UFO filmed from Brookfield

Brookfield resident Jeff Nuttal sent in photos to SunLive of an object he and his wife saw from their Brookfield home last night.

His wife saw a red/orange ball appear out of the clear dark sky about 8.30pm.

Click the image above to watch the video

Object seen over Brookfield. Photo: Supplied.

“We went outside and watched it move slowly through the sky on a North to east direction,” says Jeff today.

“I went inside and grabbed my phone to video it. When the ball was half way across the sky a second orange/red ball appeared in the same spot as the first and travelled the same course keeping a measured distance apart.”

The first one pulled away and disappeared and the second did the same thing. At first we thought they were small meteors dipping into the atmosphere and then out again, following each other.

We went inside and looked at the video. It was what I expected from footage taken at night on an iPhone but you could see the second object’s colours.

“When I zoomed in I was blown away with what I saw.”

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me saw,

Posted on 16-04-2016 12:48 | By

another thing lastnight, it was me ex, she found me talking to me horse,and thought my gosh,this is a bit silly and left,my wobbly eyes couldnot focus on that big green ball.


Posted on 14-03-2016 18:32 | By Old

Looks like some think old trucker sees every day. Convoys, holdens, motor bike, realestate with 200 acres. Real good stuff in the air whooooooo

Looks bigger

Posted on 08-03-2016 14:52 | By NotNat

And further away than one of those cheap lanterns Thanks for sharing - its called imagination. Some of us clearly have it..


Posted on 07-03-2016 16:33 | By Kenworthlogger

Its that horrible missing flag from Elizabeth st....

Identified !

Posted on 07-03-2016 15:16 | By Papamoaner

Looks like a silver fern leaf to me. Ancient astronauts used them for navigation you know.

All I can say is

Posted on 07-03-2016 12:15 | By Bop man

Were they lights flying were the identifiable if the answers are yes and no then it fits the bill as a UFO..."Unidentified flying object"..as for being space men I don’t know....

Ummm no.

Posted on 07-03-2016 10:46 | By QueenofHarts

These are LANTERNS... horrible, littering lanterns.


Posted on 07-03-2016 10:46 | By Captain Sensible

Mr Nuttal has been genuine and so the need for jokes at his expense is childish. Maybe he was mistaken by Chinese lanterns, maybe not, but good on him for sharing with Sunlive.


Posted on 07-03-2016 09:26 | By Calling the truth

Chinese lanterns....see these all the time. unless it travels at unbelievable speeds and changes direction on a dime you are wasting everybodies time here!

Looks like

Posted on 06-03-2016 17:23 | By Kenworthlogger

Beer goggles....

Too low

Posted on 06-03-2016 16:19 | By nerak

for a satellite. I have seen a dozen or so of these over the last 3 months, seem to emanate from ?Greerton, Welcome Bay, Pyes Pa.

Blown away is right.

Posted on 06-03-2016 16:00 | By SonnyJim

Candle driven mini hot-air balloons, available at all good stores.

Nut alright

Posted on 06-03-2016 14:58 | By 2cents

My daughter just told me she had a friend who let off a lantern from Bethlehem last night ..... ahahahahaha


Posted on 06-03-2016 12:36 | By Crash test dummies

zooming past at dusk, disappearing into the earth shadow, a very common event.

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