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Wednesday, October 01, 2014

SunLive - The Bay's news first


With Clayton Mitchell giving up his position as Tauranga City Councillor, who should pay for a by-election to find his replacement?

The money should come from the Council budget
Clayton should pay to find his replacement



Misunderstandings can be resolved with give and take,but don't give more than you take. Relatives excel in competitive events. Financial manoeuverings are your strong point now.


A workmate may prove more trouble than he/she is worth. You may decide to opt for an old fashioned approach as you reach a critical deadline at work. A small financial risk may pay off by the end of the week.


This is an excellent week for trying to get work published. You shine in any project that involves writing. In romance, don't press issues. In diet, avoid spicy delicacies.


A professional acquaintance may ask for a personal favour - don't feel intimidated. Rumours are circulating but believe little of what you see and even less of what you hear now.


Your attention to detail is paying off now, but be sure you understand the larger concepts too. Don't be reluctant to question the wisdom or motives of an advisor, no matter how trustworthy.


The standards of others may be unrealistically low,so it's up to you to encourage them to try harder. A relative may press for a decision. It's better to say nothing than to answer impulsively.


Compensation for injustice or injury comes your way after a long wait. You are quick to change your mind now. Think out a situation and experiment before making a drastic move.


Dreams can come true this week when your persistence combines with a friend's generosity. A family feud is put to rest thanks to the offbeat approach of a junior diplomat.


Doctors orders, especially on diet matters should be fol-owed seriously. This week finds you championing the underdog, though you can be taking on a lot more than you realize.


Money maneuvers should be based on careful research,not mere intuition. Education is accented.  Try learning a lot about a little - not the other way round.


If evaluating any object, the first appraisal may be unrealistically high or low. An aloof friend crashes down to earth when he realizes how drastically his values have changed.


This week sees you devoting time and energy to domes-tic matters - anything from moving to decorating. Being direct but tactful wins points at work and in personal relationships.




Double headed daffodil. By Loreta Brown.
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