Art in the city

Angel wings and elephants are two aspects of a mural being painted on a wall on The Strand opposite Starbucks.

Graphic designer Tara Fowler and local artist Millie Newitt have been commissioned by Downtown Tauranga to paint the mural.

Tara Fowler and Millie Newitt are hoping to get people interacting with art.

The artists hope the mural will bring more colour to the city,

“We’re painting wings and the idea behind it is so the public can come and interact with it.

If they stand in front of the wings, they then look like their own wings. We’re trying to get interaction between the public and art,” says Tara.

“Also, we want to get a lot of sharing involved so people can take a photo and upload it to Facebook, Instagram, or wherever, and get people spreading the word about art in the city.”

Tara says the idea for the mural come after her and Millie thought about things they liked and quirky ideas.

“We have spent about five or six hours on the mural so far and have about another five or six to go,” adds Tara.

“It’s been really nice being out on the street and interacting with the public, we’re getting lots of feedback.”

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Private Property

Posted on 17-11-2014 11:33 | By PositiveNotNegative

Just found out this wall is not Tauranga City Council’s property.

Great initiative

Posted on 17-11-2014 10:37 | By PositiveNotNegative

Congratulations to the artists and initiators of this project - a wonderful ’love note’ for Tauranga city. I would hate to see these types of spontaneous artworks hampered because they don’t fit a particular policy. We need more of this in Tauranga, not less. The Public Art Policy is for the whole community, not just the arts community.

What about the Public Arts Policy

Posted on 16-11-2014 15:26 | By Yesminister

How sad that this was allowed to go ahead before the Public Arts Policy was finalised by the Arts Community and the TCC. It is common knowledge and especially to Creative Tauranga and Tuskany that this policy is in the process of being formulated. One artist is from Tuskany and one is from Creative Tauranga. What public participation was sought before this mural went ahead? Surely it would be common courtesy to consult the community and especially the arts community that is pushing for the Public Arts Policy? As long as individuals act in this manner, there will be no unity in the arts community. We need to act as one voice to benefit the city!

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