Tauranga motorbike chase ends in arrest

Police arrested a motorbike rider near Bayfair this morning. File photo.

A motorcyclist has been arrested following a short police chase in Tauranga this morning.

Police attempted to stop the bike around 8.30am on Takitimu Drive.

A police spokesperson says the bike was travelling in a group of 30-40 motorbikes when officers attempted the stop.

“The driver failed to stop and a pursuit was initiated.

“The motorcyclist eventually stopped just off the flyover near Bayfair.”

He was arrested and charged for failing to stop.

The pursuit lasted around five minutes.


whatever was going on..............

Posted on 22-02-2017 21:23 | By groutby

it seems like a really., really boring "chase"...done for failing to stop?..is that it between him and 30-40 others?...wow..great use of Police resource....ever thought of burgs/thefts/violence work?..look, I don't agree with this sort of carry on, but get 'em all, hit 'em hard (with a charge) and move on to real Police work...remember it?


Posted on 13-02-2017 16:34 | By dumbkof2

i totally agree with peecee 09 above. i have had enough of these morons who think the law dosnt apply to them. confiscate their bikes and cars as well

Law breakers

Posted on 13-02-2017 11:32 | By peecee09

I would like the police to take action against the motor cycle gangs for their absolute contempt for the law and cite the following examples at the Mount. 1 speeding and grossly excessive noise.2 illegal parking on broken yellow lines and bus stop outside Molly O'Connor's bar. 3 blocking both lanes with their bikes so their fellow gang members can move off. They show absolute contempt for the law and enjoy intimidating law abiding Road users. One wonders if the police are scared to make them toe the line like the rest of us. Please police, deal to these creeps.

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