At home in the park

For the last six weeks the park adjourning Takitimu Drive, below 9th Ave, has been the home of a squatter.

This isn't your usual homeless person, but this is an ‘occupation' by one Mr Ranginui (that is the name he told me), says former regional councillor Andrew von Dadelszen.

The squatter on Takitimu Drive. Photo: Supplied.

'Who already has a home, according to him, adjourning, or part of, the Judea Marae. He says that he has a dispute with the Marae, and that as a tribe member of Ngati Ranginui he owns the park, and Tauranga City Council and the Police can't evict him.”

Andrew asked councillor Bev Edlin for help, and both Tauranga City staff and the police have visited Mr Ranginui. He tells me he has told them to take him to court, and as a result there seems to be no further action, and he continues to squat there.

Councillor Bev Edlin says the squatter is claiming land rights, and the council staff are working through it.

'I was talking to people about it and they say there are a few others starting to camp there as well. Whether they are going there separately or in support I don't know,” says Bev.

The man's been camping alongside the track for three or four weeks and Bev took the matter to council staff.

'Some of these people, and I haven't met this guy, some of them are not understanding quite what it happening out there and that things have been settled,” says Bev.

Council staff are communicating with him to hurry him along and find him a place.

'A lot of the issues are what can they do to help him? It's not just kicking him off the land, it's trying to find him the help he needs – if he needs it. It's not as simple as going along and telling him to move on.”

Andrew says he's told the squatter that Ngati Ranginui is been part of the 2012 Treaty Settlement of $140 million, with $38 million going directly to Ngati Ranginui, and that is full and final settlement for all Tauranga confiscated land.

'He just doesn't want to listen, and locals are getting annoyed that this gentleman can continue to squat, including defecating in the bushes, and force female walkers and joggers to refrain from using this section of the track at and after dusk,” says Andrew.

'I've been told he has been abusive to several female walkers, and my questioning him saw his aggression rise also.

'I know that if I tried to set up a tent there, the council would have me immediately evicted. Come on Tauranga City Council staff – show some backbone and get this squatter removed. We can't have different rules for different ethnicities.”

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Forcible Removal

Posted on 15-04-2016 11:48 | By The Sage

Is what is called for here and I cannot understand why the situation has been allowed to go on so long.Move him and then work through the issues, not the other way round. If he is abusive and threatening use the law, show some balls.


Posted on 15-04-2016 11:50 | By How about this view!

Gotta love the fact that council is willing to let vagrancy establish itself in the city. Thanks should also go to the social engineering supporters that allowed the big institutions to be closed. Where do you go to pass time, particularly if you are dealing with mental health issues........ The streets. Alcohol and drugs freely available (if you're streetwise) free seats in the bus shelters and no-one is going to move you on because of the paperwork. Welcome to utopia.

Arrest Him

Posted on 15-04-2016 12:01 | By Kiwis

If he is defecating in the trees, and walkers/runners are avoiding the area due to abuse... arrest him! Isn't he being a public nuisance, not to mention being the health implications with human waste. Someone grow a spine here. I am not a racist person, but if he was of a different ethnicity would action have taken by now?

A squatter? His benefit

Posted on 15-04-2016 12:36 | By SML

is being sent to an address, or how else can he afford the cigarette (clearly shown in the pic)? WINZ don't allow benefits or superannuation without a fixed address, so he can't be a formal squatter, so move him on..... to his actual address! He can defecate there, instead of the park....

The weak arm of the law

Posted on 15-04-2016 12:50 | By Annalist

To test the theory that others would be prosecuted for doing a similar thing, just try pitching your tent on the grass verge at Marine Parade or down on Fergusson Park? Prepare to be moved on by council officials and police without hesitation. Simon Bridges has a strong law and order focus and maybe he can help?


Posted on 15-04-2016 13:24 | By whatsinaname

agree with the above . move him on.

Sort it

Posted on 15-04-2016 14:13 | By Kaimai

Forecast of heavy rain Sunday might sort the problem and the first frost can't be far away if the rain doesn't do it.

