Some disappointing news on Friday can be turned to your advantage. Your romantic scene comes to life. You are a V.I.P. with many friends but urge them to express their feelings.


Joint ventures of all types are favoured this week. You will have less inhibition in expressing emotions and more caution with the written word.


Luck is with you, hunches are strong. A visit with friends turns into a lovely holiday. This a great time to sign up for a language course or exercise programme.


Finish and start - that is the week's pattern. You complete one job and immediately you are ready to start the next. The weekend finds you in a whimsical spirit.


Extra work lands on your shoulders, and a neighbour's flippant remark, irks. At home, all is lovely. This is a rigorous week at the work place - and you could climb the ladder to success.


Your workload eases, so make it a giving week and visit an elderly or ailing person. If you have put off a major decision, it's time to discuss it with your family.


This is the time to show off, demand respect, ask for a raise and prove why you are worth it. It's also a great time for renewing friendships.


Return engagements are popular. A dear friend could reenter your life and a favourite film might be rerun. Healthwise you are vulnerable - look after yourself.


Following a brief setback, finances improve again and everything seems on the right track. A love one is being shy - look for hidden messages. Time to improve your physique.


This week there will be lots of time spent making order from chaos. Share artistic ideas - they prove great therapy for a troubled friend. Tension increases with more workload. Recruit help.


Do your own thing - and don't feel guilty. There may be a small windfall possible by the end of the week. The best idea is to bank the loot and think before you spend.


Exchanges of ideas could lead to a financial bonus. There will be lots of time spent looking after loved ones, including pets. Keep important phone numbers handy all week.

Your birthday this week

Your greatest assets are helpful and thrifty and your liability, cautious to a fault. Next year finds you more of a free spirit. A creative pursuit could earn you plaudits.

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