UFO sighting: fact of fiction?

A YouTube video showing an unidentified flying object – that is, unidentifiable by the men filming it, is beginning to draw the attention of alien conspiracy theorists.

See horsefarmer1000's footage below of what could be an alien craft flying above Rotorua. Please note, offensive language used.

The video posted by YouTube user horsefarmer1000 has had more than 250 views and has drawn the comment from user MrBaymedia:

‘Just a quick question – any ideas if you had any cattle or anything missing or anything out of the ordinary – there are cases over the world whereby cattle are mutilated etc.'

The video is described by horsefarmer1000 as being filmed on June 2 at 9.30pm near Rotorua.

The camera's microphone picks up the voices of two men observing the light in the sky and is described by one of them as: 'That's cool as man.”

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Posted on 10-06-2011 17:07 | By panda

It looks like a reflection - similar to when a light or the sun shines on your watchface.

now hey comon

Posted on 11-06-2011 17:28 | By Indian Scout

There's a sound of the tractor running, a black background with no moon, or stars... and we see a cirlce, the kind a torch would make on a black back drop. Comon on New Zealand get real.

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