The park

Posted on 15-04-2016 16:33 | By surfsup

I have no problem with this man in the park, if as he says he owns it, if that is the case then he and his fellow tribe members will presumably be responsible for all the up keep of the park. If this is not the case then throw the full weight of the law at him and get him out asap, sadly in this pc world and the fact he is maori will ensure this will not happen and he will continue to give all law abiding citizens the two finger salute because he believes he has special rights, what a sad state of affairs we find ourselves in.

Remove Him

Posted on 15-04-2016 18:31 | By roseh

I fail to understand why these people can get away with anything and everyone is to scared to speak up.Same all over N.Z They some times think they own every thing.Stand up some one and get some guts.


Posted on 15-04-2016 18:33 | By Capt_Kaveman

to be arrested without delay

Race based selective laws

Posted on 15-04-2016 19:32 | By Taurangaboy

As many people on here say this is wrong and is being tolerated or 'worked through' Can someone explain that phrase to me? my two university degrees don't quite understand that, however my academically acknowledged BS detector is going flat out

Law for some ?

Posted on 15-04-2016 19:33 | By glass1/2 full

I have found this person intimidating. What's the use of tracks around the city when the public are afraid to use them. I didn't complain to anyone because I guessed right - no one wants to take action, P C gone mad !! AGAIN. Please someone grow some appendages.


Posted on 15-04-2016 19:34 | By The author of this comment has been removed.

AGREE WITH ALL ABOVE,not his real name, funny when TCCC wosers -turn too Jelly when those 2 words are mentioned,and spend days scroolling through papers to check on this,Thankyou Sunlive.

well well

Posted on 15-04-2016 20:36 | By dumbkof2

i wonder what would happen if we squatted on their marae

Me Tinks

Posted on 16-04-2016 06:08 | By The author of this comment has been removed.

What a bloody pigsty.

Move on

Posted on 16-04-2016 08:58 | By compton

Deadbeat with a chip on his shoulder. Plenty of them around.


Posted on 16-04-2016 11:04 | By Colleen Spiro

Andrew Von whomever, is the WRONG PERSON to to speaking to this man about the Settlements.....surely some of his whanau, or Huria people could/should be the ones explaining it to him...I hope this is settled in an amicable way...The man is clearly trying to state a point.


Posted on 16-04-2016 12:36 | By Carcass

If he was white the Council would have got rid of him by smoko time.Not to much productivity at Tauranga Council

Show some initiative...

Posted on 16-04-2016 13:42 | By penguin

Council should stop pussy-footing about over this guy. Drag him away (kicking and screaming if necessary) preferably after he cleans up his mess. The average non-maori would have been removed by now. Bet he would complain if we left this mess on his patch.


Posted on 18-04-2016 22:00 | By The Sage

How did the rain work out for you on Sunday Mr Ranginui? Have WINZ stopped your benefit yet due to not having a proper residential address?

Magic Word

Posted on 20-04-2016 16:57 | By Mackka

Is it still there? I am amazed that a vigilante group hasn't seen fit to do the removal job! Mention the magic word 'Maori' and the officials turn a blind eye!


Posted on 24-04-2016 08:19 | By Ellajj

You are so right! I wonder what happened at his Judea Marae?

Do Your Jobs!

Posted on 24-04-2016 11:13 | By Mommatum

This is my message to both the Tauranga City Council and our police. This IS NOT a Maori issue, but one of public order and the continuing inaction by our civic authorities is an absolute disgrace. Especially when he has made walkway users feel unsafe with his threatening, abusive behavior. His continuing presence also constitutes a health hazard, and by his own admission he is not homeless. Invoking the treaty is also irrelevent as local iwi of which he IS NOT an official spokesperson have already settled their claims. Regardless, the law be it that of local authorities or central government should be equally applied to all. To do less as our Council and Police service have chosen in this instance is to actively support apartheid as well as abrogating one of the duties/functions for which they are appointed and I might add handsomely paid.


Posted on 24-04-2016 22:27 | By groutby

YAWN... too busy moving and putting there feet under new comfy desks....

@ groutby

Posted on 12-05-2016 12:33 | By Crash test dummies

That is the truth of it, but sadly for all ratepayers the little things like a few million on new computers, new desk and chairs and all that is just the start.

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