outside the window.

The man responds with a string of random words in an Indian accent before telling Narindervir "go back to your f***ing own country" and "you Punjabi, f*** you".

Bikramjit Singh filmed a similar encounter at a Papatoetoe storage company, when he was told by a man "Go back to your f*****g country".

When he replied that New Zealand was his country, the man responded "no it's not".

“These unprovoked attacks were caught on camera and we encourage people to film incidents that happen to them: this is an ugly part of our country but one that we need to highlight as much as possible,” says Dame Susan.

“I encourage our politicians and other leaders to stand up for New Zealanders who are under attack.

“This is not who we are and those people who think it's OK to attack other people and that the only New Zealanders are ones that look like them need to grow up and get real.

“We are one of the most ethnically diverse nations on the planet as well as one of the most peaceful: if we want to keep it that way then some of us need to really pull our heads in. This behaviour is shameful,” she says.

“We are witnessing appalling, deadly race attacks overseas and Kiwis need to ask ourselves: is this what we want here? I don't think we do. This is not the New Zealand we want our kids growing up in.”

-Additional reporting from AAP.


Wrong Roadkill.

Posted on 22-03-2017 08:11 | By R. Bell

You must be living in a bubble. A Polynesian footballer hit the headlines after hitting a few white N.Zers just a few short months ago. Stop being so provocative. Robin Bell.

Never see it ...

Posted on 21-03-2017 14:06 | By Roadkill

That the non-coloured skin are never attacked, never have anything racist said about them, to them ... Actually the laws of NZ are in fact loaded against non-coloured folk for some reason. Yet they are the racists??? How strange it is.

Not strange at all Robin

Posted on 19-03-2017 16:52 | By NZer

I have googled it and it says you are wrong. As usual you have not come up with the goods and are dodging like you always do..

Being insulted.

Posted on 19-03-2017 14:11 | By morepork

There is an old saying that "you cannot offend an honest man". The idea is that, if what you say is untrue, he will recognize it as such and dismiss it; if it is true, then it is a fact and there is no point in being offended by it. You probably need to be someone at the level of a Zen Master to actually achieve this, and most of us get offended at some point in our lives. However, there are a couple of filters that can help to stop tempers rising when you feel yourself being wounded by what people say: 1. Is it true? 2. Is it fair? Sometimes something can be true, but taken out of context or deliberately spun in a way that is completely unfair. Point out other facts that balance the fact presented. Words can injure; be careful with them.

It is strange NZer,

Posted on 19-03-2017 11:20 | By R. Bell

that you are now asking an uneducated person for advice. Its equally strange that you wish to pursue what is definitely a dead end for you. The hole is complete, your out of your depth, Google it. Robin Bell.

It is inevitable, morepork,

Posted on 19-03-2017 09:49 | By R. Bell

that you see my comments as judgmental and confrontational. How else can I combat comments such as those aimed at authority figures, in fact anyone who supports justice for minorities. Once again you qualify your admirable sentiments, with reference to "people who just want to make a living out of it " (the process). The process is extremely complicated, it requires expensive management for all concerned. Confrontation is the result of inaction and, or frustration. My way to achieve fairness is to present a balance between uninformed deliberate insult and my personal experience, gained over almost 60 yrs living in a multi-ethnic family, where fairness and balance is critical to our success. What works for us, can work for all. Robin Bell.

@R. Bell

Posted on 18-03-2017 20:42 | By morepork

Perhaps the way to solve the issues of the past is by being less judgmental and confrontational. Bad stuff happened. And there were tragic consequences for ALL concerned. Out of it, we built a nation. We are doing what we can to take responsibility for the injustices and remedy them, but some people just want to make a living out of it. There needs to be goodwill and a desire to move forward TOGETHER. One way to achieve that is to NOT be biased, but to be balanced and fair, Sadly, that is not being achieved currently and that's what leads to the resentment shown here. Most kiwis are fair-minded; nobody likes being taken for a ride. It will take time, but if the right attitudes are taught now, it can be achieved. I see a great future for our country, but it needs work. Diversity not division.


Posted on 18-03-2017 15:40 | By NZer

Please show us references for evidence... Not just your opinion please....

Common usage NZer

Posted on 18-03-2017 10:46 | By R. Bell

the former is the English derivative, used in the U.S.A. U.K e.t.c start sharpening your spade, the hole beckons. Robin Bell.


Posted on 16-03-2017 15:47 | By NZer

The former is not spelt like that so once again your lack of education shows...

Diversity not division, morepork.

Posted on 16-03-2017 10:54 | By R. Bell

For once I agree with all you say in your latest comment. However you only specify effect, not cause. N.Z. can and in many ways does stand to the fore in race relations. At least at government level, and those who accept past injustices. The cause of the sentiments expressed by many who don't accept these injustices occurred, coupled by the resentment of those who suffered from them are at the root of cause of the bias experienced in these columns. In the process of countering these comments I have been called a racist aggressor, ( water / ducks back) strange considering I'm almost certainly of the same race as the accusers. Until this kind of ignorance is educated out of that self appointed majority, yours ( and mine) ideal society cannot be realised. Robin Bell.

dumbkof or Dummkof N.Zer

Posted on 16-03-2017 08:37 | By R. Bell

that is the question. the former is an insult the latter a name. Once again your education takes a tiny step forward. Robin Bell.

