Armed police break up swim lesson

A man is in police custody after the Armed Offenders Squad swooped on Parton Road, interupting a Papamoa Swimming Club lesson of about 60 children and accompanying parents.

Police took some time to talk with the children after they apprehended the man they were looking for. Photo: Kym Raubenheimer.

The armed police gave the children a scare when they stormed the swimming pool area, although some of the police also appeared to not know what they had struck, says Kym Raubenheimer, a parent at the pool.

Police were quick to apprehend the man they were after, but not before all of the people at the swimming pool were ordered to lay on the ground and then in a cluster by a wall.

The operation occurred at about 7.20pm and the police were at the Papamoa Swimming Club for about 30 minutes.

Once the man was apprehended, the police took some time to talk with the children and parents at the pool and reflect on the unlikely nature of the incident.

Kym says the police were great with the children at this time, talking with them and showing them some of their weapons including a Taser.

Keep checking SunLive for more information on this raid and the arrest made.

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