Bus bowls over kauri

The bus knocked over the young kauri outside the art gallery. Supplied Photos.

Driver error is being blamed for a Yellow Hopper bus knocking down a kauri tree outside the Tauranga Art Gallery on Willow Street.

A witness who sent photos to SunLive says he initially believed the crash was due to brake failure as the collision was a “slow motion impact”.

“I was standing there watching the crash. It happened in quite slow motion and broke the windscreen on the bus.”

The witness says he's disappointed Tauranga City Council contractors did not try to save the kauri and instead opted to chop it down after the collision, as he believes it could have been saved.

The Bay of Plenty regional Council says it was informed by the bus operator that a Route 55 bus travelling from the city towards the polytechnic crashed into a tree at 10.50am.

No injuries are reported and the operator is investigating the incident.

Go Bus operations director Darryl Bellamy says the brakes didn't fail. It was driver error.

The driver was concentrating on resetting or setting his ticket machine and the bus rolled forward while he was doing so and was “inching forward slowly.”

Darryl says brakes rarely fail in the bus industry.


Best end result

Posted on 28-03-2017 03:21 | By Roadkill

The tree would have in time become massive, certainly the wrong place, time, decision and as usual a waste of ratepayers money.

Well done

Posted on 01-03-2017 13:52 | By overit

by the driver. Kauri's are messy and have no place there.

A Kauri tree where???

Posted on 01-03-2017 13:27 | By The Caveman

Who is the CLOWN in the council that allowed a Kauri tree to be planted in the CBD. I will take a few years, but do they realise how BIG a Kauri tree will grow. It would eventually take over most of the footpath and half the road. Damage to the footpath and road and any underground services would be considerable in the years to come. How many more of these have been planted in the CBD ???

golly gosh

Posted on 01-03-2017 11:16 | By old trucker

What can i say,10-4 out.

typical moron council

Posted on 01-03-2017 07:32 | By Mein Fuhrer

cut the tree instead of stand it back up

Kauri tree in the middle of town>>

Posted on 28-02-2017 20:53 | By smurf

It seems a rather unsuitable place to plant a Kauri tree. Still I guess the person who put it there won't be around to see how big it grows and probably how much damage the roots will do to the road/footpath in the future. Why not plant a Kauri tree in a reserve where it will have room to grow and fresh air instead of petrol/diesel fumes.

Fines and punishment

Posted on 28-02-2017 19:55 | By Splitpin007

Hey driver will probably get a wack over the hand with a wet bus ticket .

well thats lucky

Posted on 28-02-2017 19:31 | By Bop man

That Kauri would have been a nightmare in a hundred years.

Should bite my tongue, but

Posted on 28-02-2017 18:18 | By nerak

SITS VACANTOne bus driver, capable of fully engaging brain at all times when behind the wheel.

a kauri tree there !

Posted on 28-02-2017 18:07 | By Captain Sensible

A Kauri tree there??? He did us a favour. It will cost a fortune in uplifting roads and concrete as it gets bigger.


Posted on 28-02-2017 17:16 | By Hot stuff

That was all it hit , from what I've seen from some of these bus drivers around town


Posted on 28-02-2017 17:15 | By sangrae

Hope the Bus co is made to replace the tree not the ratepayers.Maybe the drivers should be resetting or setting the ticket machines before they engage there bus food for thought Go Bus.

Carless Driving

Posted on 28-02-2017 17:08 | By Twinkle Toes

So resetting the ticket machine when in charge of a motor vehicle and not in a stationary position with neutral and handbrake on is classed as carless driving. This bus driver should be fined. So glad it wasnt a pedestrian on the crossing.


Posted on 28-02-2017 16:32 | By The Sage

Just as well it wasn't a person

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