Videoing abuse...

Posted on 15-03-2017 20:38 | By morepork my opinion, is valid and can be a deterrent. Certainly better than using a machete... I have been watching some videos shot by Palestinians and it definitely gives more insight into their plight. NZ has a chance to be an example to the World for diversity, tolerance, and fairness. If a minority feel threatened by the success of others, or think it is OK to vent the frustration of their own failures on others, then we need to make sure that is addressed and adjusted. The suspicion and fear of what is "different" is something that can be addressed through education and, as Murray mentioned, goodwill. People are people; we all bleed the same colour. Nevertheless, the influx of strangers does need to be managed better, so that it isn't overwhelming for us, and the people concerned. We need diversity, not division.

Typical Robin

Posted on 15-03-2017 15:54 | By NZer

Jumping to conclusions again. Dumbkof could be the persons surname. Sunlive allows usernames of your choice. Its called Democracy. Something you clearly dont like. Lots of people see you Robin as the racist aggressor on here hence you continually having to arugue your way into a deeper hole....

Be honest for once dumbkof,

Posted on 13-03-2017 13:36 | By R. Bell

when did you last have a racist comment aimed at you? Probably never.My experience tells me, you are the insulting aggressor here. Why else would you hide behind a "dumbo" name. Robin Bell.


Posted on 13-03-2017 10:19 | By R. Bell

is never an excuse for insult and aggression. Racial insult is the most gutless and ignorant response to any problem. Murray Guy is (as usual) way off beam in trying to walk the political line. Videoing is part of modern life, cameras are everywhere. Sharon69nz I for one apologise for the ignorant bullying your son experienced, people are jealous of your success, or something equally pathetic. The message should be, don't underestimate minorities, encourage and embrace them. Perhaps then we can be rid of the prevalent bullying that afflicts our society. Robin Bell.


Posted on 11-03-2017 10:46 | By Papamoaner

Hey maildrop, how about playing the ball instead of the man?

non racist

Posted on 11-03-2017 08:30 | By dumbkof2

hey susan what about all the racist comments and remarks aimed at us pakehas. never mind we just laugh it off


Posted on 11-03-2017 08:15 | By maildrop

A country built on immigration (after shafting the indigenous population) and all the bozos bang on about "all these immigrants"! And as for Murray Guy - only a bozo could look at that video and back up the bozo thug. Whatever happened before the guy started filming is irrelevant. He stayed in his car, with seat belt on, and was merely trying to defend himself. He filmed it because he is used to abuse and physical threats, probably on a daily basis. You would if you were in his position. The bozo couldn't help himself from resorting to racial slur because he lacks intelligence. Anyone who thinks it was provoked is in the same camp. Bozo.


Posted on 10-03-2017 23:22 | By Capt_Kaveman

Because there are to many of them here so its a govt fail in limiting immigration


Posted on 10-03-2017 18:38 | By Puppet

Immigration will be the hot-button issue at the election this year. There is deep disquiet among New Zealanders about our current immigration policy and this will catapault Winston Peters into power, as he is the only politician who is tough on immigration. This issue is fast starting to run away from National. National simply has no answer because it is in the pocket of the Chinese. The concern about immigration will not fully show up in the advance polls, because New Zealanders won't be honest about it, in the same way Americans were not honest about their support of Trump.


Posted on 10-03-2017 13:36 | By overit

just maybe Kiwis' tolerance of all these immigrants is running short. To abuse them is wrong but the demographs in this country are changing rapidly and some people feel strongly about it. They feel powerless to the pollies.

Perhaps then....

Posted on 10-03-2017 11:35 | By groutby

Fair comments Murray, Dame Susan is trying to justify here position (still) by demonstrating she shares concerns with more than the one culture she usually bats for?...

question for susan

Posted on 10-03-2017 11:13 | By Captain Sensible

By allowing and encouraging race based privileges, isn't that racial abuse against the 85% of kiwis denied these privileges???

Race hate on kids

Posted on 10-03-2017 11:04 | By sharon69nz

my 14 year old son was stabbed at school after being told to go home and make a son and his friend ignored the kid and he was hit across the head with a book in the library then when they went back to class my boy was standing beside his teacher and the kid stabbed my boy in the head which he required 5 stitches, 4 to his ear and 1 to the head behind his ear. Because the offender is 13 nothing could be done so he really got away with stabbing another kid, he was not even excluded from school which i thought was absolutely disgusting, a few months later he punched a kid and was excluded. I now have no respect for the boys college. I ended up having to go to the ombudsman about how the school handled this. not only adults affected

Unprovoked, we don't know that Dame Susan.

Posted on 10-03-2017 10:40 | By Murray.Guy

At times there are varying degrees of racial abuse, just as I know that NO culture is exempt from being abused and or the abuser. I also know that ALL of us can be better people if the 'will' exists. I hope Dame Susan relies on more than a video as the video provides no evidence that there is no provocation. The alleged abuser walks away and the alleged victim continues his tirade and provocative response.... These unprovoked attacks were caught on camera and we encourage people to film incidents that happen to them: this is an ugly part of our country but one that we need to highlight as much as possible, says Dame Susan. Dame Susan, the video doesn't show us what provoked the exchange. Encouraging videoing is provocative, unhelpful.

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