Tiki's court date: 'f*** the police'

New Zealand singer Tiki Taane is due to appear in Tauranga District Court on Friday after being arrested in the city early Sunday morning.

He was performing at a gig at Illuminati on Harrington Street when police arrested him.

Tiki Taane was arrested after his performance at Illuminati.

Taane is charged with disorderly behaviour likely to cause violence to start or continue.

A number of people at the gig on the night say Taane began singing ‘f*** the police' when they were carrying out a standard inspection of the club.

When they approached him afterwards 'things got out of hand”, according to one person who does not wish to be identified.

Now posted to Tiki Taane's website is: 'Freedom of speech is a human right. All our love and thorts are with everyone who attended the Tauranga gig last nite and in particular those who were present early hours this morning... we sincerely hope you are all ok please contact us via holla@tikidub.com if you need anything in relation to what occurred... arohanui and bless.”

His manager and sister, Nina Taane, told SunLive the arrest took place sometime near closing time at 3am.

'He was performing at the gig when he was arrested,” says Nina.

'We need to work things through with our lawyer around how this plays out and a lot of that is around bringing the truth to the surface.”

It is believed a senior staff member from Illuminati was also arrested.

She says her brother is coping well after the arrest, but says the issue requires 'sensitivity”.

Nina would not elaborate on why her brother was arrested but says others were arrested with him.

'We just hope everyone who was there is okay. It will all come out eventually.”

She says Tiki Taane is due to release a full media statement on Monday afternoon.



Posted on 11-04-2011 12:31 | By CJ

What a great example he is for his fans - shame on him. Wont buy any more of his music.


Posted on 11-04-2011 12:49 | By cassara

Arrested for saying F*** the police, I can't imagine why. Seriously, a person in his position should know better. Think what you like, saying it is different. I think the police would arrest anyone if they found them chanting that.

Coping well...? sensitivity?..oh ffs!!!

Posted on 11-04-2011 13:02 | By The author of this comment has been removed.

Oh FFS!!!! Lock the arrogant b%$#^%%#d up!! He'd be the first to whine and snivel for the police to help him if he was in trouble. Whatta complete ******!!!

Saying it how it is.

Posted on 11-04-2011 13:06 | By esquire

Step up - stand up. YEAH!

Not so quick

Posted on 11-04-2011 13:10 | By SpeakUp

While I don't think expletives help the critique Mr. Taane has towards the police, we still do have freedom of expression. That includes the expletive used. However, Mr. Taane was arrested for disorderly behavior, and although it is a cunning technicality the police used (and which a corrupt court might well uphold), it is not denying freedom of speech. You CAN SAY what you want, but who of the system cares anyway?

Posted on 11-04-2011 13:34 | By The author of this comment has been removed.

Along with the right to freedom of speech comes a big word "RESPONSIBILITY" If you act irresponsibly then you risk losing your right to freedom of speech, and he is probably getting what he deserves. HOWEVER: If the police went in there busting peacefull people in the audience for committing crimes against themselves, (ie smoking dope - just guessing there!) instead of protecting people from crimes with a victim - then the police are probably getting what they deserve because the laws are stupid and CAUSING problems instead of SOLVING them. Also - Is it illegal to sing a song that says "F" the police?. Life is a 2 way street, and people should learn to respect other peoples LANE, otherwise theres bound to be head on collisions.

What a joke!

Posted on 11-04-2011 13:36 | By Miss Rose

Hahahahaha......! BRUJA..... you obviously didn't like Tiki prior to this write up. Lock him up??....hahahaha......for singing a well known NWA song. I was there Saturday night and it was awesome. No trouble, no violence what so ever. Just everybody having a great night. The cops turned up, did there thing and left again. Then turned up at the end of the night an hour later with paddy wagons etc.....obviously looking to make arrests etc. So really if they think Tiki was likely to cause violence etc...they would have stepped in straight away?? Not an hour later. Its pathetic. Instead of focusing on something so silly, they could have been out doing their jobs with more important matters.

1 more thing.........

Posted on 11-04-2011 13:53 | By Miss Rose

What the hell happend to freedom of speech!? It just goes to show. That police like to show off, how apprently they are in control. When you are in a position of power, YOU should be a role model. Tiki was there to entertain. And what ever he said, I believe was his personal opinion and right, by freedom of speech.

Innocent until proven guilty

Posted on 11-04-2011 13:54 | By missmoana

I don't think we should be so quick to judge (cue Bruja and CJ) when this article only gives a small amount of information, and for the most part it's relatively bias towards the opinion of the police! I am sure that as a musician of his status, professionalisn and calibre he wouldn't go out of his way to provoke his own arrest...innocent until proven otherwise! Mauriora!

Lets hear it for Miss Rose!

Posted on 11-04-2011 14:03 | By missmoana

So great to hear from someone who was actually in attendance and witnessed everything with their own eyes, rather than from some clowns (cue CJ and Bruja, again) who wouldn't know Tiki's music if it whacked them upside the head...you go girl....x

Likely ?

Posted on 11-04-2011 14:04 | By bigted

This is a catch-all offence that can cover a wide variety of behaviour(s) that the Police or members of the public may find unacceptable. The Police often use this charge to arrest people who have not committed any other offence.

Take him to the gulag

Posted on 11-04-2011 14:47 | By Chris

I find Tane's behaviour distasteful and not in fitting with my personal values. Quick, take him to the gulag and lock him up until further notice. To criticise the benevolent state in this way is simply not acceptable.

Posted on 11-04-2011 14:53 | By Toro

And I suppose the proponents of freedom of speech would be quite happy if someone stood at the front of stage chanting racial abuse at Tiki throughout the concert? When freedom of speech infringes upon the rights and liberties of others then it becomes unacceptable. A chant of 'f the police' has a clear intent particularly when used to rile up a crowd in the early hours of the morning. Dave Dobbyn anyone?


