Tolley tackles the cost of gangs

The Government has launched a programme aimed at curbing the harm and slashing the cost of gang life. And it's starting right here in the Bay of Plenty.

The Government's earmarked $1.1 million for the Bay of Plenty and the East Coast to assist the partners and children of gang members to lead successful lives and help steer young people away from gang life.

The Ministry of Social Development will team up with local social service agencies to provide intensive support services, increased educational achievement and employment opportunities for gang connected families. And there will be a major focus on youth mentoring and positive role modelling.

'Gang life ruins families,” says the Minister for Social Development, Anne Tolley. 'And the social cost through domestic violence and child abuse is unacceptable.”

The government gang initiative comes on the back of some alarming new MSD statistics.

After examining 3.960 patched and prospective gang members known to the police they found that 92 percent have received a main benefit amounting to $525 million in welfare assistance at an average $132,000 per person.

The long term cost to taxpayers of gang members and their children through contact with MSD and CYF is put at $714 million.

The MSD also learned at least 6,000 to 7,000 children have a gang member parent and 27 percent of gang members were recorded as alleged perpetrators of abuse or child neglect.

And those figures represent a massive bill to the taxpayer through benefit payments and child protection.

Anne Tolley says the Government and the MSD aims to use the new initiative to break inter-generational gang life and welfare dependence and reduce the harm caused to families.

'We want the very best for these families and especially their children.”

The two trials will happen over the next two and a half years.

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One solution

Posted on 01-03-2016 15:04 | By The umpire

Let the gangs have their own land and let them fend for themselves, no welfare, no dole just their own place.( White Island ) would be perfect, Pitcairn is taken ????????

Auck Is

Posted on 01-03-2016 16:44 | By hapukafin

no no not White Is.


Posted on 01-03-2016 17:37 | By Towball

This approach from TOLLEY is nothing short of laughable. Why would they want to change when they want for nothing already. Kids are supported in school already with teacher aides Councilers etc. police presence at Brookfield School was more terrifying for most than the bomb threat only to be addressed as the Police are normally round for other reasons. How are you going to change the culture when it is inbred in the genetics. Is an EASY LAZY CONVIENENT lifestyle being supported not only by the gang but the TAX PAYER also. Not to different to Mrs Tolley and her Wellington Beehive Gangsters living off the TAX PAYER ALSO contributing nothing .

With the best of intentions..

Posted on 01-03-2016 17:42 | By mutley

but this smacks of the sort of opportunity that the gangs will manage better than the Government, and turn it into a rort for their own benefit. It will be very interesting to see how it is implemented.

national sucks !!

Posted on 01-03-2016 21:07 | By kb

so you hang the poor buggers with cancer out to dry with no funding for medicine and fund this ?? wheres the logic !!

All I can say...

Posted on 02-03-2016 05:33 | By sambo's back

is, about bloody time!!!, all the years of P.C rubbish about these groups creating a family/whanau loving lifestyle for their young has finally blown up in their faces, nothing was gained from "Once We Were Warriors", a movie that still sickens me!!!, unfortunately I think it is way to late to stop 3 x generations of children who have been indoctrinated into this lifestyle, the love shown on a Marae is what needs to be taught, not a lazy, violent,abusing, self entitled lifestyle, and still the tax payer has to feed most of the progeny when they get to school, how can these groups be "good" when they treat their children like items to gain extra benefit payments?, also nothing has been mentioned about contracts given out by various local body councils for work under done and never completed!!!, bring it on Anne, not all are bad, just most.

Open your eyes kb

Posted on 02-03-2016 10:07 | By jimmyant

This initiative will effectively save the useful lives of thousands! Also, did it occur to you that some of the 700 odd million could be used more usefully to help the cancer sufferers instead of being poured down the drain supporting the unfortunate family of this scum. Just saying..

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