Reasons to be cheerful – Part 39

Bob wins – but is it literature? I guess you heard by now – Bob Dylan won the Nobel Prize for literature. It's something that's been much discussed here at the Watusi Country Club and, knowing my fondness for all things Dylan,... Read More

Musical mayors – a slight return

What are they hiding?It all seemed so innocent. Ask the Tauranga mayoralty candidates a few simple questions about music. In the event only five of the 11 candidates responded in time. And one a little late. You can see what they all said on SunLive at... Read More

Songs behind silent films

The combination of music and pictures has long fascinated people.I remember a particular urban legend that did the rounds for several years which held that Pink Floyd's ‘Dark Side Of The Moon' was created so it would synch with the 1939... Read More

Let's play musical mayors

In a few short weeks the epic reign of Stuart Crosby as Tauranga Mayor will come to an end and a grieving public will vote for his replacement. There are 11 candidates. They've got a bunch of positions. But who can tell if they'll stick to... Read More

Chatting with Josh

Josh Durning. Having a chat with Josh Durning is an education. Which is nothing but a good thing, as Josh's current gig is teaching. But it's hard not to feel as though he's temporarily living in limbo. Josh, about whom I've written... Read More

Just get to the chorus!

When an apology is needed I always wonder whether to put it first or last. Both have problems. If it comes at the end it's possible that those of y'all who object to a rambling prose style that inserts random Americanisms will have given up... Read More

Reasons to be cheerful – Part 38

We continue the occasional series wherein Winston expounds on things currently making him happy. In convenient soundbite-sized portions. And once again he's featuring two of his favourite food groups: gigs and movies. Yep. In a week that encompasses... Read More

You’re a poet and didn’t know it

Hey, hey, it's National Poetry Day! And there you have it, a rhyming one-line poem to kick off the column.John Donne.Sure, it's not the longest or most profound poem in the world. But neither is it the shortest. I believe the world's... Read More

Expanding audiences

It's always a famine or a feast; there's either nothing happening or everything. The plan was to spend this week talking about the International Film Festival, which started last night and is underway at the Rialto Cinema. But then emails... Read More

Reasons to be cheerful – Part 37

We continue the occasional series wherein Winston expounds on things that currently make him happy. Last time it was three gigs; this time it's three albums. One from right here in Tauranga, one from around here – New Zealand – and one... Read More

Opinion Poll

Only 38 per cent of electors returned their voting forms in the council elections, did you vote?

I’m not enrolled to vote
I dumped the voting form
I didn’t get round to posting it
I returned my voting form by mail
I dropped my voting form into council

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