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Saturday, November 29, 2014

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Should landlords be held legally responsible for fully-working smoke alarms in rented properties?

Yes - it should be the landlord's responsibility
No - it should be up to the tenant



Added prestige may come your way by the end of the week. Diplomacy is your current strength and you may find yourself mediating in a family disagreement. In money matters, avoid impulsive moves.


Career wise, this week favours a subtle new approach for gaining a promotion.  A moneymaking opportunity could require further development. Travel planning may undergo some late changes.


An elderly relative may encourage you to take on new challenges, but be sure not to overextend yourself. You will win praise at work but keep your domineering streak in check.


Delays may impede work progress, but friendship and romance are on a steady track. Reunions are highlighted through the weekend. A family related mystery is solved.


Think again before parting with objects, especially those with a family history. Confidential news may arrive later in the week. Your social life perks up.


Social pressures are easing and you can finally enjoy some time to yourself. Relationships are highlighted this week and this is a good time for patching up an injured friendship.


This week finds you making a difficult but important decision. You are currently enjoying the limelight, thanks to a recent accomplishment. Youngsters see you as a role model.


Cancellations this week may provide you with productive private time. Decision making is your present strong point, especially where family and financial matters are involved.


A loved one responds to your suggestions on an intellectual level, though you are unusually emotional at this time. The financial picture begins to brighten gradually.


Taking the initiative brings results through the week. Weekend travel plans are rearranged, probably to your advantage. Your intuition proves unusually keen.


In reviewing property and other legal matters, be sure to read between every line. Conferences are highlighted overmuch of the week, providing a good forum for presenting ideas.


Relationships remain on an even keel. This is not the week for taking a controversial stand. Make an added effort to catch up on correspondence and family obligations.




The Historic Village at night. Photo by Rob Vile. Send us your photos and stories from around the Bay of Plenty.