Sunday, August 28, 2016

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Do you think opening up the Elizabeth Street parking building will help with parking issues in the CBD?

Yes, more parking is always a good thing.
No, it’s not going to help.
Maybe, depending on who gets to use it.



 Pursue legal matters promptly and don't resist asking obvious questions. Mechanical problems prove more costly than anticipated. Romantic misunderstandings clear up as if by magic.


Discoveries are made wherever you turn. At lease one finding should lead to a profitable venture. Emotions can run high all around. Stay as objective as you can.


Fighting for a cause makes you a controversial figure, but you come out feeling good about yourself. Your partner shows a more generous side while you enjoy life's simpler pleasures right now.


Even if an occasion is lacking, it's a splendid week for celebration. Investigation is the key this week. Question prices, motives, offers, promises and anything to good to be true.


This week has a foreign flair. You may be meeting people from far away lands. Friends can become very demanding and it may be time to express your feelings about the situation.


Partnership activities require further discussion before profits can be realized. A work rival becomes more friendly, but stay alert.  A family controversy peaks by the weekend.


Family feauding may become serious unless you assume the role of peacemaker. Creative tasks could have long range financial rewards.


Advisers are drawn to you, but you are the best judge of character right now. Youngsters could benefit from a dose of vitamin E
(E for encouragement).


Your finances demand attention. A money advisor may be requesting facts and figures. The week is favourable for job hunters and travel planners. A contest of some sort may bring some surprises.


A romantic start this week is indicated. Your mind could have a habit of wandering, so don't neglect financial matters, especially after the weekend.


The accent is on learning. You may be signing up for a course or could be planning a holiday. An aggressive friend could become easier to live with.


A Sagittarius or Taurus could enhance the friendship picture - but be sure to separate friendship from romance. An older relative could respond well to your suggestions. Your intuition is heightened on
the weekend.

Your birthday this week

You are generous with praise and money and gifted with an ability to bring out the best in others. You can be highly impractical too and sometimes you don't learn from past errors. The rest of this year accents cultural endeavours. Recent risks may pay off soon.



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