Monday, September 26, 2016

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What do you think of the new Council Chambers plan?

Love it. It's high time we updated the CBD like this.
It looks nice.
I don't care or didn't know.
It's not necessary; the current chambers are fine.
It's a waste of money that could be used for other things.



Don't be shy when it comes to telling someone how much you like him/her - give a special friend an impromptu call. Financial affairs may dominate the weekend.


You are superb in the role of diplomat and effectively could end a family disagreement. Make a point of collecting outstanding debts. Your humanitarian spirit is currently highlighted.


This is the week for branching out - you may take on a part-time job, or perhaps you decide to hone some skills. Your partner enjoys being pampered and responds to your sentimental ways.


Avoid the counter-productive activity of worrying for its own sake. An unhappy friend responds positively to your encouragement. Public speaking and the performing arts are now featured.


The week emphasizes practical matters. You see how you can apply your abilities to present future projects. Relationships of all kinds are spotlighted. This may be the time to launch a partnership.


Corny ideas may prove much more effective than first believed. Avoid making rash moves where finances or careers are concerned. In romance, spontaneity is your middle name.


This is a great week for launching partnership projects, especially ones of a creative nature. There may be some tensions at the workplace, but keep a low key.


Unexpected events, no matter how minor, can play havoc with present plans. The romantic picture brightens, thanks to your down-to-earth approach.
A colleague lends support to your ideas.


Friends look to you for a lesson on self confidence. You could receive an email or letter from a long way away bringing bright news. Business and pleasure blend surprisingly well.


This will be a good week for approaching people for favours. A Leo person may influence your present thinking. Links with the past encourage you to reflect on the immediate future.


This is a great time for promoting yourself. Tell people why they should listen to your ideas. If travelling, be sure that your companion is compatible. Unexpected guests may liven up the week.


A platonic friend may be more devoted than you think and could help you solve a difficult dilemma. This is a good time for enrolling in courses or joining a club.

Your birthday this week

You are determined, persistent and outspoken. You are also both charismatic and mysterious. You take your relationships as seriously as you take your work. You are ever the perfectionist. Some touches of humour can enhance both your personal and professional spheres.



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