Give the country a break!

Re: The living wage argument. The system today sees many workers get paid, but it's not enough to live on. But you can go along to the local government office for a top up on the taxpayer, and the employer gets subsidised. It's a good deal... Read More

Don’t give it away for free

My false teeth nearly fell into my cup of tea the other morning when Prime Minster Bill English told Duncan Garner on The AM Show it is “too hard” to price the country' water before letting overseas company bottle and sell it. What planet... Read More

Referendum on euthanasia

According to theNZ First Bay of Plenty newsletter, Winston Peters thinks TVNZ Colmar Brunton opinion polls are ‘a sham, designed to be misleading and favour the National Party”. Two months ago TVNZ ONE, on its 6pm Sunday night news claimed... Read More

Let’s ensure it happens this time

Re: the proposed Katikati Bypass. I reiterate once again that the physical design of the bypass at both ends only needs a turnoff for heavy/bypass traffic and straight through for all others, thereby ensuring the majority of cars will continue to access... Read More

Get psychics to sense murder

One has to ask, after watching these ‘Sensing Murder' programmes on TV lately, why, oh why, will the Police not bring in psychics to help them solve some of these real problem ones? Okay, I guess they will make the point that they have never... Read More

Where is the common sense?

Just what has become of common sense in this country? I ask this after hearing the latest ramblings of the now in power political representatives. This idea that we cannot afford the pension is a total load of rubbish, off course we can. Bad spending... Read More

Keep out of business!

Re: Tauranga Mayor Greg Brownless reluctantly supports the proposal to build a supermarket at Welcome Bay on a council-owned reserve. I go along with those who are criticising Tauranga City Council's involvement in actively promoting and canvasing... Read More

Let’s turn the first sod!

It is good see the NZTA has finally seen sense and decided to add a bypass for Katikati to their State Highway 2 Waihi to Tauranga programme.A very swift back pedal, which looks likely to have been prompted by 2017 being an General Election year, but... Read More

Parks and supermarkets

Why is the city cosying up to the grocery conglomerates? Why are ratepayers paving the way for Foodstuffs and Progressive Enterprises to get into Welcome Bay? I thought city councils were in the business of libraries, rubbish disposal, sewage disposal,... Read More

The answer to the pension problem

The answer to the pension problem isn't to raise the retirement age, the answer is as simple and as obvious as Peter Dunne's hair.Reinstate the contributory compulsory pension plan labour introduced in the 1970s, which then-Prime Minister... Read More

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