Creative Tauranga changes its name

Creative Tauranga has changed its name to Creative Bay of Plenty, Te Moana a Toi.

The name change has come about after the strategic review the organization undertook late 2015 and the new board looking at a revised direction for the organization, says chair Marcus Wilkins.

The Creative Bay of Plenty Board:
Dean Wearne, Michelle Whitmore, Marcus Wilkins, Awhina Thatcher and Thoje Hood, absent is Megan Peacock-Coyle. Supplied photo.

Last night, the Creative Bay of Plenty trustees revealed the new name and strategic direction for the organization at an event with key stakeholders at the community gallery.

“The name is more inclusive of our whole catchment and Te Moana a Toi recognises both the Maori name for the coastal Bay of Plenty region as the oceans that were navigated and settled by the ancestral figure Toi,” says trustee Awhina Thatcher.

“It’s also a play on words having a second meaning in reference to the Maori word for Art – toi – which encompasses all the artistic forms and expressions which give voice to the tapestry of human life.”

The organisation has also defined its purpose to “create an environment where arts and culture thrive’ and has set five objectives to make this happen”, says Marcus.

The board is currently recruiting for a new General Manager and expect to be able to make an announcement on this in early September.

Creative Bay of Plenty is also launching its new website today, with the new name in place at



Posted on 31-08-2016 09:36 | By How about this view!

I am astonished that you have been able to connect this questionable renaming fiasco with racism. How long did that take you?


Posted on 31-08-2016 09:24 | By Dazed and Confused

How the Hell did you get a Racist slant on that story? Please explain

Guatemala? No, NZ

Posted on 31-08-2016 08:32 | By Captain Sensible

Make no mistake, NZ is a 3rd world country and examples like this story tend to prove it. Contaminated drinking water, hundreds of burglaries per day, changing names of clueless organisations thinking it will help, people living on streets and in cars, an education system that turns out students that can barely write a coherent sentence....Guatemala? No, NZ.

Name changes

Posted on 30-08-2016 23:48 | By Theodorus

By changing all these names and talking all these different languages we are fas becoming like the tower of BABEL in our history where all people spoke a different language and could not understand each other and it became a big failure and disaster (by Theodorus)

Racists alive and well...

Posted on 30-08-2016 16:42 | By Slartibartfast

Well,it would seem that the below comments prove that racism, bigotry and stupity are alive and well in the BOP - and most likely, high unemployment as who would employ these idiots who have commented? The only that is a pig and waste of space are these four jerks who have commented here


Posted on 30-08-2016 14:36 | By Captain Sensible

PC brigade. Now nobody knows or cares about this group with a stupid name.


Posted on 30-08-2016 14:25 | By nerak

Aint gonna change the fact it’s a waste of space and time, and ratepayers’ money. Time it went, never to return.

What Rubbish

Posted on 30-08-2016 14:24 | By peecee09

Major project ?? Painting artwork on a sewage pump house, I don’t believe it. Just plant ivy which will cover it and it will merge into its surroundings.Why try to draw attention to it. This outfit really is a waste of money and its operation should be carried out by the Art Gallery.

It is what it is

Posted on 30-08-2016 13:08 | By Mackka

What is all this changing of names going to accomplish? A pig is a pig regardless of what fancy name you like to pin on itThe cost of changing stationery, signage etc will probably come to tens of thousands of dollars! Then they will come back to council to up their grant when they run at a loss! They will need BIG letterheads and BIG signs to for that ridiculous name - pandering to the minority yet again!!


Posted on 30-08-2016 12:47 | By How about this view!

Will any sort of name change justify the costs that will have been incurred? One can only imagine the thought that has gone into justifying this NONSENSE. Recoup the costs out of their ratepayer funding.

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