Thursday, May 05, 2016

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Do you think Wicked Campers should be banned?

Yes, they are offensive.
No, I find them funny.



You could advance in a professional organisation, but don't be afraid to be a little aggressive. Rapport with an older person deepens.
Accounting chores require prompt attention.


A differences of opinion could lead to a health debate with a family member or neighbour. Drop-ins arrive at your door through the weekend. Your writing talents could lead to profits.


Restraint and a more conservative approach could help resolve a recent financial difficulty. Nip any work or family problems in the bud - it can get out of hand very quickly.


Romantic relationships become less intense and more relaxed. Aiming high helps you realize goals a little ahead of schedule. A brand new career opportunity may open up in the near future.


Home improvements are positively accented, but stay within your budget. The time is favourable for taking on additional work. A Capricorn or Scorpio may enter the friendship picture now.


The accent is on continuity. Focus on present tasks rather than starting all new ones. Strained relationships become sweeter when you take the initiative. Career conflicts end amicably.


Romance will thrive through the week. There may be some interesting developments in your work situation. Diplomacy is your present strong point, winning you plaudits in professional and volunteer organisations.


This week the thrifty Scorpio may do an about turn, finding it delightful to enjoy new extravagances. Happily, you are blessed by modest financial good fortune. A new acquaintance should develop into a faithful friend.


A shift in roles starts taking place with a romance partner or work mate. If travelling, enjoy a surplus of pleasant surprises. In diet and exercise make moderation your keyword.


The accent is on simplification. Don't try to complicate everything at home or the work place. Travel planning and educational pursuits are highlighted on the weekend.


A partnership dispute could intensify before easing up.
Compromise is the key, but don't give in more than 60 per cent! A phone call or email from overseas may offer a pleasant surprise.


Your vitality peaks and you are able to tackle any work chore, no matter how intimidating. One thing you cannot handle is a showdown with a loved one. Bargain hunting could bring good returns over the weekend.

Your birthday this week You are energetic, passionate, suspicious, mysterious and fairminded. Quite simply, you are one of the most complex characters around. The spotlight is on financial expansion. Your energy proves a great help, but your suspicious nature may be a liability.



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