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Friday, May 29, 2015

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Should all public vending machines be stocked with a healthy range of food and drink instead of chocolate, crisps and soda?

They should stock both



Favourable this week are new business ventures and opportunities for part time employment. Match making and other romance related projects may backfire. Your partner tends toward exaggeration.


A direct approach brings results in mending relationships. A short term goal is within reach, but cooperation is all important. Don't buy bargains without checking the quality and guarantee.


Do not impose your taste on others, especially if travel-ling this week. A communication breakthrough gets projects rolling by Thursday. Brighter financial news arrives by the weekend.


Educational activities are spotlighted, but moderation should be your keyword. A reluctant friend becomes more interested in your ideas but don't expect an endorsement just yet.


Business negotiations and legal affairs are positive through the week. Challenge accusations before they begin to circulate. Romance accents the lighter side of love.


Offers issued now will be taken to heart. Don't promise more than you really want to. Watch the tendency to tackle minor chores before facing the really important tasks.


Programmes - work, recreational, cultural, can be more strenuous and more costly than expected. A loved one is in a playful mood, and serious decisions should not be postponed.


The week favours tying up those loose ends and not launching grandiose schemes. A new business acquaintance may be less trustworthy than you imagine. The weekend may find you lucky in love.


A small financial bonus perks up the week, but your work-load remains heavy. Older and younger relatives benefit from your special brand of encouragement - don't wait to be asked.


Play by the rules in dealing with personnel. In money matters, be fanatical about bookkeeping and budgeting. Your thoroughness here should pay off.


With determination, you raise your standards a couple of notches. Travel and education blend nicely this week. Expect a romantic understanding on the weekend.


Healthy competition makes the week a success. Your partner's ego can use a boost. Possible friction with neighbours is offset by professional reconciliation. Your salesmanship shines.

Your birthday this week You are famous for your wit, your thirst for knowledge, your leadership abilities and your quick bursts of temper - which subside as fast as they flare up. Some small personal sacrifices may lead to a steady series of financial gains over the next few months.



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