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Sunday, August 31, 2014

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What driver’s licence do you hold

Full licence
Restricted licence
Learner’s licence
I don’t have one



Small financial gains can offset unexpected household expenses. Try to tie up loose ends in partnership arrangements - even if it means overtime. Don't be modest about advertising your strengths.


Your interest in psychic or philosophical areas is expanding, but don't experiment prematurely. A social event accents glamour and may put you in the spotlight. Legal matters become less complex.


Your partner is generous but demanding. Your workplace cheers up - perhaps a rival or sullen colleague is transferred. A volunteer assignment helps you learn a little more about yourself.


On the weekend the accent is on reunions, local travel and much discovery. The weekend also has you seeing everyone's point of view and you are at your decision making best.


Expand your horizons by signing up for instruction or mingling with intelligent people or cultural groups. Guarantees should be iron clad. You may be asked to return old favours.


Emotions run deep and debates can get heated during this intense week. Watch out not to overextend yourself in a fitness event. A long lasting platonic friendship may be launched now.


Your inventive spirit peaks. Go to the top with your bright ideas. Your partner may need more time and more space to deal with a personal matter. A family situation becomes less costly.


Cutting through red tape is the week's undertaking. The home environment becomes peaceful again on the week-end. A friend from the past may be interested in rebuilding a relationship.


Your creative talents bring fame which may lead, eventually, to fortune. Romantic advice comes from a young friend. Taking care of the finest detail could be critical in a career project.


Precaution is the week's byword. Check safety devices,sign up for a physical and don't be too quick to endorse any documents or contracts. An intellectual relationship is accented.


The focus this week is on appearance. The time may be right to change your image and expand your wardrobe. Maintain your independent stance - it could advance you in educational and romantic areas.


You and a new friend may exchange ideas and introduce each other to new areas of interest. It's an intellectual and creative week and also one that favours bargain hunting and solving mysteries.




Jamie Harkins beach art. By Scott White.
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