The MACA gravy train

Usually the media does a pretty good job recording Kiwis' affinity with coastal locations over the summer season. It is therefore somewhat disappointing that journalists, reporters and editorial opinion writers choose to disregard the looming threat... Read More

A cancer called museum

How can we rid Tauranga of this malignant disease? Regularly it re-occurs causing friction, costing ratepayers money and using up ratepayers' and councillors' time. Consultants, architects and engineers rely upon it for regular fees. The disease... Read More

Concentration on danger spots valid

The government's decision to pause on motorway construction and concentrate on danger spots is valid. I'm sure many motorists have lists. Here's one from mine. State Highway 2 between Katikati and Wairoa River has at least 30 ‘T'... Read More

Arrows on road helpful

Once again we hear calls for foreign tourists to be required to sit tests before taking to our roads in rental vehicles. One wonders if advocates of this very costly measure have considered the likelihood of retaliatory measures against Kiwi drivers touring... Read More

Courtesy begets courtesy

I feel it's time to fire off another seasonal shot – in the vague hope that just one middle-aged, self-entitled male cyclist may sit up and take notice. The council spin is that the Waikareao Estuary walkway is “a 9km loop track ideal... Read More

Numbers ‘magically wonderful’

The latest from Bay Venues (BVL) reports that everything is wonderful and more than what could be expected. Whatever leeches out via TCC into the public realm somehow is always better than any previously created expectations. Any time Bay Venues reviews/reports... Read More

No glass, no class

I signed on with a waste removal company because it accepted glass bottles and jars. Now, along with a $287.19 bill for my 2018 pick-ups, was a memo that, as of March, glass will no longer be accepted. So I phoned asking if the reduction in service had... Read More

Thoughts from an armchair observer

Thoughts for a better 2018 from a very distant New Zealand: USA/Israel. Both POTUS and Israel's PM will be impeached/voted out. The former by the ‘Russian probe', the latter by the history of corruption and actual court impositions over... Read More

Recycling changes ‘retrograde step’

My letter from Environmental Greenbins astounds and puzzles me as to how the “changes to glass recycling and new Bins for Better Communities initiative" is going to produce an increase in the amount of recyclable glass collected. In... Read More

Golliwogs represent chimney sweeps

I heard on the radio that a woman had criticised someone for selling golliwogs and said that it was offensive and racist. What a load of rubbish. Showing off and selling golliwogs has nothing to do with black people. They were originally made... Read More

Opinion Poll

Should the Christmas/New Year school holidays be moved to February when the weather is typically better in NZ?

Yes, that is when I would take my holidays.
No, you never know when there is going to be bad weather.

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Looking back from Mount main beach. Photo: Alan Forward.

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