Man guilty of testicle assault

A jury in the Tauranga District Court has found Steven Warren guilty of "twisting and squeezing" a Ministry of Fisheries officer’s testicles.  
Warren went on trial this week after the assault against the officer on December 14, 2008, at Okanui Beach near Opotiki.

Steven Warren during his trial in Tauranga District Court.

The 28 year old was facing four charges of assault with a weapon, one assault charge and one charge of assault with intent to injure - which related to the testicle grabbing.
On Wednesday night, the jury of seven women and five men found him guilty of assault with intent to injure and one assault charge.
They found him not guilty of the charges of assault with a weapon, which the Crown alleged was the vehicle being driven by Warren.
Steven was travelling with his younger brother, Joseph Warren, when four fisheries officers stopped them at a checkpoint.
A confrontation erupted when the officers asked to inspect their catch.
When the situation escalated, the officers told Steven Warren he was under arrest and then placed him in a headlock when he resisted.
It was while in a headlock that Warren "twisted and squeezed" the officer’s testicles.


Jail won't help

Posted on 30-09-2010 13:51 | By bob

It will just give him the opportunity to develop his technique and allow others to practice on him.

Smug and Pathetic

Posted on 30-09-2010 13:39 | By bryceh

What a pathetic individual! Look at the smug look on his face as if he couldn’t care less about the incident. I hope the courts teach him a lesson!

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