Mount ocean pool campaign

Stephanie-Jo Bevington thinks an ocean pool at the base of the Mount, or Leisure Island, would make a great addition to the area. Photo: Chris Callinan.

A simple suggestion on Facebook for a new feature at the Mount has locals buzzing on social media.

Mount resident Stephanie-Jo Bevington was running around Mauao when she thought how great it would be to have an ‘ocean pool' somewhere at the base, or at Leisure Island.

Ocean pools are popular in Australia, and involve walling off a section of the sea near the shoreline with concrete or rocks, to create a calm saltwater pool.

Stephanie-Jo shared her idea on the Mount Maunganui Noticeboard page, and within a few hours had received more than 500 reactions and over 100 comments.

She says the feedback has been mostly positive.

“There are obviously a few people concerned with the impact on the natural environment. But it's just an idea I had. I thought it would be so nice to have a little pool to jump into, like they have in Australia.

“I think it would great for families with young children worried about swimming in the open sea. In Sydney they're so popular, everyone hangs out by the pools.”

She says she was simply putting the idea out there to see what other people think.

“It'll be interesting to see what happens.”

She's started a petition on to get the council to look into it. However, Mayor Greg Brownless doubts it will get off the ground.

“Council receives all kind of ideas, usually from people wanting to spend other people's money, which is what this is. We consider whatever comes up, although personally it wouldn't be a priority.”

He says with the different authorities involved, including iwi and the Bay of Plenty Regional Council, gaining resource consent would also be a ‘nightmare'.

He believes past experiences with these sorts of projects have not been successful.

“We had an artificial surf reef a few years ago. Think of what that cost the community, and what it achieved – absolutely nothing. Where are the promoters of that now? Those responsible for it are nowhere to be found.”

He says the council would have to look at both the true support for an ocean pool, as well as the feasibility of such a project. But he's not much of a fan.

“I also prefer to leave things natural – I'm anti-concrete.”

A previous petition to Tauranga City Council, seeking to make Leisure Island a water fun park once more, was unanimously rejected by councillors in 2015.


Sand pools and seaweeds

Posted on 06-03-2017 01:38 | By Roadkill

The last "think-tank" idea was to build a reef to create surf, and that after mega-ratepayer money was spent was removed and you guessed it more cost to ratepayers ... History is about to repeat if this little circus gets off the ground. As to those referring to the Aussie inhabitants activities, you have to appreciate that the average Aussie prefers some kind of enclosure to reside in, this is a reflection of the past where usually that meant a raft of sturdy bars - vertical to keep them in. bad habits are often hard to let go of.

Oh well

Posted on 10-02-2017 17:28 | By Kenworthlogger

Shes got nice legs......


Posted on 10-02-2017 15:19 | By Shocking!

Well everyone has an opinion of course, be it negative or positive.... but I would just like to say THANKS to Stephanie-Jo for being brave enough to put the idea forward.And it was just an idea! not impressed with some peoples comments including the Mayors! Fancy implying she was out to just spend councils money.... I agree with the comment how it would have been a much better spent venture than what Council has WASTED millions on!Personally I like the idea, but Pilot Bay is basically this so not really needed in this spot :)


Posted on 10-02-2017 13:12 | By morepork

LOL! You make a good point. It's really about the mentality, of course. Some people WANT the GC, others don't. I'm in the latter category...

Is this person..

Posted on 10-02-2017 07:46 | By Me again

going to pay for this or is she going to have a toll gate. My rates are paying for enough 'simple ideas' or wimps of a few dreamers, that are half way finish or not finished. If she wants one so bad then go swim in the 'Gold coast' Aussie. This city has other issues that need to be taken care of Thank You!!

@By begesch

Posted on 09-02-2017 20:53 | By astex

I agree. Great idea but put it by the strand. Would have been a better idea than the steps but Hey! It can be done a little further down.

Ocean pool

Posted on 09-02-2017 16:57 | By begesch

Well !!!!! That would be a great idea to put where the new steps will be, safe for kids to go for a swim, and making the steps a bit more useful! Why not????


Posted on 09-02-2017 16:54 | By Kenworthlogger

The irony is that the Gold Coast is full of Kiwis.....


Posted on 09-02-2017 15:08 | By Mackka

With the beach just there and the hot pools just down the road - this suggestion doesn't deserve any consideration! Just so silly ...... too stupid to waste words on!

Its been done.............

Posted on 09-02-2017 14:51 | By Smilarkie

... it was leisure island. First a dolphin pool then a human pool with slides. Trouble is over winter it never gets used. All for good ideas but think about it people. The whole BOP is a pool. The reason Aussies have them is for stingers, sharks etc etc. Not really an issue here.Come up with a good idea for the area by the fish market in Tauranga, then you will get a good following.

I don't see Oz...

Posted on 09-02-2017 12:42 | By morepork

... as a role model for the Mount. So far, we've managed to prevent Mount Maunganui becoming another Gold Coast, with glass and concrete everywhere. Ocean pools ARE popular in Sydney but we have Pilot Bay providing a calm family place for pedal boats or whatever. It's also true that there are costs involved for Ratepayers and the Mayor is right to say that this idea must go onto a stack of priorities. If it does go ahead, my vote would be for Leisure Island rather than defiling the Mount itself.


Posted on 09-02-2017 12:19 | By Mike42

...just go to Pilot Bay.

Great Idea but!

Posted on 09-02-2017 10:58 | By tabatha

Great but who pays for it, once again the poor old ratepayers. Hard to charge entry unless fenced and that becomes an eyesore. Please list the ideas but let them sit on the back burner until Tauranga environs are crisp and pristine again. Money has been frittered away on dreams of TCC collectives to make their edifices and the residents forgotten about. Waka on Strand needs urgent attention. So what do they do make a non parking water step

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