Concerts, reviews and apologies

I forget – frequently - and once again I've forgotten to mention a gig.I should really have done it last week while I was writing about the jazz show at The Hotel Armitage this Sunday, but I forgot. And, of course, the gig is tonight (November... Read More

The birth of jazz in Tauranga

Tauranga is home to the longest-running jazz festival in the southern hemisphere. We all know that - it might even be true. But whatever murky facts lie behind the claim, we can all be happy that every Easter, the streets are alive with the sound of... Read More

Election scandal finally revealed!

It's terrible to gloat, and it's probably ill-advised to pick sides in a court battle. But when that battle is a musician versus a bunch of politicians? There's been so much excitement in the aftermath of the recent election. Perhaps... Read More

It's all happening in Katikati

There's only one thing I'll be doing next weekend, and it'll be in Katikati. I'm already quite excited. Just as everyone has their own favourite restaurants, art galleries, swimming pools, and pretty much everything else, everyone... Read More

Live and recorded - new music for you

By the time you read this, the Tauranga Arts Festival will be underway. There are many treats on offer, so I thought the most useful thing would be for me to act as a sort of reminder. And in the space between now and next week's column, you have... Read More

Recording news, good and bad

Given repeatedly dire news about the financial pointlessness of recorded music, it's heartening that there are brave people not only recording music, but still sending it out to the world in the form of full albums on CDs. Actually, the latest... Read More

Bad news and good gigs

It's been a rotten morning to write a column. I usually write in the morning. It used to be late nights but after one too many instances of whisky-induced gobbledygook on the midnight desk it seemed safer to switch. So first I scan the world news. Six... Read More

Courting religious controversy

Bob Dylan has been at the heart of quite a few seminal moments in music. Now one of those controversial moments is about to take centre stage with a comprehensive multi-volume retrospective. The seismic event usually cited with regard to Ol' Bob... Read More

A hit of nostalgia - coming soon

November has clearly been set aside as Nostalgia Month. At least that's how it seemed when two bundles of promotional leaflets dropped across the lawn of the Watusi Country Club on the same afternoon, both offering trips back into a past I was... Read More

More music all the time

Tauranga is growing like Topsy – just look at the number of upcoming concerts in this sleepy ol' town. I guess you could regard it as a build-up to the Arts Festival, which kicks off on October 19 and runs for 10 days with a veritable... Read More

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On the ’Bird Walk’, Katikati looking over the Uretara stream to the Kaimai ranges. Photo: Glenice McDonald.

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