Sunday, February 07, 2016

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Where should Richie and Gemma should get married?

Bay of Plenty, where Gemma is from
Otago, where Richie is from
Overseas, somewhere exotic and private
England, where Richie led the ABs to World Cup victory for a final time



This is a great week for concluding projects rather than launching new schemes. Your partner may surprise you with a travel-related announcement. A family reunion may offer an opportunity for making new friends.


This is a good week for business, in which ideas sparkle and you are most persuasive. Stay clear of prying neighbours. A former admirer may contact you. Keep your ideas open for a bargain.


A romantic comeback may be on the agenda. Mechanical repairs should not be ignored. Youngsters may offer uncommonly mature suggestions, so don't hesitate to seek out their ideas.


Your creative juices are perking, so your special touches could make much out of the ordinary. In making a presentation, don't hesitate to add a bit of flair.


You should make some financial gains this week. Don't feel guilty if you wish to spoil yourself. Your natural tact and good humour makes you highly popular in the workplace and the community.


Your memory plays tricks and it's wise to keep a diary of events and appointments. If any repairs need to be done, don't go penny-pinching and stay clear of amateurs.


Moderation is the keyword during a week that favours a generally conservative approach. Important correspondence comes your way after the weekend. Make a point of collecting debts.


Avoid being too casual with friends and colleagues. Express your position with assertiveness. An old friend seeks your advice and encouragement and a new friend could prove very demanding.


Comparison shopping pays off, but written guarantees are essential. Decorating and renovating are favoured. Property transactions require a detailed review. In romance you soar toward cloud nine.


Organization is the keyword. Resist the tendency to take on too many projects simultaneously. Your sense of humour is bright and wins new admirers. Surprise bills may arrive after Thursday.


You may find yourself mingling with a new group of people and expanding your interests in the process. Recent worries prove unfounded. Your partner is unexpectedly shy.


Profitmaking ideas can now be put into action. Bargain hunting is favourable but overdue payments remain slow in coming. A solution to a dilemma may be found in a favourite book.

Your birthday this week You are self-sufficient, filled with compassion and always logical, but in romance you could afford to be more spontaneous. A unique business opportunity may evolve earlier than you think.



Birds basking in the summer sun. By Diane Patterson.
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