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Saturday, August 01, 2015

SunLive - The Bay's news first


Now that they’ve finally been unveiled on Tauranga’s waterfront, what do you think of the bronze Hairy Maclary sculptures?

Amazing! They look great and bring character to The Strand.
I suppose they are okay if you are a kid or a tourist.
They are a complete waste of space and money.
I genuinely do not care.



Your own standards, already high, exceed themselves and lead to a significant community related accomplishment. Be careful of tempting offers that look too good to be true.


This could be the week for entering into joint ventures -
but be sure to iron out even the slightest of details. Recreation is highlighted. You may be returning to a once favoured sport.


Plan a positive strategy if friction persists in the career setting. The week has an international flavour as you meet
individuals of diverse backgrounds. Your salesmanship skills shine.


This weeks finds you lending a sympathetic ear - again
and again. Romance is on the upswing, but a combination of good humour and common sense is crucial. A travel idea requires refinement.


This is a great week for reviewing finances and planning
budgets. A new interest captures your imagination and may lead to an unexpected friendship. A family member responds positively to your guidance.


Delays may be inevitable through the weekend, but you may enjoy an adventure along the way. You are uncommonly perceptive this week, able to read the minds of
those you love.


This week finds neighbours becoming more congenial and relatives more eager to help you fight for a cause. Appreciation from someone comes in an unconventional, but genuine way.


Insurance and other such matters require careful attention this week. A recent romantic setback may be happily reversed. A travel companion is more energetic than
you first realized.


New fields of interest appeal to you. You may be learning
about modern art, mechanics, or medieval history. Be careful if planning surprises. A relationship becomes
more harmonious.


A modest windfall may arrive before the weekend. Shopping and educational travel are highlighted from Saturday on. This is a splendid week for tracking your roots and designing a family tree.


Remembering advice you have been giving others can be the best remedy for a current dilemma. Cooperative endeavours bring outstanding results at the workplace.
You may earn high praise.


Positive friendship news may arrive this week. Some surprise
expenses may greet you on the weekend. You make major strides with a pet project, but don't rush it to

Your birthday this week You are conservative and sentimental and have an instinctive urge to protect others. You enjoy change, often for change sake. You are a born collector and the year ahead accents not only hobbies, but significant artistic accomplishments.



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