Used nappies not a treasure for stream

Trash left in the Mangakakahi Stream this week.

Used nappies, a lamp shade, double bed base and old TV is just some of the trash Bay of Plenty Regional Council staff found in the Mangakakahi Stream this week.

A concerned member of the public made staff aware of the trash via their Pollution Hotline.

Council pollution prevention officer Mike Collins says a trailer was required to haul over 200 kilograms of waste from the stream to the Waste Management landfill.

“It was not a pretty sight and a real shame to see one of our streams treated like a dump site. “

Council staff spent three hours clearing and disposing of the rubbish and are urging people to take ownership for their own waste.

“We are very fortunate to be surrounded by some of the country's most pristine streams and lakes and it is our responsibility to look after them.

“That means disposing our rubbish the correct way.”

Rotorua Lakes Council has undertaken a waste management makeover by providing wheelie bins for rubbish and recycling and Mike believes there is no excuse for chucking household rubbish or any unwanted items in to our waterways.

“If you would like to swim and drink from it, cool down and even fish from your stream, think carefully about how you treat it. Everyone needs to do their part to keep our town clean and tidy.”


Some people don't care!

Posted on 18-02-2017 11:08 | By TheCameltoeKid

Unfortunately Mike Collins is barking up the wrong tree! The people that do the dumping will continue to do so until they're caught and issued with a pathetic fine. It's appalling that low-lifes do this but what makes it worse is used nappies. These things take hundreds of years to break down in landfills let alone thrown into a stream that leads to a lake. I picked one up at the Poripori swimming hole that a young couple left there. Gross! They went there to have a swim and then contributed to the pollution. That's just effed in the head!

Don't need to go far from home

Posted on 17-02-2017 16:42 | By Steves

Check out the loacal streams before writing about out of town . Just look at the streams beside Station Rd, Te Puna,and the side of the road, its not that good either.

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