Night markets a success

Hundreds of people turned out for the inaugural Kiwi Night Market in Tauranga City at the weekend in an event organisers say is set to continue.

About 60 stallholders opened their stalls to hungry and excited punters who packed the Elizabeth Street car park from 5pm at the first night market on Saturday.

The first Tauranga night markets were held at the Elizabeth Street carpark on Saturday night.

Organiser Ross Rumble is “very pleased” with the turnout for the first event and expects it will build as the days get longer and the nights get lighter.

“It went great for the first night. Good turnout, great stalls and entertainment.

“As it warms up and daylight saving kicks in it will just run later and later.”

For the peckish there was everything from Thai food to Crazy Chicken, German sausages and dim sims, to more Kiwiana favourites like whitebait fritters and mussel madness.

People wanting to take a night time browse were kept busy with a range of stalls from arts, crafts and commodities.

Ross says the atmosphere was “fantastic” with crowds entertained by live music.

“The feedback was great, a lot of vendors were happy and the public were saying ‘this is just what Tauranga needs – more things to do on a Saturday night’.”

The night markets ran until 10pm and Ross says the stall holders were packed up and gone by 11pm.

“There were still people showing up later, but not in the volumes as earlier on. People are still learning there is something on at that time.”

The Kiwi Night Markets will run every Saturday night from now throughout summer.

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just a thought

Posted on 06-09-2013 16:46 | By rotovend

be nice down the waterfront as a regulatr thing over summer

Great idea - very well done

Posted on 03-09-2013 18:50 | By waxing

What a wonderful initiative - very well done. And no "Sambo Returns", the last thing we want is the CBD full of $2 shops. Perhaps city retailers could learn to co-operate and do something for themselves rather than expect everything to be done for them?

I love market

Posted on 03-09-2013 12:16 | By pleasent

It’s anyone know when thay are on next


Posted on 02-09-2013 19:27 | By Colleen Spiro

Forgot about last week, but just what we need....good news

You may as well,

Posted on 02-09-2013 14:31 | By Sambo Returns

turn the entire C.B.D, into non stop markets, and $2 style shops, unless the Council does something radical, it is going to happen, then where will all the rate money come from, also these markets are great, but they do not get run by someone out of the goodness of their hearts,they are commercial entities, and should be charged accordingly, I am sure with the money shop owners in the C.B.D are charged, and the way they are treated by this Council, it is destroying the heart of the City, I am sure they would love to have entertainment, and a little fun and laughter going on as well, funded by all the money they hand over, and we had a City Manager, figure that one out!!!.

very good

Posted on 02-09-2013 12:07 | By pleasent

Tauranga need same thing like that so people working in day can go hope stay on and how often when next

Cool as idea

Posted on 02-09-2013 10:48 | By YOGI BEAR

worth a look see I am sure

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