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Sunday, April 20, 2014

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Do you support a citywide cap on the number of cats a person can own?

I don’t know



The world's your oyster if you so choose. Everything is there for you. Yes, choices can confuse you, but begin by looking with an analytical mind, then give in to your desires. Make this Easter weekend count. You have jobs to finish and visiting to do. Plan your day, but also expect the unexpected.


You need to make up your mind, as you keep changing it. This is not only confusing those around you, but you are confusing yourself. You know that a decision will not come quickly because you will procrastinate for days, weeks even, and then end up in a pickle. So concentrate on the important issues this week.


Building up your nest egg, your treasures and ideas, or just maintaining your goals will be a challenge this week. It's because of so much distraction which will cause you to maybe change the course you have been along. This can't be a bad thing; you just need to be open minded.


You will shed any pressure that you have been under this week. Something will move and change within you. You will realise your life needs to be challenged in different areas, but with no stress. Only you can do this, you have your beliefs that calm and pacify you. Turn to those and commit to change.


Someone is going to give you an opening, or an offering. You will be so surprised that you will be lost for words – let alone able make a decision. Ask for time, and think carefully. You will start to feel excited then stimulated; you will then know what to do, as that will be your cue.


There is light at the end of the tunnel. It might not feel like it at the moment, but that corner you need to turn is now in view. Use any time you have to yourself this Easter and journey through your mind acknowledging your needs, and dismissing garbage. You will come through this with a whole new perspective.


Magic is all around you – can you feel it? If not then you are missing some vital happenings going on around you. Don't dismiss this – magic comes in all different forms. You need to open yourself. Stop wishing your life away, and see the real enchantment and fascinating magnetism that is all around you.


There's an overwhelming feeling of change ready to swamp you. Are you ready for this? Is anyone? But yes, you are. You are actually greedy for it. Your life has been stagnant and now it's about to hit the quicksand and take you to depths you have never imagined. It's all good, so don't fight this change.


Many deep thoughts are running through your mind. It's such a serious time for you. Good, go with this, as it's a time to contemplate change, awareness and even tranquillity. All three would be ideal as you have been a little stalemate. Put yourself out there for more learning and understanding, there is no age limit.


You have been walking around with a blindfold on, not seeing what you need to see and not understanding things, because you don't want to. Are you being difficult? Maybe you choose to be for your own reasons, and maybe it's totally necessary. Just don't do this for too long or the journey back will be all too hard.


You have such a strong underlying strength. You think it doesn't show on the surface, but it does, and it helps others to trust you and believe in what you have to say over issues of importance. But it is now time to tune out and have some self-time. Recharge yourself – mind, body and soul – for you own contentment.


This week you are going to be split down the middle. On one half you are going to feel anxious and on edge, the second half, euphoric. This is well deserved. There's a victory so near you can almost touch it, but not quite. Now will be the test of patience, something you find hard as you want everything now.



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