Highly paid to waste time

Racism is unwanted and punished but not in New Zealand. MP Hone Harawira has made many strident racist comments but remains an accepted public figure.

Separation by race in legislation and representation is the norm, with special additional rights to Maori increasing.

Instead of action we have vacuous displacement activity, as Race Relations Commissioner Susan Devoy’s letter raising concern with the spelling of words – absurdly, from an illiterate culture.

She’s highly paid to waste time over trivia and one can only agree with Rogers Rabbits comment about “PC nonsense outfits having too little to do, and being overpaid, at the expense of the long-suffering taxpayer”.

Many are upset calls for equality, and against ethnic separation, are labelled as racist. Last year Hugh Barr and I raised this with Devoy. She set up a meeting at the Human Rights Commission for what was meant to be a discussion.

Our concern wasn’t addressed, being not on their radar, and the only response was an insistence Maori were seriously harmed by colonisation.

Our experience is described at racerelationsracism.blogspot.com.

Their one-sided and inaccurate picture failed to recognise the end of slavery brought by the British considerably improved human rights for many Maori slaves. Instead only special unequal rights for chiefs are considered with calls for reintroduction of rangatiratanga.

There’s more serious issues than a spat over how an illiterate people spelled words - they didn’t - as separatism and talk of  ‘partnership’ of two people introduces racism into the Kiwi way of life.          

Dr J Robinson, Wellington.

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Posted on 12-07-2014 10:41 | By crazyhorse

Of the NZ "system" in action, as we slide into apartheid and separatism the only thing our "race relations commissioner is worried about is "Kiwi’s ridiculing the NZGB for the "sudden" need for macrons on street signs, what next?, great letter to editor Dr Robinson, and thanks again to the crew at SunLive for giving the "average" Kiwi a media platform that is fair to all, a level playing field where everybody can have a say, cheers, many people appreciate it, mind you there’s a few that don’t, but, that can be entertaining to, keep up the good work.

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