Your stable nature seems to attract both men and women friends this week. Some of your own goals remain just out of reach. Don't hesitate to ask for assurances.


You are a little vulnerable now and if you are looking for trouble, you are bound to find some. To brighten your week, a shopping spree could be a good idea. Friends touch you with a surprise gesture.


A possible romantic clash is in the picture. Approach situations with more maturity and don't make light of a controversial subject. A link with the past takes place on the weekend.


Take the lead now in finance and domestic decisions - but not in love. You are incredibly sharp now and your social life is going marvelously well. Messages may get tangled later in the week.


It's easy to overdo - to the point that you take on more jobs than you can possibly finish. Friends, especially romantic friends, seem a little forthright and inquiring right now.


You are riding a crest of popularity now - which makes it all too easy for you to avoid key issues. A shift in family responsibilities takes place and you may be in for a new obligation.


Rewards arrive and in some of the most unexpected ways. Distractions are everywhere on the weekend. Home improvements, travel and travel planning and moves are all favoured now.


You earn the role of peacemaker, as much of your week is spent helping friends come to a settlement. Your judgement is not as sharp as you think. Be more discriminating especially in your choice of companions.


It's easy to be deceived right now, so be wary of any opportunists in your social circle. Recent unconventional ideas are paying off - to your amusement.


It's a week for competitions, mental or physical. While you may not keep coming up the winner, you are scoring points with VIP's. Selling could be your current forte. As a consumer, more care is needed.


Financial favours are not being returned. Don't be shy about asking for what is due. Your powers of concentration now are extremely strong, and you achieve at least one major accomplishment.


Sparks may fly this week because you may put work before romance. At the workplace, advancement may be in the picture - just be a bit more patience.

Your birthday this week

You have a facility for inspiring people to do their best - so long as they are not stealing the limelight from you. This year will find you becoming less materialistic and more philosophic.

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