Family discussions may lead to a more equitable division or responsibilities. An opportunity may open up for part time employment. Attention to detail pays off all week.


You may be in a mood to expand your friendship circle, but don't forget old acquaintances either. Your independent streak surfaces this week. Financial news should improve on the weekend


An older family member may surprise you with the degree of his or her encouragement and devotion. Look for a special way to reciprocate. Keeping abreast of civic happenings proves beneficial.


Tensions in a relationship may ease up and an older relative may provide the key to solving a long lasting family difficulty. Backup plans are all important, especially if entertaining.


Negotiations are generally favourable but be sure to read all the fine print in any contracts or documents. Moves and promotions are highlighted. Avoid leaning toward exaggeration.


A major career or educational goal is within your reach. Idealistic ideas win you admirers and may lead to a challenge. Travel may prove unexpectedly complicated.


A faraway friend may contact you and your own travel itinerary may include touches of the exotic. At work, your boss may claim credit for your idea, with great diplomacy, set the record straight.


Variety highlights the week. You may be introduced to people representing a wide range of interests. It's important to keep up with the times, developing skills necessary in today's workplace.


Your upbeat mood is contagious and people vie for your affections this week. Your workload includes unexpected challenges. You impress everyone at work with your ability to organise people.


Communications are accented. Messages arrive ahead of schedule and you can make an effective pitch for whatever you're promoting. One caution - don't steal the limelight from your best friend.


Experimentation may lead to a solution to an age old problem. Learning to delegate more can help you attain your goals on schedule. It's important to stay informed of community events.


You are a good source of profit making ideas but don't make any investments until you have checked out all the angles. Romantic differences should be totally handled on an intellectual level.

Your birthday this week

You are careful and ambitious, but sometimes pessimistic. It's important to spend time with upbeat personalities. Communications improve noticeably through the next six months and there can be major improvements in relationships with older and younger people. Financial gains are possible nearer the end of the year.




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