Fury after night market mix up

A Katikati market trader is demanding answers from organisers of Tauranga’s latest night market after being left without a stall and $600 out of pocket.

What started out like any other Sunday turned sour for Niki Evans after her allocated space at the Tauranga Night Markets was taken right from under her nose in the Bayfair Shopping Centre.

People taking in the sights and smells at a night market. Photo: File.

Run by Auckland Night Markets, who have eight established markets under the stars in the big smoke, the first Tauranga version at Bayfair Shopping Centre’s underground car park was held on November 23.

After attending the inaugural event, Niki, who sells sell crystals and gems, contacted organiser Cadence Kaumoana to book two car parks for the Sunday’s latest edition at $30 a space.

Arriving early on Sunday, Niki sat with other stall holders in the shopping centre’s underground car park for up to an hour unaware the venue had been moved outside due to a permit to host the market inside yet to be signed by Tauranga City Council.

Yet just around the corner in the outside car park, next to the Caltex service station, other stall holders were setting up in the 150 allocated spaces.

Tracking down Cadence, Niki was informed organisers were not told until Friday about the shift in venue – something Niki is still angered about.

She adds the majority of stalls were food vendors who could have in fact been informed by Cadence.

“If it was on Friday she could have contacted us all to let us know, because this is my fulltime job,” says Niki.

“I go from market to market and I was quite disgusted that she didn’t notify us.

“People from Whakatane, Hamilton and Auckland turned up for this market and if you don’t have an awning you can’t go outside. They didn’t go into the car park to let us know it wasn’t in there.”

Without a stall for the evening, the market trader of five years was left without an estimated wage of $600 for the week, coupled with the $100 spent on travel and supplies for Sunday event.

“I’m definitely not going back because I feel like I have been misled and I’m kind of out of money for the week,” she adds.

Tauranga Night Market organiser Cadence Kaumoana says due to the market goers exceeding the permitted level at the opening event, the market was forced to shift outdoors at the last minute.

Forced to apply for a special fire clearance from TCC, organisers expect the 150 licensed stalls to be back indoors in the coming weeks.

Cadence says the size of the indoor and outdoor market spaces are identical and all stall holders were advised to arrive at a certain time.

“If they come too late and others have arrived, we will give their space away. That’s common practice at a market,” says Cadence.

“There are signs everywhere and people everywhere, but if they missed it that’s really unfortunate because everyone else seemed to find us.”

Supported by Tauranga City Council, the Tauranga Night Markets is at Bayfair Shopping Centre’s underground car park from 5.30pm to 11pm every Sunday.


God Speaking...

Posted on 05-12-2014 12:27 | By Paul Melhuish

God here Jimmy, listen up. Firstly, market stall holders pay tax. The stall holders also pay a fee to the organiser. It’s no free ride. Secondly these are popular legal events cleared to proceed by TCC and other councils NZ wide which people want and enjoy. Don’t like them? don’t go.. Lighten up mate (and lay off the exclamation marks, I can hear you fine without them.)

@Paul Melhuish!!!

Posted on 04-12-2014 17:38 | By Jimmy Ehu

so what gives you the right to play God!!!!, this is a free forum ( within the bounds of decency),vending/street selling needs to be regulated, like whitebaiting, some cannot pay tax for others to enjoy the benefits.

Here they come again.

Posted on 04-12-2014 11:17 | By Paul Melhuish

Here they come again. Time for the usual suspects to have a go on here at people making a living out of running a market stall. Get over yourselves. (Jimmy, your ’freeloading’ comment is just ignorant).


Posted on 03-12-2014 22:40 | By morepork

Not taking sides here (TCC are sometimes right and sometimes wrong, just like most of us), but you are severely misinformed on Africa. It is an amazing, colourful, diverse, and vibrant place, with markets everywhere and no red tape to tangle them up.

TCC blunder REALLY???

Posted on 03-12-2014 12:33 | By Dippie

Kaveman, maybe it is time that you put your money where your mouth is, sorry fingers is and work at TCC. Hopefully you will realise that it is not always TCC that is wrong. Why do you not start to appreciate wat you have and go to Council and say thanks for the work they are doing. You could have lived in Africa where there is not anything most of the time. A little thankfulness goes a long way. Hope you have a nice day.

How Kaveman?

Posted on 03-12-2014 11:47 | By mtgarth

How is this a TCC problem? the centre has a resource consent and plenty of lawyers to check the conditions of the consent.


Posted on 02-12-2014 20:37 | By Capt_Kaveman

another blunder by TCC yet again they lack the foresight

Stop freeloading!!!!

Posted on 02-12-2014 17:49 | By Jimmy Ehu

Lease a shop, there are just about more night markets around the area than there are nights, why not turn the Tauranga C.B.D into one as well.

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