Bridge Marina a ‘Clean Marina’

Tauranga Bridge Marina and Bridge Marina Travelift are among only three New Zealand marinas to be certified as a ‘Clean Marina' under an international accreditation system.

The scheme is designed to encourage environmental best practice in all marina operations and is an industry-led initiative developed in conjunction with the New Zealand Marina Operators Association.

New Zealand Clean Marina auditor Brett Colby presents Tauranga Bridge Marina's manager Tony Arnold with the Clean Marina flag.

It encourages maritime users, including marina operators, boatyards, contractors and boaties, to play their part in protecting coastal and inland water quality.

'We have been working towards the certification after taking the pledge two years ago,” says marina manager Tony Arnold.

'This involved making improvements and developing good management practices to reach the required standards including the auditing of 130 aspects of the company's operations, largely in the areas of wastewater, trade discharges, storm-water control, fuelling, boatyard practices, vessel maintenance, marine bio-security, accidental spill and pollution response management.
'It has been a tough couple of years with major changes to the electrical regulations for marinas and recreational vessels having to be implemented in the middle of it all.

'Having achieved certification, the challenge is now to maintain the standards reached and to continue to be among those nationwide who are prepared to go that extra mile towards the maintenance of our superb coastal marine environment.

'We could not have got here without the dedication of my staff and the marina directors have been awesome allowing me to spend the time and resources to make it happen.”

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