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It’s time for a party is the overriding message from Devilskin bassist Paul Martin ahead of the band’s upcoming show in Mount Maunganui.

The Axeman and the rest of the band, lead vocalist Jennie Skulander, lead guitarist Nail and drummer Nic Martin, are hoping to help distract fans from the “big blanket of gloom” currently enveloping the world.

“People, more now than ever, need to get out and have a little bit of a party,” says Paul.

“Have a wiggle, have a dance and enjoy some great music and forget all their troubles for five minutes.”

The show at Trustpower Baypark on Friday, June 18, brings Devilskin back across from the Waikato to a regular haunt and one which Paul says helped launch the band from their humble 2010 beginnings in Hamilton.

“It is one of our favourite places to play and it is where things really started to grow for us,” he explains.

“We realised we were a bit too big to play that little pub so let’s play here, let’s play the arena. That has been awesome.”

The Bay of Plenty vibe is punctuated by the band co-headlining this national tour.

Whakatane-formed Kora will also be playing the Mount on the night and while Paul admits the two bands might be considered different, if pigeonholed into specific genres, he says they share many similarities.

“We think we have a similar ethos about how seriously we take our music and the whole idea of whanau,” Paul states.

“It’s a family band there and a family band here. So, I think there are a lot of things that we have in common.

“They are just lovely guys and an outstanding band.”

That family feeling is also something Paul is keen to highlight. He is hoping to see some future Jenny’s and Axeman’s out in the crowd on Friday with the show child friendly.

“It changes the dynamic so much having young people in the room,” says Paul.

“The excitement levels are different and it’s just great. It is a real buzz. We really enjoy playing to the younger kids in the crowd.

“You see the sparks come from their eyes as they are discovering rock and roll for the first time, and it can just change their lives.”

Paul is coy about surprises at the show but confirms some new songs, which had previously been demoed for their 2020 release ‘RED’, and a cover song will keep fans on their toes.

The release of ‘RED’ came amid the Covid-19 pandemic last year and the band were just 10 days removed from a European tour to promote the album when, as Paul puts it, the “rug was ripped from under them.” But Paul is refusing to let that disappointment linger.

“You have got to be philosophical,” he states.

“There’s no point being grumpy, even if it is like your career crashing in front of your eyes.

“Everyone is in the same boat, and we have just got to rock on and inspire other people to keep happy as well.

“Music is a great healer. For us looking out and seeing people singing the words to our songs, there is no better feeling than that.”

Getting back on the road for their loyal international fanbase is, however, certainly in Devilskin’s mind going forward, with an Australian tour earmarked for October.

“We’d definitely love to get back to Europe and the UK,” Paul admits.

“We have got a really strong fan base in Europe so it is important we get back there as soon as we can.”

But that doesn’t mean Paul and the band are unappreciative of playing in the Mount this week.

“We are super excited to get out there,” Paul remarks.

“The Mount and the Bay of Plenty has always been a special place for Devilskin. We always feel great playing there. We always have a cool night, and it is always fun.”

Devilskin are giving away a double pass to the show.

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Entries will be drawn on Thursday, June 17.


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