Good riddance to United Future

There have been some great results from the 2017 election. What initially looked like another three years of National has instead delivered us a coalition government dedicated to restoring equality among New Zealanders, and protecting our best interests. Our... Read More

USS Terrified of Everything

I notice from the usual suspects' letters that the HMS Dread Nought has been replaced in Kiwi affections by the USS Terrified Of Everything. For M Hills' information (‘Why invite problems here?', November 10) her attitude is an... Read More

Making ACC look good

I have just spent 10 years with a stuffed shoulder and ACC has, in all areas, gone around the replacement of the joint. After three operations which achieved nothing they said that it was arthritis. My surgeon promptly listed me with public health and... Read More

Extra tax on ‘obscene’ pay

Government/corporate pay in excess of $750,000 per annum is, most would agree, obscene, unbalancing the societal common good. Let the Corporate/Higher Salaries Commission continue to flout societal norms as it is an easy fix. Income tax on pay over $750,000... Read More

What are we paying for?

Points of interest that caught my eye in The Weekend Sun, November 10. New Zealand First was useful in removing the smile from Bill's face, which was Winston's only focus. Jacinda and Labour are the beneficiaries of that. A one-man party with... Read More

Sharpen your pencils NZ retailers

The retailers are whining again about people shopping overseas and not paying GST, claiming it is not an even playing field and retailers are seriously disadvantaged. What a load of cobblers. In the first instance, I pay GST on everything I import over... Read More

Disabled car park bullying

My wife, who drives our car with her ‘Disabled' label clearly displayed on the windscreen, recently lawfully parked in a disabled park at a shopping centre in Tauranga and went into the store while I stayed in the vehicle. As I dosed I was... Read More

Free parking equals happy shoppers

I would like to comment on the article (SunLive, October 31) ‘More than $1 million in parking fines issued' in mainly Grey Street and Devonport Road, Tauranga. As a keen shopper I now avoid the main CBD because of these new... Read More

Turncoat NZ First

Forestry Minister Shane Jones (NZ First) announced annual planting of 100 million trees over the next 10 years for DOC/Landcorp, Maori land interests (Maori preferences) and, to a lesser degree, farming interests' surplus lands. It could cost $5... Read More

Naiveté and cunning

In the short time that Labour has been in power we have seen the naiveté and their lack of concern for victims of violent crime and their cunning. If they think that on one hand banning foreigners from buying houses and on the other hand allowing... Read More

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On the ’Bird Walk’, Katikati looking over the Uretara stream to the Kaimai ranges. Photo: Glenice McDonald.

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