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Thursday, July 31, 2014

SunLive - The Bay's news first


If the general elections were held today which political party would you vote for?

NZ First
The Greens
Maori Party
Mana Party
Conservative Party
United Future
NZ Independent Coalition



Friction on the home front can be avoided if you take on a diplomatic role. Higher ups are admiring your initiative and your leadership abilities. A joint venture pays off.  


Overdue praise comes from people in high places and relationships with your fellow workers improve. Reunions bring with them a healthy share of nostalgia. A financial news-brightener comes unexpectedly.


Partnerships are highlighted, but be sure to discuss all matters involving joint finances. You may be involved in a new and possibly offbeat assignment. Children seek your encouragement.


Events that you sponsor this week prove especially note-worthy. An interesting project needs more researching before you agree to sign on. Sports events and fitness programmes are in the picture.


Careful research could lead to important discoveries. Family functions are more relaxed, thanks to your warm-hearted personality. This is a good time for planning career or personal goals. 


Look into new opportunities for earning added income. You may find yourself campaigning for a candidate or a favourite cause. Your romantic situation appears to be on a steadier course.


Your self-confidence soars, thanks to recent accomplishments. A great week for catching up on things around the house. Be careful to allow enough time for visits and appointments.


This week includes some pleasant adventures, surprise announcements and a renewal of a commitment. An ex-citing job can be yours for the asking. Be sure to ask the right person. 


Behind the scenes activities suggest a boost in prestige and possibly a reward. An injured friendship shows signs of recovery. Don't rush the healing process.


This week can see you keeping a journal or diary. You hear some delightful stories and anecdotes and have a talent for recording them. An intimate evening may prove unexpectedly crowded.


Critical relatives should become more supportive. Events include a blend of quiet reunions and large scale gatherings. Be sure to find time to express your feelings to a loved one. 


Financial planning is highlighted now. Someone is eager to hear your plans and willing to give you a chance. Your love life perks up and you project a very positive image.


Birthday this week

Your home is your castle and you always make it inviting. In fact, providing comfort to others is one of the aspects of your character. On the negative side, you can be frustratingly stubborn. Work at becoming more flexible - there could be a major career reward.



Sunset from Maketu. By Morris Shaxon.
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