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Friday, March 06, 2015

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Following the big lottery win in Greerton last weekend, what would be the first thing you did if you won $4.5 million?

Hand your notice in
Donate to charity
Go on holiday
Buy a new car and go on a shopping spree
Give it away to friends and family



Your charismatic personality opens doors, in and
out of the workplace - but don't rely on your charismatic personality alone to make things happen.


An informed Taurus can make some wise moves, especially in professional and educational spheres. A stub-born friend starts to relent. A romantic entanglement is becoming much less complicated. 


A difference of opinion does not mean a strain between your romance partner and yourself - but tact is all important. An investment opportunity requires careful study. Travel planning is spotlighted.


Interests begin to diversify in a week that stresses education and expansion. Do-it-yourself tasks may prove more trouble than they are worth. Avoid risk-taking in the romance department.


This is the week to take on new challenges, especially in your career. Community activities add to your prestige. Tasks, especially  texting, telephoning and emailing  can be done with relative ease.


Your wit sparkles. You have a wonderful way with words. New hobbies and other interests are in the picture. Surprise expenses may present themselves after the weekend.


Your offbeat ideas win the attention of a prestigious individual. If feeling isolated, make an extra effort to be with people. Work related travel may be in the picture.


 Lighthearted engagements are spotlighted through the week. Be sure not to read too much into remarks of loved ones - you are in a mildly suspicious mood.


A new hobby may prove costly. Friendships forged now are meaningful ones. An associate may be less trustworthy than you believe. This may not be the time to delegate tasks.


Enjoy your free time while you can. A busy social cycle coupled with career pressures could begin soon. A home beautification project benefits from opinions of objective outsiders.


Changes in scenery are accented. The focus is also on cultural activities. A romantic misunderstanding is less significant than you think. Avoid short cuts if pursuing an important goal.


This week may mark the beginning of both a meaningful relationship and an introverted period. Your partner may not be lavish in praise, but is more proud of you than you believe.

Your birthday this week Independence is your middle name - a trait that earns you admiration but sometimes keeps you at a distance. You become the champion of a major cause. Romance and finance considerations merit greater effort if you are to make key strides



Birds’ eye view. Photo by Rob Vile.

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