Badges while voting: legal or illegal

While waiting in line on election day, concerns have sparked between residents about what is and what isn't allowed in the voting stations. A Mount Maunganui Facebook group page has started a conversation about whether it is acceptable for people... Read More

Tick for New Zealand’s future

If you would like to have your say, now is the time to head to your nearest voting station. Today is Election Day, the last day to vote for the party that you think should represent our country. If you haven't voted already, there will be plenty... Read More

Voting for the first time

  First time voters McKenzie Jeffery, Dakota Taylor-Erutoe and Maima Tekani called in to the Mount polling booth this week to make early votes in the 2017 General Election.  "My dad stressed that it's very important,"... Read More

Hugh hoping to shake things up

A former Inland Revenue Department employee is campaigning on a platform of tax reform and a better deal for Tauranga in his home electorate. Merivale man Hugh Robb has thrown his hat into the ring for this year's general election, hoping to unseat... Read More

Where to cast your vote early

Advance voting has been open across the country for a week now, and has been eagerly embraced by voters in this year's general election. More than 300,000 advance votes have already been cast, almost surpassing the total advance votes of the 2011... Read More

What electorate am I in?

For first-time voters, or people new to an area, it can sometimes be confusing as to what electorate you're actually in. The unusual, and arguably unintuitive, shapes of some electoral boundaries means you may not actually be able to vote for the... Read More

Four lane road first in Rotorua

With polls showing Labour steadily in the lead, National brought out the big guns of traffic congestion. More than 300 people gathered at the Te Puke Citizens RSA Club to hear Prime Minister Bill English discuss how the party can improve the... Read More

Candidates take over bus driver protest

Local bus drivers storming the streets in protest for the end of unfair wages turned into a political onslaught, with several local candidates having their say. Tauranga bus drivers and supporters rallied together at Red Square in the Tauranga... Read More

Election 2017: The Environment

It's just over a week to go until the election on September 23, and the race is tighter than ever. For many voters, one of this campaign's most pressing issues has been the environment, particularly the state of our waterways. Earlier this... Read More

New voting system for local elections

Tauranga City Councillors have opted for a new voting system for at least the next two local elections. The plan is to replace our current system of voting, First Past the Post, with Single Transferable Voting. With STV, voters rank candidates in order... Read More

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