Getting inside candidates' heads

If you want to get inside the heads of your prospective Tauranga City and Regional Councillors then come along to the “Meet the Candidates” event this Saturday.

Comedian Guy Williams is hosting the event at 3pm at Mount Drury, Mount Maugnanui.

Comedian Guy Williams will host the Meet the Candidates meeting this Saturday.

Tauranga City Council electoral officer Warwick Lamp urges all the people of Tauranga to come along to the event before casting their votes. 

“This is your chance to shape the way the city and region works and grows over the next three years.

“Local council elections are important because it’s the councils that look after all your day-to-day services.” 

Warwick says people need to find out all they can about candidates before they vote. 

“Candidate information is included with the voting papers and online at What’s even better is seeing them in the person and hearing what they have to say.

"We’ll have the perfect occasion this Saturday at the ‘meet the candidates’ event at Mount Drury. With Guy Williams at the helm, you’re in for a good time.” 

Voting papers have been sent out to all enrolled voters, and you should receive them by Wednesday, September 21. 

Voters have until noon on Saturday, October 8, to return their completed voting papers in the freepost envelope provided, either by post, or to a ballot box. 

“Ballot boxes for Tauranga City Council are available in all city libraries and at the Council offices. Just make sure your papers are in before voting closes at noon on October 8,” says Warwick. 

If you’re voting by post, the last day for posting your papers is Wednesday, October 5. And if you’re heading out of town during the school holidays, remember to vote before you go or take the papers with you for posting. 

If you haven’t received voting papers by Thursday, September 22, you will need to cast a special vote in the elections. To cast a special vote you will need to enrol / update your details by calling 0800 ENROL NOW (0800 36 76 56), visiting the Elections website or obtaining enrolment forms at postshops, Tauranga City Council libraries or offices up to 4pm on Friday, October 7.

Then you will need to come by Council Offices at 91 Willow Street to register for special voting (and vote!), before Friday, October 7, (normal office hours) and from 9am to 12 noon on Saturday, October 8. 



Posted on 20-09-2016 19:19 | By Colleen Spiro



Posted on 20-09-2016 12:52 | By Anton

More waste of money,Just saw on my rate bill.$378.-for stormwaterNot 1 litre goes to a pipe from council,goes straight in Tauranga Harbour.I live I my own and pay$483.- for unmetered water the same as a family of four or more with a swimming pool.User pay,they never heard about that.

who's paying....

Posted on 20-09-2016 11:14 | By Smilarkie

..... for this clown to come here? No questions will be answered properly with him at the helm. Yet another waste of ratepayers money.Time for change. Who ever is going to put a stop to the stupid waste of ratepayers money will get my vote.

@ waiknot

Posted on 20-09-2016 10:55 | By Crash test dummies

Living in the past ... about time to do a 180?

Sound Shell?

Posted on 20-09-2016 10:23 | By waiknot

Wasn’t that pulled down years ago

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