A workmate and/or neighbour may choose to disagree - but don't take that as a vote of non confidence. Correspondence coming your way requires careful interpretation before you reply.


A friend may invite you to share the limelight. Be sure not to steal the show. Plans are activated after the weekend and a faraway goal is suddenly within your reach.


Your partner may be prone to exaggeration while you may be understating the facts. A volunteer assignment may prove beneficial to your professional status. In negotiations, you gain the edge.


You capture the limelight this week and gain a rare opportunity for telling your feelings to a large audience. Partnership arrangements require more consideration than you may be giving.


An absent minded streak may surface during this week, so make an effort to double check appointments and write down messages. Some good financial news may arrive by the weekend.


Friends are more sincere, work mates more demanding and family more disorganized than usual. This a good week for a bargain. There may be a bargain or two just waiting for you.


Communication tie ups are a way of life until the weekend, but eventually you get the message across. A romantic interest becomes more interested and a friend proves his/her loyalty.


This week sees you sorting priorities and spending time with an ailing friend or relative. Communications improve dramatically, though the message may be broadcast more widely than you realize.


A companion may be more reserved than usual, but resist the urge to pry or hover. Work responsibilities demand a mixture of creative thinking and old fashioned hard work.


The keyword this week is restraint. It's easy to be carried away in the areas of spending and dining. Travel planning is favoured, but be wary of unbelievable bargains..


A friend or colleague may be less than gracious in accepting your apologies, but don't force the issue. Job prospects brighten. Family tensions ease thanks to your commonsense decision.


It's time to stop carrying that grudge. This is the week to stop thinking of others and to get on with your life. Bright ideas will add to your popularity.

Your birthday this week

All you see is love and beauty. Even on a shoestring budget, you make sure you have a great environment. You are intensely loyal, but sometimes a bit too possessive. A lighter grip should mean a brighter romantic picture.




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