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Thursday, July 02, 2015

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Does Tauranga need it’s own museum?




If offering criticism now, don't mince your words - in fact the direct approach is favoured in everything you do. Thursday accents teamwork and the weekend is out-standing for meeting bright new people.


The week may see you making changes in your friend-ship circle. At work, a favour from a higher-up could mean better things are around the corner. This weekend may be the best one so far.


A message you pass along could be misinterpreted along the grapevine, with the result that you are called on to set the record straight. This is an excellent time to boost your prestige, especially at the workplace.


Thursday - Friday favours finance perhaps a small windfall. Weekend planning is futile - delays, cancellations and new ideas are all involved. The weekend could hold a domestic surprise.


Choice news keeps your ears aglow - but don't spread it around, or you will be blamed for inaccuracies. Family may try to pressure you into making snap decisions - give yourself time to think things through.


Travel has better results than initially thought and if travelling for work, you could meet a major success. Monetary gains are indicated through the weekend, but a surprise expense may be required earlier in the week.


During the working week, the emphasis is on giving and sharing, with people putting their total trust in you. Weekend social events inspire you to look every bit as happy as you feel.


You question people's motives when thrifty friends be-come magnanimous and mere acquaintances want to be your bosom buddies. Be more suspicious of the latter. Romance is on the upswing.


There is a renewed emphasis on home and family, yet though nostalgic, you manage to stay in tune with the present. Included in the present are career advances, a philosophical debate and some amusing mix-ups.


The week's keyword is simplicity. Clear up clutter around the house and in your mind. Your communication net-work needs some improvement. Check that your financial advisor has the latest facts and figures.


Short treks keep you on your toes all week, but there's a chance that you will meet a new friend along the way. This is a great week for taking on a sideline or starting a profitable hobby.


Until Sunday, you have been very concerned with love. Friends are loving, family members show new respect -then ideas backfire and your mate becomes preoccupied. A postponement is possible on the weekend.

Your birthday this week You are often described as an emotionally cool person who loves everybody, but seldom becomes deeply involved with one person. It seems that just when someone begins to understand you, you do something totally shocking. Your original and inventive talents win you admiration.



Ashlee, 5, enjoying autumn. Photo by her brother Anthony Fraser, 16. Send us your photos and stories from around the Bay of Plenty.  Email: