Sunrise with SunLive and Rosalie

Today's weather and tides, how many layers of clothing you'll need to wear, a fun fact about New Zealand history, and a gorgeous shot of the rising sun? It must be Sunrise with SunLive and Rosalie time again! Do you have any fantastically... Read More

Italian growers visit Kiwi orchards

The techniques used by New Zealand kiwifruit orchardists have come under close scrutiny this week, from a group of 15 Italian growers and post-harvest technicians in the country on a fact-finding tour. The orchardists, who grow SunGold fruit for Zespri,... Read More

Goodbye November, hello summer

December 1st is the official start of summer in New Zealand and Australia - it's called the meteorological start to the season and the first of the month is chosen to make record keeping simple and easy and clean. Most of New Zealand experienced... Read More

Second Rotorua Lake eruption

A second hydrothermal eruption in Lake Rotorua today has been captured in a video posted to the Steam and Mud Facebook page this afternoon. The video shows surges of black mud boiling the water near the lakeshore at Ohimemutu, but is smaller than the... Read More

Orca special for Manukau students

A group of Alfriston college students were rewarded for their 5am start today with the sight of orca in the Tauranga Harbour entrance. The 20 or so college students from Manukau are on a day sail on the Hawaiki Voyaging Trust waka, Hinemoana. The 22m... Read More

A sunrise minute with SunLive

Looking out the window, it looks like it is going to be another stunning day in Tauranga. Just a taste of what's to come when summer officially starts on Thursday. If you want to hear what today's weather is expected to bring, and a little... Read More

Weather settles down for summer

Wild weather at the weekend saw strong winds up and down the country, downing powerlines and cutting electricity to homes in Dunedin and Central Otago. A gust of 198km/h was recorded in the Foveaux Strait on Saturday night. Heavy rain lashed western... Read More

Whitianga earthquake felt throughout

An earthquake north of Whitianga this morning was felt by some people in Papamoa. Members of a Papamoa Facebook group mentioned they felt the earthquake, which happened at 11.40am. GeoNet locates the 3.1 magnitude earthquake 55km north east of Whitianga... Read More

Reliving the earthquake fear

Anita Trappitt and her family were one of the first families to arrive in Papamoa after the February 2011 Canterbury earthquake. When the 7.8 Kaikoura earthquake struck, Anita was asleep at home in Papamoa when she got a phone call at about 2.30am from... Read More

Pistachio's release attracts hundreds

The bird was unfazed. The 400 humans – a little more emotional, ranging from thrilled, to excited, to a little bit choked up. The Otanewainuku Kiwi Trust organising team put out 140 chairs, thinking that would be more than enough to seat those... Read More

Opinion Poll

What do you think of the forthcoming Wairoa cycle bridge?

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Bit of a waste of money
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