Hours of enjoyment in beach toy library

It was with some anger and disappointment that we discovered the needless destruction of the Papamoa Beach Toy Library sited at the end of Pacific View Road. The initiative by the four Papamoa teenagers, only identified as S, G, E & C is to be commended... Read More

English is the delivery boy

‘Bill English delivering New Zealand' – this is what the hoardings proclaim. What's being delivered? 40,000 homeless; 90 per cent of burglaries unsolved; record high youth suicides; insufficient schools, teachers, doctors, hospital... Read More

Sunshine in the letterbox

The weather has been bad lately and it was a surprise to pull out some sunshine from the letterbox in the form of The Weekend Sun. It made good reading, and best of all it was a jolly good laugh. It has been said that no one ever died laughing, although... Read More

Chaos at the roundabout

One wonders how the new roundabout at Te Puna will work. The chaos created by this project is appalling, with traffic backed up for miles twice a day and slow traffic all day. How will it work? Will it work? People will still have to wait when exiting... Read More

Maori seat warming

At the time of the Maori Representation Act (1867), the right to vote rested on property qualification being restricted to males who owned property. Maori males owning ‘freehold' estates even jointly could vote on the General Roll –... Read More

No mandate for supermarket

While Auckland City Council has announced the purchase of 31 new parks and open spaces in the past year, Tauranga City Council seems intent on trying to reduce Welcome Bays' reserves land. Tauranga City Council's 'survey' was sent... Read More

Thanks to a thoughtful lad

I am an older person who can be very forgetful and I was one day last week when I was up at the Bethlehem Shopping Centre. I had taken my hearing aids out as I was having my hair cut and put them in my bag on top of my scarf. As I was heading home on... Read More

Feeding frenzy of claims

There have been over 200 contemporary claims filed with the Waitangi Tribunal. Ngapuhi claimants are even talking about lodging a claim for the commercial use of wind. Customary rights to water is another example, there are many more... Read More

Only hot water will kill the nasties

As usual I enjoyed reading The Weekend Sun and the article ‘Switch on to your bill and save' (page 30, July 14). The last paragraph, which advises using cold water in the washing machine, makes me recall an interview Kim Hill had some years... Read More

Leave them at home

I like dogs as much as the next person but I don't understand why dog owners feel the need to bring them to the side-lines of their children's sports games. Even if they are on a lead, they still have a tendency to trip the unsuspecting Mum... Read More

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Winter sunrise over the container port cranes. Photo: Lynley Whitaker.

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