Sunday, October 11, 2015

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Should New Zealand follow Sweden and introduce a six-hour work day?

Heck yes!
No - there aren’t enough hours in the day as it is.



Your memory plays games and money is likely involved. Request receipts and check guarantees. An issue you have been dodging has to be faced by the weekend.


You win points on Thursday and Friday by knowing a little about a lot, but after the weekend the accent is on specialization. This a bad time for showdowns and a good week for patch-ups.


Someone is pulling the strings for you behind the scenes. A dreamed-for opportunity may be imminent. This is the time to catch
up on miscellaneous health needs and clear up a domestic misunderstanding.


Play up action, play down chatter. A minor financial setback is offset by a major romantic gain. Put your creative talent to work - enjoy a show with a loved one, pen a sonnet or paint a portrait.


Explain any difficult situation before you really become embroiled. Friends may seem argumentative, but your family can be highly supportive. Your intuitive strengths will be noticeable nearer the end of the week.


Your personal magnetism is strengthened but your intuition is weaker than you believe. Speak your mind, but only to the right party. A conservative friend becomes surprisingly broadminded.


Patience is your byword, particularly if you are waiting for a friend to make a long lasting commitment. For travellers and hosts alike, a contingency plan is wise this week.


Matters blocked recently begin to move again. At the same time, you are in a mood to mingle, but you may have to decline social invitations. This an excellent week to make overdue resolutions.


Most of the week's fun happens inside the home. A loved one's reputation is enhanced on the weekend. If planning a proposal of any sort, spend extra time on the first draft.


You are a little too cautious this week and you could miss out on an exciting social opportunity. A family member is surprisingly helpful - and not a string attached.


Speak out if you doubt a partner's or colleagues judgement. Travel is favoured on the weekend. Be kind to your digestive system and avoid too much sugar or spicy foods.


If planning a trip, be more than careful in selecting fellow travellers. Small risks pay off, especially when it comes to going out on a limb for a loved one. Don't let others try to organize you.

Your birthday this week You are a born leader, lucky in money matters, fierce when you don't get your own way and gentle when there's no other means of securing what you want. Long range goals are favoured over short term plans. An educational accomplishment could lead to a financial breakthrough.



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