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Friday, April 25, 2014

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Do you support a citywide cap on the number of cats a person can own?

I don’t know



You need to ask yourself a question. Have you bitten off more than you can chew? If yes, then delegate. If no, then what's happening with you? You have maybe lost concentration and are feeling the pressures of outsiders making demands on you. You really need to let people know that you are not superwoman/man. You are just ordinary.


This week you will have no idea of how you got into the predicament you are in. Things are moving very fast around you and for some reason you are not keeping up. This is most disconcerting as people are relying on you. You know what? Don't allow that to get to you. Help yourself first and chill out. After Anzac weekend then get back into it.


For the first time in a while you are feeling like you could control the world. Your energy levels have risen. Now harness this because you are going to need that energy to get you through a controversial patch that includes family and relations. Good luck, they can sometimes be messy to deal with.


You are looking to move. Where? You don't know, but the desire is strong. Money may be an issue, so you need to go back to looking deeply into what it is that's happening within your mind. Moving means many things, maybe it is the emotional move you are feeling. Check these feelings – excitement, inspiring, stimulating, striving – yes. You now have the answer.


Wow…take a deep breath. Aren't you glad that's all over? Just a few loose ends to see to, but now you can breathe a little easier. Your year will now level out with only a few bumps along the way to keep you on your toes. Actually you need to be grateful for many things, so you get out there and celebrate.


Tears can be so cleansing, even though emotion of that sort wears you out. It also depends whether the tears are happy or sad. Either way, for you it's going to clear a burden you have been carrying around far too long and now you can move forward with a brighter look, as most of what you see now is crystal clear.


Listen to your thinking this week. Normally your mood turns flat out and you just run with it, not actually acknowledging what you are thinking about. There are important little thoughts you need to grab a hold of and study in more depth, as you are drifting aimlessly at the moment. Find your path and use your concentration more.


You are a little troubled at the moment and you have no idea how to sort things out. You don't like rejection and that is scaring you. You need to take the plunge and fix this because the outcome at the end is going to be well worth it, and anyway you are a battler from old, so stop procrastinating.


You are feeling a little left out at present. From what, you are not quite sure. But there's a nagging feeling in the pit of your stomach, and your reasoning comes from the lack of invitations to things you would usually be included in. That's a tough one, but look at your social behaviour of late…very quiet. Maybe they are leaving you out because that's what they think you want.


There's a spring in your step. How nice. You don't dwell on what caused it, you are just glad you are feeling like this. You want a change as you always need a challenge, but this time you cannot make up your mind in what area to make that change. If those around you want to make it with you, maybe it's discussion time during Anzac weekend.


Well you didn't ask for that did you? But now you have to deal with it as best you can, and it's not going to be easy. Challenging, yes. Walk along the beach, let the waves stimulate your mind and the salt air swirl around you. This is the best way for you to process any problems Aquarius, as you know nature of this kind is your ally.


Don't keep looking behind you. There is nothing left there for you, but there is plenty in your future and you need to concentrate to make it worth moving forward for. Habits are hard to break and you do have difficulty at times, but come on, there's so much waiting for you that will be so much fun, truly.



Tuapiro Stream stillness. By Merran Gwyndell.
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