The week finds you meeting people from assorted walks of life - and learning from their experiences. Your relationship between relatives shows signs of a dramatic improvement. Don't force the matter.


You are the eternal student and you could excel in a teaching role. A sagging relationship comes back to life - in full force. Don't neglect mechanical problems.


Don't hesitate to speak up about injustices you have observed - just be prepared for possible cross-examination. Straightforward tasks may be unexpectedly complicated. A financial news-brightener may arrive by the weekend.


A unique opportunity may present itself for making a key professional contract. If travelling, plan for detours and distractions. Recent financial planning should start paying off now.


With a little more patience, you can realize your creative potential. Joint endeavours require some further planning. Relationships thrive on an intellectual level. Education in highlighted.


A long term goal is within reach, thanks largely to the extra effort you have recently made. You may be asked to mediate a family discussion. Travel and education blend well.


This will be a good week for artistic projects, including home decorating and trips to galleries. Some communications tie-ups may mean that messages aren't getting through to you. A family reconciliation is spotlighted.


Some cancellations and postponements may leave you free time, likely during or after the weekend. The timing couldn't be better because your creative spirit is soaring.


If travelling near or far be sure you are equipped with the latest information. Timing works to your advantage as you find yourself in the right places at the liveliest moments.


A friendship related difficulty may be satisfactorily resolved. The week finds you enjoying a few luxuries or indulging in precious free time. A relative may be surprisingly mysterious.


Your noble efforts pay off. Feuding friends are back together again, thanks to your concern. Health and fitness plans require a sensible attitude. A new hobby could prove especially rewarding.


This is a great week for completing miscellaneous tasks and contemplating your next long term project. Family obligations become less pressing. The weekend finds you enjoying a change as well as a rest.

Your birthday this week

You take charge and excel in a leadership role - whether invited or not. You are a popular role model, thanks to your willingness to work hard without losing your good humour. Educational opportunities are highlighted.

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