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Friday, September 19, 2014

SunLive - The Bay's news first


Which Bay of Plenty candidate will you vote for this election?

Deborah Cunliffe, Conservative
Ray Dolman, NZ First
Brendan Horan, NZIC
Tracy Livingston, Democratic
Todd Muller, National
Ben Rickard, United Future
Clare Wilson, Labour



The weekend is perfect for home improvements and general repair jobs. Information that's intriguing and helpful comes your way. Give extra time to agreements of all types.


Several opportunities present themselves for negotiation. A new person in your life seems to bring good luck. Long trips and brief encounters are featured on the weekend.


Relatives can be critical this week and they can also be right. The weekend favours family outings. Teamwork brings unexpected success and delight Thursday or Friday.


Take a breather from obligations to enjoy time alone and an evening of culture. It is a better week for giving than receiving. Be a little less secretive.


Recent financial difficulties are resolved. You could find yourself coming to a friend's rescue on the weekend. Your creative juices are bubbling. Plan, begin and complete an entire mini-project.


You may receive important mail, email or phone calls this week. It's time to catch up on those left behind jobs,but also to get lots of rest and be true to your diet.


Overall, this is a quiet week, good for catching up on paperwork. At this time your perception and memory is sharp. Loved ones can be a little stubborn and interfering.


Postponements through the week make life a little con-fusing, but also provide for a surprise bonus. Diplomacy is the key to romantic success. Think twice before making loans, especially to family.


Social obligations can get you weary and invigorating exercise should recharge your spirits. Don't read too much into colleagues' remarks. Music and the theatre are in the week's picture.


Opportunities for increased status open up now.  The week combines lazy days with crazy days. Allow extra time for the needs of older relatives. Health problems may disrupt travel.


This is a busy week for creating enterprising and partnership activities. Avoid speculating Thursday - Saturday. Real estate hunting is favoured on the weekend. Tact is critical in family dealings.


Spend a little more time listening to children and boosting your own morale. Thursday could see good business prospects. Consulting with professionals will put your mind at ease.




A Royal Spoonbill on the Wairau Lagoon. Photo by Will Parsons.
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