Toxic shellfish warning in the Bay

Shellfish in the Eastern Bay of Plenty, between Whakatane Heads and the Waioeka River Mouth, have been found with paralytic shellfish toxins over the safe limit of 0.8mg/kg. The Ministry for Primary Industries issued a public health warning today advising... Read More

Wallet found with $500 intact

John Bedford is laundering his money before taking it to the bank. The $500 in $50 notes is a bit muddy after spending more than a year on the bottom of Tauranga harbour. John dropped his wallet in the tide in November 2015. As well as the usual plastic... Read More

Tornados off the Mount coastline

Spectacular inshore yacht racing is on offer for beachgoers on Sunday as the Tauranga Yacht Club's Tornado fleet races to Papamoa and Back. The two person catamarans will be staying within 800m of the beach and coming inside Rabbit Island on the... Read More

One fish, two fish, red fish, blue fish

There'll be a lot of happy local anglers when this year's Decoro Blue Water Classic wraps up today. A wide variety of fish have being caught during the 2017 edition of the annual three-day fishing tournament which is run in conjunction with... Read More

Updated boating bylaw approved

The issue of the moving exclusion zone campaigned against by Tauranga boaties for the updated Navigation Safety Bylaw has been ignored by regional councillors who passed the bylaw this week. The Tauranga Yacht and Boat Club campaigned against a proposal... Read More

New species discovered in Kermadecs

The seafood industry is welcoming the discovery of new Kermadec fish species. Industry has long recognised the conservation values of this large area, untouched by human activities, says Deepwater Group chief executive George Clement. There is full marine... Read More

Hydroplanes cancelled over costs

A blow out in the cost of moving the moorings has forced organisers of the Tauranga Hydro Thunder racing to cancel the March event. When the Grand Prix Hydroplanes held the world championships in harbour opposite The Strand in 2010, they had to pay $8000... Read More

Tauranga yacht in cocaine bust

The yacht at the centre of the biggest cocaine bust in Australian history is the Elakha from Tauranga. The Elakha departed Tauranga mid-January for an alleged South Pacific rendezvous with a ‘mother-ship' from which the claimed A$370 million... Read More

Mega cruise ships arrive in style

Two massive cruise ships, with a combined tonnage of almost 300,000, sailed into port this morning. Crowds lined the beach and base track of the Mount to welcome the Emerald Princess at 8.15am, followed by the Ovation of the Seas at 8.45am. Both ships... Read More

Sausage sizzle for rowing club

A spate of break-ins at the BOP Coast rowing club on the Wairoa River has resulted in the club being the recipient of the Tauranga BNZ fun day sausage sizzle on Friday. Jenny Bremner who works at the bank and is also a mum at BOP Coast Rowing says she... Read More

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