Election 2016 candidates' list

Nominations are closed and the names are in.

The next local body elections will be held in October 2016.

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Voters will be electing 11 representatives - Mayor, four councillors at large (elected by the electors of the city as a whole) and two councillors for each of the following wards; Mount Maunganui-Papamoa Ward, Otumoetai-Bethlehem and Te Papa-Welcome Bay Ward.

More information about the elections is available on the Council’s website.

See below for the full list of Bay of Plenty candidates for the regional, district and city councils and the Bay of Plenty District Health Board for the local government elections on October 8.

Tauranga City Council

Mayor   (1 Vacancy)

Baldock, Larry (More Democracy Less Bureaucracy)

Brownless, Greg (Independent)

Clout, Kelvin (Energy and Experience)

Guy, Murray (Community Focused Leadership)

Leaming, Hori BOP

Mason, Max (Experienced Positive Leadership)

Morris, Steve (Together we can build a better city)

Owens, Doug (Effectiveness, Efficiency, Growth)

Peterson, Noel James (Independent)

Purches, Graeme (Independent)

Robson, John (Real Change in TCC - Guaranteed)

Mount Maunganui-Papamoa Ward (2 Vacancies)

Brown, Leanne (Looking After Locals)

Harnor, Bob (Independent)

Morris, Steve (Delivering for the Mount and Papamoa)

Stanley, Peter

Otumoetai-Pyes Pa Ward (2 Vacancies)

Baldock, Larry (More Democracy Less Bureaucracy)

Edlin, Bev (Re-elect for Effective Governance)

Moore, Graeme (For progress - with prudent financial management)

Nesdale, Sheldon (I Am Listening)

Stewart, Catherine (The Voice of Common Sense)

West, Jo (A New Perspective)

Te Papa-Welcome Bay Ward      (2 Vacancies)

Bailey, Sam (Independent)

Grainger, Bill (Have your say, for your City)

Guy, Murray (Community Focused Leadership)

Leaming, Hori BOP

Misa, Jesse

Molloy, Terry (The People The Place The Future)

Oxley, Brian

Council - At Large (4 Vacancies)

Brown, Geoffrey (Independent)

Christiansen, Tony (Committed to Tauranga)

Clout, Kelvin (Energy and Experience)

Coffin, Antoine (Independent - Keeping it real)

Cowley, Matt (Smart Thinking Beyond Elections)

Curach, Rick (PICK RICK - Let’s Get Real)

Davidson, Alan (Independent)

Mason, Max (Experienced Positive Leadership)

McIntosh, Gail (Re-elect for Sound Financial Management)

Millin, Kevin (Independent)

Ottaway, Grayson

Peterson, Noel James (Independent)

Robb, Hugh E.

Robson, John (Real Change in TCC - It starts here)

Sharma, Ramesh

Wassung, Mark

Western Bay of Plenty District Council

Mayor - Western Bay of Plenty District Council

Gwendalyn Merriman​

Mike Lally

Don Thwaites

Garry Webber

Kevin Tohiariki

Kaimai Ward - 4 Councillors

Mark Dean

Christina Humphreys

Don Thwaites

Margaret Murray-Benge

John Palmer

Tracy Livingston-Pooley

Katikati - Waihi Beach Ward - 3 Councillors

Phil Bowyer

David Marshall

Mike Williams

Peter Mackay

Ross Goudie

Kevin Tohiariki

Te Puke - Maketu Ward - 4 Councillors

Grant Daly

Gus Cantlon

Kevin Marsh

John Scrimgeour

Karyl Gunn-Thomas

Bertie Ratu

Mike Lally

Margaret Colmore

Community Boards

Katikati - 4 members

Brendan Gibbs

Sam Dunlop

Norm Mayo

Jenny Hobbs

Brian Martin

Ben Warren

Omokoroa - 4 members

Murray Grainger

Peter Presland

Derek Sage

Teresa Sage

Te Puke - 4 members

Grant Daly

Mike Lally

Peter Miller

Rev Button

Joan Dugmore

Waihi Beach - 4 members

Ruth Parsons

Brian Hepenstall

Marilyn Roberts

Derek Mills

Allan Sole

Maketu - 4 members

Shane Beech

Wendy McFadyen

Gus Cantlon

Rachel Clark

Bay of Plenty Regional Council

Tauranga General Constituency – Five Vacancies


John Cronin (Independent)                

Stuart Crosby (Independent)

Keith Johnston (Independent)

Rusty Kane (Independent)

David Love (Independent)

Michael O’Neill (Independent)

Paula Thompson

Andrew Von Dadelszen

Western Bay of Plenty General Constituency – Two Vacancies

Candidates: Norm Bruning, Jane Nees.

Under Section 63 of the Local Electorate Act 2001, I confirm that the number of candidates for the Western Bay of Plenty General Constituency does not exceed the number of vacancies and therefore I declare all nominated candidates being Norm Bruning and Jane Nees to be elected. Lucinda Butt - Electoral Officer.

Rotorua General Constituency – Two Vacancies


Neil Oppatt

Katie Priscilla Paul

Lyall Thurston

Eastern Bay of Plenty General Constituency – Two Vacancies


Bill Clark

Colin Holmes

Douglas Leeder

Kevin Winters

Kohi Maori Constituency – One Vacancy


Miro Araroa

Tiipene Marr

Wetini Paul

Okurei Maori Constituency – One Vacancy


Gina Mohi

Arapeta Tahana

Mauao Maori Constituency – One Vacancy


Carlton Bidois

Awanui Black

Bay of Plenty District Health Board

Mark Arundel   


Ron Chamberlain

Bev Edlin

Geoff Esterman

Richard Forster

Ron Fyfe Independent

Carole Gordon Independent


Callum  Hunter A Fresh Voice

Yvette Nora Lamare        Independent

Rob Moncrieff  

Kirsten Marie Murfitt     Independent

Jane Nees

Peter Nicholl     

Matua   Parkinson

Janet Peters      

Hylton   Rhodes

Ron Scott Independent

Judy Turner


Make it easier

Posted on 16-08-2016 16:40 | By astex

First cross out the ones that are there at the moment. Then choose from what is left.

@ BullShtAlert

Posted on 16-08-2016 13:52 | By Captain Sensible

I have a real job. Thanks.

@JAFFA and Capt Sensible

Posted on 16-08-2016 09:59 | By BullShtAlert

It’s a pity your names aren’t on the list. Nobody’s perfect, possible even yourselves?


Posted on 16-08-2016 09:02 | By Captain Sensible

Hope "NONE OF THE ABOVE" is an option.


Posted on 15-08-2016 14:39 | By Crash test dummies

The choices on those list make it tough to get the right people in. The options are very limited and some.

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