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Thursday, April 02, 2015

SunLive - The Bay's news first


Should Trent Boult and Kane Williamson be granted the freedom of the city of Tauranga for their Cricket World Cup efforts?




Make an extra point of keeping track of time. It's easy for important seconds to slip by. Variety is accented and the week sees you involved in cultural, fitness and educational activities.


You become more able in fields that so far have been difficult for you to master. Your instincts are generally strong, but blend intuition with logic. A good week generally for implementing plans.


You are in a bold mood and if redecorating, this is a good week to experiment with colours. Career wise, you feel you have been paying your dues long enough. This week you reap some benefits.


Tensions ease once a rival steps out of the scene. This is a good time to review your relationships. You have an awareness of where they're headed. Intriguing family news arrives by the weekend.


You are in a rare position of power and should use it to everyone's best advantage. Short trips are highlighted during the week. A loved one is in a more cheerful mood.


This is an upbeat week, especially in the spheres of career and community activity. News from a reliable source may require some further checking. Community activities could lead to a new friendship.


Your ingenuity and creativity are in good form. This is a fine week for tackling tricky chores. Real estate or legal matters are featured and require meticulous care.


Romance is highlighted in a week that accents sentimentality. Travel plans may be rearranged at the last minute.
A relative is eager to settle differences with you.


It is easier than you think to recover from an awkward position. The key is to act quickly and not dwell on the situation. Patch ups are favoured in the friendship department.


A platonic relationship is accented, but be sure your platonic partner knows precisely where you stand. A younger friend helps you over a hurdle - just don't make the task too difficult.


You receive important backup and can proceed with a stalled project. Educational pursuits are positively spotlighted.
Partnership ventures require an extremely careful review.


You thread your way through a maze of details, but you have accomplished an important professional task. Business and pleasure blend quite nicely.

Your birthday this week You handle emergency situations with effortless ease - and while you take charge even when you are not invited, your sense of interest is apparent. Increased authority either at home or at the workplace is focused.



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