Maori economy 'big driver'

The Maori economy will be a big driver of work changes and must be in a strong position to reap the benefits of new opportunities, says Labour’s Chair of the Future of Work Commission Grant Robertson.

Grant and Maori Development spokesperson Nanaia Mahuta today released three papers written by independent experts on the Maori Economy, Waikato-Tainui’s skill development partnerships and a South Auckland case study, as part of the Future of Work programme.

“The Maori economy is now worth $39 billion. It has a young workforce and a long-term inter-generational approach. Access to Treaty settlements capital puts Maori in an excellent position to benefit from the changes to the workforce over coming years,” says Grant.

“To make sure the full potential of these opportunities are seized there should be a new combined approach from the Government, Iwi Maori and the private sector to build high-value exports, and better skills, jobs and wages.

Nanaia Mahuta says education, innovation and investment must all be harnessed properly. The regions must work in step with the heart of the Maori workforce, in South Auckland.

“The challenges that lie ahead include transitioning the Maori economy towards a high-value sustainable future, the potential for new education and research collaborations between government and iwi, and harnessing the latent potential of young people in Auckland,” she says.

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Posted on 30-11-2015 21:29 | By crazyhorse

Will this "maori economy" pay any tax, no, or very little, so whats it driving?.

Charley Farley and Piggy Malone,

Posted on 14-11-2015 08:27 | By robin bell

two comic detectives created by two comic geniuses.One a proud Scotsman (Ronnie Corbett)the other a proud Englishman (Ronnie Barker).Proof that, in spite of difference we can all work together.The "Maori Economy"(just a term to describe their commercial interests) is proof positive that New Zealand is at last the true partnership envisaged in 1840. Rocco and his Australian mate should stick to the truth.Neither Arawa nor Tainui are "broke, in fact they go from strength to strength something we should ALL celebrate.The N.Z. gov’nt are not racist, in fact they are the opposite. Robin Bell.


Posted on 13-11-2015 12:15 | By ROCCO

@Mindrifter.Good summary on some of the issues and a lot more rational than the Ding Dong Bell Planet Bongo rants.

Charley Farley

Posted on 12-11-2015 12:57 | By Mindrifter

As a person looking on from across the ditch, I wasn’t sure that my eyes were mates, when reading about a "Maori Economy". Just what the hell does that mean????? Do we now have a Ms Mahuta dictating to how NZ is run and operated?? And don’t talk to me about bloody racism either. Otherwise I will get my ngapuhi whanau to come over with emus and kick your chook house down. Seriously if ever there was a recipe for disaster it’s this decisive claptrap. Ms Mahuta needs to understand that NZ is for NZers that includes everyone regardless of race. I cannot believe how a govt can let this political racism happen. Which reminds me what ever happened to all those multi multi millions is $$$$ that were handed out some years back to Arawa or Tainui( or both ??) and then some short years later went broke!!!

Are we all KIWIS?

Posted on 09-11-2015 14:54 | By Plonker

When there is clearly to separate economies one within the other, it all has the look and feel of a larger large Tate-worm about it, sucking toe goodness out of the larger, for the benefit of one or at best a few. Hmmm that sounds like the definition of apartheid unleashed from within.

Pie in the sky? Rocco,

Posted on 09-11-2015 12:00 | By robin bell

is that a reference to your "planet bongo?" The only abysmal performers around here are you and your "bozo" mates. Go check out Ngai Tahu, 180 million for billions of dollars worth of land you stole, now expanded to billions with no help from you. Tell your cruising mate they also pay tax, lots of it. Robin Bell.

Truly Inspirational,

Posted on 09-11-2015 08:59 | By robin bell

is how prince Charles describes it. Who can argue outside of the usual cynical right wing extremists. 40 billion dollars worth of success,40 billion worth of justice so long denied.40 billion dollars worth of proof that Maori are as capable as the rest. Ignore the nutters of the extreme right represented here by rocco kellbell and of course the man of many identities,the aptly named plonker. Robin Bell.

We are all KIWIS

Posted on 09-11-2015 03:18 | By Kenworthlogger

Sounds like the government is being raceist again....

Magic Mushrooms Territory

Posted on 08-11-2015 15:32 | By ROCCO

The pie in the sky saga goes like this- transfer Kiwi taxpayer funds by whatever rorting vehicle you care to choose then label and call them maori economy assets and hey presto you have got the big kahuna mentality.Well that is unmitigated B/S.Taxpayer investments and returns run by the Govt. are bad enough but the tribes even with the unearned wealth regular top ups and usually CT tax free status are by comparison abysmal performers.That is the be all and end all of the whole sorry fairy tale.

@ s83cruiser

Posted on 08-11-2015 13:28 | By Plonker

Yes, that is what is happening, a separate and tax free economy for part Maori. Yes it is apartheid in favour of the few who are not even indigenous.


Posted on 08-11-2015 07:28 | By s83cruiser

Are we talking about New Zealand here or a totally different part of the world??? Is this not government promotion of an US and THEM situation?? I don’t get it we either have a New Zealand economy or no economy.. With the government actively encouraging separated economies is that not financial apartheid...will this mean that all of the Maori interest that are current registered as "CHARITIES" will start paying tax or does it mean that the MAORI ECONOMY won’t pay tax into the NZ system??? Mine economy for all and taxes paid by all for all. No apartheid in NEW ZEALAND thank you very much.

Maori Economy

Posted on 07-11-2015 15:14 | By Plonker

Is a myth, current it consumes 12% of GDP and in return contributes 8%. In anyones book that means it is a liability.

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