Rental hope: Ending no-cause evictions

Green Goals
with Josh Cole

The recent legislation introduced by the Government allowing landlords to terminate tenancies without cause is a major setback for the 1.4 million renters in Aotearoa.

This decision heavily favours landlords, leaving renters to bear the consequences. It gives property owners unchecked power, disregarding the needs and rights of those who call these houses their homes.

Housing is a fundamental human right, not just a commodity. How can individuals establish stability, raise families, or enjoy retirement when they live in constant fear of unjust eviction?

No-cause evictions will worsen the housing insecurity faced by thousands of renters. Landlords will have the power to uproot people based solely on their whims. Requiring a valid reason for eviction was a crucial step towards fairness for renters.

The housing crisis demands real solutions. Unfortunately, the Government seems to prioritise profit over evidence, pursuing yet another failed policy. It’s disheartening to witness a mega-landlord Prime Minister and a government composed of landlords prioritising their interests over the population’s wellbeing.

This decision shows how out of touch the Government is with the struggles of everyday people. It deepens the housing insecurity crisis at a time when individuals are already grappling with the high cost of living. Plans to sell and delay public housing build programmes further limit alternatives for those in need.

We must demand change and advocate for policies that prioritise renters’ rights and wellbeing. Together, we can fight for a future where housing is a secure and fundamental right for all in Aotearoa.