Earth Hour cancelled

Organisers of Earth Hour have cancelled the event due to a rainy forecast.

The glum weekend forecast was due to be held on Sunday after being postponed from tonight but the decision to cancel the event altogether was made last night.

Enspire BOP youth video challenge finalists Hannah Skelton, Bekki Richards, Michelle Elborn, Liam Burn and Sophie Thompson promote earth hour in an electricity-free way. Photo by Bruce Barnard

“In line with ensuring we were delivering a sustainable event we had to consider the risk of food vendors organising food that could have gone to waste if rain occurs and participation was low,” says sustainability advisor Michelle Elborn.

“In addition we have considered the safety of the stage and equipment. This was not a light decision and all the organisers are disappointed, in-particular to not be screening the Enspire youth video finalists.”

The free event’s ethos was to bring the community together to celebrate Earth Hour, which is an international event to raise awareness and stimulate action towards caring for the planet.

“Earth hour is a great opportunity to raise awareness on local environmental issues – and inspire local community action,” says Michelle.

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At least those interested

Posted on 28-03-2015 16:29 | By How about this view!

in this nonsense can sit on the floor at home and chant to their hearts content, sing a few verses of kumbaya and listen to whale song. BUT don’t forget to turn off all electrical appliances luvies.


Posted on 28-03-2015 14:20 | By rastus

Perhaps Mother Earth is trying to tell you something! I don’t mind your idiot claim that you are saving anything let alone our earth but I do object to my rates money paying for your forlorn attempts to achieve anything - let alone save the planet!

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