A social awakening

So our new leader, who previously did not accept the morality of same-sex marriage, has had a change of heart. A social awakening' or political expediency? B Johnson, Omokoroa. Read More

Respecting the many differences

The world hadn't heard of Megan Sarah Louise Walton before Monday. Five days later and I am wishing I still hadn't heard of her. She's the 27-year-old who spewed that racist and foul-mouthed poison at the young Muslim woman Mehpara Khan.... Read More

Silly form of enjoyment

What satisfaction could one get from throwing glass bottles out of moving vehicles and have them smash into little pieces on the roadway? Apparently there is someone or some people frequenting the Otumoetai, Matua and Bellevue areas who consider this... Read More

Great PR for night time roadworks

They woke me half a dozen times on Sunday night. Bright lights, flashing lights, like a circus tent. Trucks, tractors, diggers and some massive machinery chewing the blacktop off Chapel St.There's no good time to do a job like that, and probably... Read More

No free lunches in this world

United States President Donald Trump has now passed a presidential executive order pulling USA out of the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement effectively canning this aberration. The TPPA contains 30 Chapters and more than 2000 words, which is probably... Read More

Wise choice by a wise couple

Re: Richie and Gemma's wedding – Privacy or Profit (The Weekend Sun, January 20 & 27). I totally disagree with the comments in ‘RR Response' to my letter ‘When will we be satisfied?' dated January 20, 2017. It was not... Read More

Acts of subliminal conditioning

Re: The article ‘Going against the grain' in The Weekend Sun, January 20, page 3, regarding vehicles parked on the “wrong” side of the street. It was disappointing to note that there didn't appear to be a murmur of discontent... Read More

Brave and radical reform needed

How can we ensure that every NZer has access to quality healthcare and education?Countries where healthcare, social services and employment are good seem to have more financial parity between their citizens. In Japan, for example, incomes are similar... Read More

Assuming the role of presidents

Do we want democracy of the constitutional monarchy type? We've recently experienced a change in our Prime Minister. Now the Prime Minister is not elected by the nation's voters but by the party they represents and the cabinet they chair.... Read More

Sweet memories of festivals

Re: ‘The Days the Bay was Orange' (The Weekend Sun, January 20). I enjoyed reading about the article in your newspaper about when Tauranga held an annual Orange Festival. It is a time I also remember, as Iris Stockwell does.There is just one... Read More

Opinion Poll

Should female hygiene products, such as tampons and sanitary pads, be subsidised?

Only partially

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