Economy based purely on greed

Tauranga MP Simon Bridges needs to wake up smell the sweat of the under-paid New Zealand working class. NZ's economy may read well but it is based on the greed of the minimum wage. NZ is a low wage economy. Yes, the employers in general are doing... Read More

Warning system in place

Re: Calls for a new warning system for tsunamis in the Tauranga area after the Kaikoura earthquake. We all have a very efficient warning system in our homes and workplaces. It is called a telephone! I believe it would be a simple task for the telephone... Read More

No watery grave please...

The recent Gisborne earthquake was a red alert and now we have yet another major 7.8 earthquake centred on Kaikoura, with tsunami alerts, reinforcing that the Mount-Papamoa area urgently needs tsunami disaster alarm sirens that work. Warnings no matter... Read More

Not voted in to be a puppet

Re:  L Wood's Letter ‘Infighting disappointing' (The Weekend Sun, November 25). In response to L Woods I can assure your reader there is no “infighting” at Western Bay of Plenty District Council. As an experienced councillor,... Read More

We all need houses, food, clothing etc..

Re: ‘Maori do need race-based policies' (The Weekend Sun, November 4). M Leabourn's letter in which he alleges the Government does not make special provisions for Maori ‘needs'. I would like to know what are the special needs... Read More

Old enough to understand responsibility

I was shocked to read that a petition has begun to raise the youth justice age to 21 years from 17. Think of tiny Nia Glassie - murdered by a group of young people, who would, under this proposed new legislation, be unable to be tried in an adult court.... Read More

Is four lanes enough?

Re: The Turret Rd-15th Ave project. It is great to see Tauranga Mayor Greg Brownless spearheading a renewed effort on the four-laning of this key access road from Welcome Bay, Maungatapu and beyond. Looking ahead, I wonder if four lanes is enough? In... Read More

Infighting disappointing

Disappointing to read that the infighting has already started at the Western Bay of Plenty Council. Councillors Mike Lally and Margaret Murray-Benge are entitled to feel aggrieved that they did not get the appointments they felt they deserved when the... Read More

Constitutional outrage?

Environment Minister Nick Smith, backed by the Maori Party has announced changes to the RMA Act with the requirement for local Councils to enter into agreements with iwi on how they can be involved in the resource management process. The Labour Party's... Read More

Cycling in cycle lanes risk being doored

Re: Cycle lanes on Windsor Rd near Otumoetai College. I see Windsor Rd in the vicinity of Otumoetai College has been resealed recently. This is an excellent opportunity for Tauranga City Council to dispense with the ludicrously narrow cycle lanes painted... Read More

Opinion Poll

What do you think of the forthcoming Wairoa cycle bridge?

Love it! Great addition to the city
Bit of a waste of money
I can take it or leave it
New things scare me

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