Real estate dealings are generally favorable. You may
be finalizing a move this week. Your cheerful nature helps
a friend out of a rut, but it's up to you to take the initiative.


This week includes visits from long lost acquaintances and perhaps a trip to a new destination. Learning from recent experiences can lead to brighter horizons in the
romance department.


You are given the go-ahead on a plan that has been in the works since the end of last year. A platonic friendship is highlighted. The weekend is an opportune time for embarking on a commonsense diet.


You can strengthen your commitment to your work now that some domestic obstacles are behind you. A public speaking engagement is spotlighted on the weekend. An Aries steps into the friendship picture.


Your partner is reliable and generous. This is a good time
to make an important request. An older relative provides you with useful information. Don't hesitate to sing your own praises.


Relatives offer you opportunities, but some small strings
may be attached. Surprise expenses may mean the postponement
of a luxury purchase. This week highlights cultural activities.


Avoid taking on challenges for their own sake. Examine
your goals before assuming new responsibilities. A loved one is unexpectedly dramatic so prepare for fast changing moods.


You become involved in a volunteer activity. You join
forces with someone you have a long admired, and you are ready to make a decision regarding your romantic situation.


The week may see you rubbing shoulders with a wealthy admirer. Travel planning is favoured, but explore further
possibilities before making a firm decision. A delayed project is given the go-ahead.


Up in the air plans are settling and you may be taking a trip or making a key business decision this week. An important caution: don't make announcements prematurely.


Stay clear of friends offering unsolicited advice. Your
judgement is unusually strong and through a combination of logic and instinct you answer your own questions on love and career directions.


Creative writing is a current strength. Spend time starting or completing a story or poem. A loved one may have important news - be there to share it in an intimate way.

Your birthday this week

You are liked by all but you are utterly stubborn and blessed with a combination of gentleness, warmth and creativity. Creatively you shine throughout the next five months, winning applause for the special touches you add to the interesting projects you take on.

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