Childhood obesity a topical issue

The growing issues of childhood obesity has health officials discussing the best ways of how to tackle the issue.

More than 10 per cent of New Zealand's children are considered obese, and this number doubles amongst Maori children, Pacific children, and children from poorer homes says managing director of Nga Mataapuna Oranga Janice Kuka.

Childhood obesity was the subject of discussion at a seminar last week.

The day-long seminar, held last week, organised by Nga Mataapuna Oranga Primary Health Organisation, in association with PHARMAC and Te Manu Toroa, gathered a range of practitioners who deal with the consequences of childhood obesity daily.

Janice says childhood obesity can have lifelong impacts, including physical and mental health, as well as educational achievement, social interactions, and future career plans.

She says local attempts to come up with solutions in the past seem to fall flat.

'Our regional attempts to address childhood obesity through the health and disability sector have been frustrated by the complexity of the problem.”

Keynote speaker Dr Rob Beaglehole, who is an advocate for taxing sugar as one way of combating the problem, made a plea for action and shocked some of the seminar attendees.

He focused on the risks that sugar and sugary drinks present to children.

Seminar facilitator Graham Bidios Cameron says Rob's presentation hit home for him, particularly around the 'hard and unavoidable realities” of obesity in children, and he believes that something needs to be done.

'Communities like the Bay of Plenty need to lead change here with our own policies, strategies, and actions.”

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Simple solution without cost

Posted on 02-03-2016 14:00 | By Amnesia Oasis

I read the phrases "day-long seminar", "the complexity of the problem", "policies, strategies, and actions" I cannot believe what I am reading. I can give you a solution that will solve the problem from one day to the next, and I don't need a costly one day seminar to expound it. Simply stop eating like a pig and get a little exercise and your obesity will disappear. I guarantee it.

@Amnesia Oasis....

Posted on 03-03-2016 05:51 | By sambo's back

yup!!!, solve the overcrowding bus problem as well, simple solutions remain so difficult for "academics".

@Amnesia Oasis

Posted on 03-03-2016 12:05 | By redlindyloo

If it was so simple to stop people eating the wrong foods and getting them to exercise there wouldn't be a problem. What's your brilliant plan on HOW to get people to "stop eating like pigs and get a little exercise". These problems usually go far deeper than just choosing to eat bad food and be lazy. If you're a pre-schooler you aren't equipped to make good food decisions, you have what your parents give you. And if you've grown up in the cycle of poverty and you're a parent yourself, you may not have either the knowledge, skills or support to know how to feed your kids well. THAT's why its a complicated issue

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