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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

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If you died would you donate your organs?

Yes - I would donate
No - I wouldn't due to medical beliefs
No - I wouldn't for medical reasons
No - I am not a donor
I would let my family decide
I don't know



Opting for fame over fortune is the week's trend. Awards and perhaps small bonuses are featured now. Temptations are abound through the weekend. Selectivity is the byword here.


Supervisors are more generously disposed to your ideas. Advancement may be in the current picture. Home life becomes hectic and an older relative appreciates your company more than you realize.


The subtle approach may not be a successful one. To make your point, make yourself heard loud and clear. Your artistic streak surfaces. This is a good time for crafts and related hobbies.


Combining diverse interests makes for an intriguing week. Key strides can be made in your career, but don't force any issues. A contest of wit is featured - who wins is not the issue.  


A temperamental friend becomes calmer, thanks largely to your influence. You and a new acquaintance discover an important common interest. A lighter touch is important in relationships.


A loved one's reaction to your ideas may be unexpected. Invitations arrive to some glamorous events. Health re-views and visits to ailing people are prominent this week.


Laughter helps you ease the tension in more than one situation. Travel ideas may be put into action now. Conferences take up time but are worth the trouble.  


Joint ventures are highlighted this week. Cultural events, possibly related to the theatre are accented. Your partner becomes less predictable, more easy-going and more interesting.


New directions in relationships appear. Opportunities to mingle with favourites friends and family members are offered. Financial obligations dominate your time.


The focus is on money matters. It would be to your advantage to learn more about finance. Relationships become more natural.


New areas of interest appeal to you. You may be finding yourself signing up for a programme in economics, yoga or cooking - or even all three. Serious discussions on any topic should not be avoided.


You are laying the groundwork for assorted projects. News from far away requires a prompt reply. Absolutely everything in moderation is the keyword this week.


Birthday this week

Your home is your castle and you always make it inviting. In fact, providing comfort to others is one of the aspects of your character. On the negative side, you can be frustratingly stubborn. Work at becoming more flexible - there could be a major career reward.



Jorga and the butterfly. By Nicola Bai.

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