Friday, May 27, 2016

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What would you like to see in this year’s Budget announcement?

More money for housing.
Increased funding for the health sector.
Tax cuts.
Funding boost for education.
Something else.



Avoid shortcuts in areas related to health and diet. Documents require meticulous review. If you are purchasing
anything, be sure to check the guarantee. The weekend
spotlights your writing talents.


A close friend responds positively to your words of praise on his/her capabilities. A difficult family situation requires a democratic discussion and perhaps a vote. A friend proves his/her loyalty.


Business plans may be subject to revision and travel detours are possible through the weekend. Romance is on the upswing, thanks to a more positive philosophy on your part.


This week focuses on new destinations and new ideas, while an old fashioned approach to romance can get off to a sweet begining. Follow ups in general bring bright results.


You may be called upon at the eleventh hour to save a troubled project. Travel planning is highlighted. Be unusually selective when choosing both your companion and destination.


Avoid taking anyone into your confidence too soon. A possible conflict of interest may exist at the workplace. A romantic intuition could pay handsomely after the weekend.


Blesings in disguise form the theme this week, and hidden pleasures are sprinkled through the whole week. Some detective work may bring significant results which may help you find something you have been looking for.


Unexpected visitors may play havoc with your schedule, but you may be granted a reprieve at work. Romance and travel blend well. Review all situations requiring shared expenses.


Avoid extremes, notably in areas of recreation and diet. Keywords through the week are moderation and compromise.
Cleaning or tidying up may inspire a major inventory project.


Minor family difficulties should be resolved before they assume larger proportions. A sense of humour helps you cope with a brief series of crises. Your romantic situation stabilises.


Your partner's expectations may be unrealistically high, but don't bring him/her down to earth too suddenly. This week is favourable for outlining a complicated project.


Expect last minute cancellations, rescheduled events and surprise guests during a socially hectic week. At work, systems operate more smoothly and a long lasting rivalry evaporates.

Your birthday this week Enthusiasm and generosity are your positive qualities. Your negative traits include a sarcastic streak and a restless nature. Finances require careful thought, especially through the next seven months, if you are to attain a major goal. A new romantic cycle may begin soon.



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