Monday, November 30, 2015

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When is an acceptable time to put up your Christmas tree?

Early-mid November
Late November
Early-mid December
Christmas Eve



You rebound from a recent setback thanks to positive thinking. An invitation to a glamorous event may arrive after the weekend. News of a friend's success arrives by an indirect course.


A recently made acquaintance may be keeping a secret from you. Be cautious about revealing too many personal details to him/her. Perseverance and logic pay off in finance.


Job prospects brighten, thanks to your upbeat approach. Real estate transactions proceed more smoothly. Romance accents its sentimental side. Shared ventures could require more study.


Major progress is made in resolving a domestic dispute. Romance and travel blend well, so long as priorities are understood. Medical follow-ups should not be delayed.


This is a good week for overcoming a fear. You may get support here from a loved one. Communications are improving. An older person is willing to hear your ideas and your views.


Family matters dominate your time. You may be learning about your heritage or relatives may be in touch. If supporting a position, the time is right to make a pitch.                                         


This will be a great week for upgrading skills. You may consider learning a new language. Children respond positively to ideas. The key is to respect their intelligence.


This week's focus is on new ideas. Social pressures increase as you play the host once more. Your romantic situation benefits from a friend's lessons in love.


Follow ups are essential if the week is to be as rewarding as possible. Updating skills and revising your resume is favoured. In romance, you are articulate and realistic.


This a great week for realizing your potential in areas of decision making and leadership. Community activities prove more than bargained for. Home life becomes happier and more hectic.


Timing is unusually advantageous this week as you show up in the right places at the best times. If selling an idea, this is the week for making your pitch.


Cultural events are highlighted, along with academic interests. Romance too is featured. This week is favourable for renewing commitments. Avoid a casual approach to matters of health.

Your birthday this week You are often too thrifty for your own good, but prudence combined with increased generosity could lead to financial strides. You are a loving person and you tend to gravitate towards those of a loving nature also.



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