It takes three to ski in the Bay

Water skiers who're planning on hitting the waterways around the Bay of Plenty this summer are being asked remember: it takes three to ski. Bay of Plenty Harbourmaster Peter Buell says any boat towing a skier, biscuit, wake board or any other... Read More

Three outboards stolen

Three outboard motors, fuel tanks and two cox communication boxes have been stolen from the BOP Coast Rowers shed on Wairoa Road over the weekend. Club members returned a day early from the cancelled Blue Lake Regatta to discover the clubrooms broken... Read More

Kulim Park creature identified

The eel-like creature with teeth found at Kulim Park last week is most likely a snake eel, says Russ Hawkins at Fat Boy Charters. Murray Milgrew stepped on it while towing Sandy Fenton's six-year-old son Levi Roper on his boogie board through knee... Read More

Storm passes by, mostly

Judging by the number of fire service call outs, the Western Bay of Plenty escaped most of the impact of last night's storm. Mount Maunganui fire fighters were called to a power pole down in Lachlan Avenue Mount Maunganui this morning. About 700... Read More

Kayakers rescued from Tauranga Harbour

Two teenage paddlers have been rescued from the Tauranga harbour after they were tipped out of their kayaks. A police spokesperson says they were notified of the incident which occurred just off the coastline near Kulim Park in Otumoetai at about 3pm.... Read More

Tents debut at Omanu

They can be a hub where congratulations are served, supporters cheer, belongings are stowed, and people huddle in anticipation or hide from the elements. Surf lifesaving tents are as integral as its members and are invaluable to any surf club and beach. They... Read More

Superyacht drifts in

When Graham Macgregor saw a large yacht drifting into Tauranga Harbour on his base track walk around the Mount today he though the yacht was in trouble. He couldn't see a mast. “It was just starting to drift in with the tide,” says... Read More

Unidentified creature from the deep

A boogie boarding adventure at Kulim Park turn into a mystery when Murry Milgrew stepped on a strange creature. Sandy Fenton and her friend Murray Milgrew were towing Sandy's six-year-old son Levi Roper on his boogie board through knee deep water... Read More

Microbead ban – bring it on

Seafood New Zealand wants the government ban on microbeads brought forward, says Seafood New Zealand Chief Executive Tim Pankhurst. He welcomes the announcement the Government will ban the use of microbeads in make-up and other beauty products, citing... Read More

The difficulty of leaving town

They're about four months old, all fluffed up and cocksure and ready to confront the world head-on. But with nature, if things can go wrong they probably will. Add youthful bravado, distractions and confusion to the mix and they'll certainly... Read More

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