The danger signs of family violence

The inquest into the death of two children killed by their father in Dunedin should serve as a warning, says a Papamoa family violence coordinator.

Edward Livingstone shot his two children, Bradley, 9, and Ellen, 6, in their beds on January 15, 2014, in the Kiwi Street home they shared with their mother.

Livingstone then turned the gun on himself.

An inquest into the deaths has revealed how Livingstone deceived a psychiatrist who had no knowledge of his prior offending, which included arson.

“Throughout the inquest we were hearing the danger signs that Livingstone’s wife and children were at serious risk of harm,” says TMAPS family violence coordinator Heather Beddie.

“There were clear signs that they were at serious risk of harm.”

Heather says some of the red flag/danger signs that came out of the inquest included: threatening to kill:

Livingstone told more than one person that he wanted to kill his family and he went as far as talking about what method he might use.

Intimidation: He asked his children to give bullet cases to their mother.

Stalking: After they separated he was seen following his wife.

“He had breached the protection order more than once,” says Heather. “There had been previous violence in their relationship. Family members were very fearful.”

Heather is urges people who see any of these tactics or if they are worried about the safety of women and children to alert crisis services immediately.

“Our community must be proactive in keeping victims. As a community we must understand just how dangerous it can be for our women and children who are having violence done to them.

“We can save lives, by letting the authorities know. Last year the NZ Death review committee called for more education and awareness of the warning /danger signs as these signs show up consistently in reviews of family violence murders.”

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Posted on 02-05-2015 21:17 | By Elba

So every person who has comimited arson should not be around children cause of their mind state


Posted on 02-05-2015 16:23 | By Chapsmate

Thankyou for the reminder that we do have to be alert. That we can make a difference. We also need to remember that IT IS NOT ONLY WOMEN AND CHILDREN who are at risk. Men can also suffer from the abuse of their spouse. Society thinks that because men are stronger [?? REALLY??] they SHOULD be able to handle this abuse without reacting. THERE IS NO EXCUSE for family violence. For too lon g we have ’blamed’ our upbringing, pressures of life and so on. Today, help IS available. For the sake of our men, women - and most importantly - those precious children - our future - let us be positive and proactive in reducing this blot on our society.


Posted on 02-05-2015 09:41 | By Wise Chief

This is the way NZ is today and with benefits and wages so low with costs rising all about and desperation rising within households and stress between parents we can expect more such violent events. Lets not forget this only country where childrens protections and well being are not enshrined in law. As a country we must be mindful this is all deliberate strategy of government and their masters the bankers who don’t give a toss about such stuff and see it as collateral damage to their fiscal policies. People in NZ so dumbed down and accepting of fact banks print money out of thin air under license from us the real owners of the money printed and then they lend it to themselves at nominal rate and then lend or rather rent to us at high interest for non productive use to buy houses in AK for example.

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