Call to ban gangs from state houses

New Zealand First is calling for the government to ban criminal gangs from state houses.

'Many of these gangs are using state welfare for housing yet pocketing thousands of dollars from illegal activity,” says Spokesperson for Social Development Darroch Ball.

'There has been a 700% increase in the number of state houses contaminated with methamphetamine. That's 350 state houses used by criminals and now empty costing millions to clean.

'Two years ago the government put in place the Gang Action Plan, but then did nothing.

'In Parliament today Social Development Minister Anne Tolley seemed comfortable that criminal gangs could live off the state while banking big money from drug making.

'Minister Tolley talked up the need to work with gangs and gang families but ignored the needy queuing for state houses.

'While people choose to indulge in criminal activity they should not have access to state houses,” says Mr Ball.

Source: Office of Darroch Ball.

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Posted on 02-03-2016 08:53 | By overit

Yes its time to lean on the gangs. Maybe the women and children of these mongrels will in time persuade their menfolk to walk away so they have a safe, house to live in.

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