Sunday, July 31, 2016

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Are you a fan of the new Pokemon Go app?

Yes, it reminds me of my childhood.
No, it’s a waste of time.



Getting to the point of the matter is your best approach now. Your energy peaks on the weekend finding it a fine time for tackling mechanical chores. Youngsters brighten the overall picture.


The week starts slowly, then the pace quickens when a loved one shares inspirations and ideas. Observers are watching your style. Increased status may be in the offering.


Don't take any relationship for granted. Tend to the most minute detail and don't be shy about pampering your mate. Children are inspired by the leadership you show now.


The go softly  approach is best when dealing with work mates or neighbours. A platonic friendship may be deepening. Domestic differences are widening, so a family discussion may be in order on the weekend.


You're unusually practical in money matters and show a gift for making small investments. Watch a tendency to take a lighthearted approach when a frank discussion is what's needed.


Your partner makes an effort to show his/her feelings and it's up to you to provide an atmosphere of encouragement. Academic interests are about to change. A career road-block is temporary.


You can look and feel your best if you muster the courage to speak your mind to loved ones or friends. Financial gains and a trip out of town is accented after the weekend.


A loved one is in the limelight till next Saturday, then it's your turn to be the centre of attention. In  friendship, follow your instincts. In business, look to hard facts.


Social distractions put you behind schedule and you may have to cancel weekend plans to catch up on your workload. Judgement is especially sharp and you do well to follow your instincts.


Postponements get you down until a personal victory gets you out of the doldrums. Misunderstandings are  scattered through the weekend. Look forward to good news about a friend.


Your charisma is strong, leading to new relationships. Letters or emails don't reach you when they should or go astray. The week is favourable for bargain hunting and antique sleuths.


Friends touch you with their loving gestures. Don't be embarrassed about reciprocating. Unexpected happenings are scattered through  the week. A relative may be stern with you but has your interests at heart.

Your birthday this week

Passion is your trademark, along with intensity, but watch that jealous streak.
Powers of concentration, which can be quite remarkable, lead to bright  financial prospects. A romantic decision may need to be made shortly.



Sunset over the Mount. By Karl Thretheway, Photography. Send us your photos and stories from around the Bay of Plenty.