Posted on 11-04-2011 15:07 | By Jitter

Why does the matter "require sensitivity" ? Is it because he has brown skin ? Is it ok for him to abuse other people with impunity ? If he has broken the law of NZ then as a NZer he must pay the penalty just like anyone else. It appears a number of the opinions expressed place him above the law ! I don't think so.

He was being purposefully antagonistic

Posted on 11-04-2011 15:29 | By wreck1080

He is part of the problem of the lack of respect for police if this is true. To sing such a song when the police enter is obviously trying to provoke them. Freedom of speech? What about respect? This guy is a loser whatever the outcome.


Posted on 11-04-2011 16:08 | By Justin

Before you mouth off about freedom of speech, educate yourself with the laws by which you are supposed to be living. Read: Summary Offences Act 1981 Offences against Public Order Section 3: Disorderly behaviour Section 4: Offensive Behaviour or Language There is no legislation that allows or condones freedom of speech, unless we refer to the 'Bill of Rights 1688 No.2' and this only applies in Parlyament and not to the general public. Moral of the story people - in NZ we are protected from people such as this who wish to use offensive language and behaviour in public. It is the basis of living in a civilised country/society, and promoting a peaceful civilisation. Well done Police.


Posted on 11-04-2011 16:09 | By Caramello

Regardless of whether he thinks he should be entitled to "freedom of speech" as he calls it, I totally agree with wreck1080 regarding the lack of respect for police and people in authority in general, no wonder there are so many idiots roaming freely when this is one of their so called role models of society. Why doesn't he use his "freedom of speech" positively.


Posted on 11-04-2011 17:45 | By Hebegeebies

Read somewhere that this rebel without a cause is supposed to be a top NZ rapbop singer. Since when, he may be a legend in his own mind but nowhere else that I am aware of and anyway it doesn't give him any right to mouth off as the mood takes him.


Posted on 11-04-2011 23:08 | By WARTS N ALL

Does it matter, freedom of speech is ok, but also everyone including the NZ Police are entitled to receive respect and decorum. I new idea for Tiki might include "treat others as you wish to be treated." Of course if he is convicted and by some miracle goes to jail then perhaps all of his chant/song/dreams will become true.

Didn't like him Miss Rose???

Posted on 12-04-2011 08:29 | By The author of this comment has been removed.

Hadn't even heard of him and hopefully I won't again. There is NO acceptable reason for chanting "F..." the police. Mauriora??? Yeah, right!

Tiki's the man

Posted on 12-04-2011 14:22 | By Willstock

G C!

Whatever Bruja..

Posted on 13-04-2011 16:13 | By missmoana

Half of the people that comment on here wouldn't even have a clue at how much of a positive impact Tiki has made on the NZ music scene. Numerous number 1 records and singles, not to mention international status...his arrest is hypocritical...why don't the police arrest reggae musicians when they talk about smoking marijuana?? That's more than illegal, moreso than singing f*** the police! Mauriora - the essence of life...which is what you need Bruja! Good luck with that!


Posted on 13-04-2011 17:51 | By Vomit

Amazing that no arrests before, the attitude says it all, no respect at all present and that is why then there is trouble, so no real surprise about arrested now, only surprise is that it has taken so long. To much fire water by the looks?

Didn't need to be there to know

Posted on 14-04-2011 15:48 | By The author of this comment has been removed.

That he was being "provocative" and trying to be "the big man" and he got roasted for it. Great! Also, like the guy says why oh why do our young guys have to imitate the lowest of the low from the States??? Pants hangin' off ya bum is from "prison life" in origin. Wearing a cap sideways is clever????? Oh dear. Sayin' "f the police" is mature????? Hahahahaha

No answers...

Posted on 15-04-2011 16:23 | By missmoana

Again, why don't the police arrest reggae bands when they sing about marijuana?? They had a chip on their shoulder and took they lyrics personally...thought they would abuse their authority by acting like heroes and arresting someone for nothing...is there nothing else happening in the city that doesn't deserve the attention of the police? I'm sure there is some more severe crimes being committed! Although this situation doesn't really suprise me, same bull has happened countless times - Bastion Point 1978, Moutoa Gardens 1995, Ruatoki 2007....when will the pointlessness end? When will the police (particularly the heads of the police) come to their senses?

freedom of speech

Posted on 17-04-2011 07:52 | By michael.morris@clear.net.nz

What surprises me is how many here seem to think that having extremely bad taste in music, or being stupid is a criminal offense. IF it was a crime to be stupid, there would certainly not be enough prison cells to hold all the criminals. Personally I would rather listen to one of Don Brash's speeches than 5 minutes of rap so-called "music", but part of freedom of speech is the freedom to say or sing things that are offensive. If people object to the subject of the singers' lyrics I am sure they know where the door is. And for the benefit of our great legal scholar, the Bill of Rights 1687 has been ratified in New Zealand by the Bill of Rights Act 1990. This act is considered so important that all other legislation and cabinet minutes have to give effect to it. At least they did when I was a government policy adviser in 2003, but maybe the National Party have changed it together with other democratic traditions like considered and rigorous debate in parliament.

Illegal or not.....

Posted on 17-04-2011 14:49 | By The author of this comment has been removed.

The musical"talent" needed to chant the words chanted must be a bit different to the meaning of talent that I grew up with. Must also need a special kind of "mana" that I haven't heard of also. Legal act or not....he needs to grow up and stop whingeing when he behaves like a talentless, arrogant "I'm above the law", idiot. Bye Tiki, bye. Don't call us, we'll call you, yeah, right.

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