Update: Serious crash near Maketu

Update 9.26am: Police are investigating the cause of a crash which saw five people treated for injuries on Maketu Road, Western Bay of Plenty this morning.

The head-on crash happened just before 8am, on Maketu Road about a kilometre from State Highway 2 and 33km southeast of Tauranga.

A SunLive reporter at the scene says there were no serious injuries and it appeared sun strike may have been a factor.

Earlier: Emergency services are heading to a serious car crash on Maketu Rd, Western Bay of Plenty.

A Fire Communication spokeswoman says reports came in just before 8am of a crash and they have fire crews heading to a crash on Maketu Rd about 33km southeast of Tauranga.

SunLive understands two vehicles are involved in a head-on crash and a number of people are in believed to be in the two vehicles.

More details to follow.

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Road Ranger

Posted on 31-05-2016 15:43 | By Kenworthlogger

Unfortunatly as Winston Churchill once famously put common sense is most uncommon.

How Bright They Are

Posted on 30-05-2016 10:41 | By Road Ranger

In a situation like this the Road Code states: slow down and look to the left - simple but effective.

Avr & Anton

Posted on 30-05-2016 07:19 | By Linaire

I very much doubt "sun-stroke" was the cause of this accident! ... it is "sun-STRIKE" - when the angle of sunlight hitting a windscreen creates glare that is very hard for a driver to see through. Sun-stroke is totally different!!

To the both of you...

Posted on 29-05-2016 22:51 | By The Commentor

I don’t think that word means what you think it means...


Posted on 29-05-2016 19:43 | By sunny

were was the sun stroke!! its all to do well too fast on that road! got to get home too fast.. know that road well..


Posted on 29-05-2016 14:07 | By GreertonBoy

Only the daytime accidents are attributed to sun stroke... the night time ones are due to moon stroke (or UFO’s)


Posted on 29-05-2016 13:16 | By Anton

So,it are not tourist ,we also can blame sunstroke now for head on collisions.never the driver.

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