Patch ban, your thoughts

The Government has passed a new law banning gang patches from public places.

The Prohibition of Gang Insignia Government Premises Bill gives police the power to arrest offenders and seize their insignia if they wear patches or colours in public spaces such as schools, swimming pools and Government buildings.

National Rotorua MP Todd McClay originally sponsored the Prohibition of Gang Insignia Government Premises Bill, but passed the torch to fellow MP Mark Mitchell when he became a Minister on June 17.

People caught wearing gang insignia can have their patches or colours seized and if found guilty can face a $2000 fine.

Under the new law, patches will be banned at government premises and any associated grounds; the buildings and grounds of any school; and any public hospital or health facility that is owned by, or is under the control of, a District Health Board; and any public swimming pool or aquatic centre that is owned by, or is under the control of, a local authority.

It excludes any residential dwelling owned by, or is under the control of, Housing New Zealand Corporation or a local authority. The ban also applies to early childhood education centres.

The named list of gangs in the Act include:

Aotearoa Natives, Bandidos MC, Black Power, Devils Henchmen MC, Epitaph Riders, Filthy Few MC, Forty-Five MC, Greasy Dogs MC, Head Hunters MC, Hells Angels, Highway 61 MC, Hu-Hu MC, Killerbeez, King Cobras, Lone Legion MC, Lost Breed MC, Magogs MC, Mongrel Mob, Mangu Kaha, Mothers MC, Nomads, Outcasts MC, Outlaws MC, Rebels MC, Red Devils MC, Road Nights MC, Satans Slaves MC, Sinn Fein MC (not being a branch, or an associated organisation, of the political party known by a similar name), Southern Vikings MC, Storm Troopers, Taupiri MC, Tribal Huk, Tribesmen MC, Tyrants MC.

SunLive asked members of the community what their thoughts on the ban were.

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Posted on 12-08-2013 09:56 | By penguin

The names of some of these gangs says it all...

You are joking right?

Posted on 12-08-2013 09:26 | By The Tomahawk Kid

Hi dumbkof1: you are joking right? NEVER in the history of mankind - has banning ANYTHING ever fixed the problem (not on this planet anyway!) Banning things in fact CREATE the problem, and even make it WORSE! Besides that, I welcome gang patches! If there is a gang member standing next to me, I and very pleased to know it, so I am aware a person of dubious moral behaviour is close-by! If they insist on banning Gang patches they should include the Labour Party and National Party on the list. They are simply crooks of a different kind who carry out legalised theft


Posted on 11-08-2013 16:32 | By dumbkof1

Get rid of all the gangs and their patches and see the crime rate and drugs drop overnight

This is daft, plain daft.

Posted on 11-08-2013 16:29 | By ipodo

I just cannot see what the benefit of this is, other than burying heads in the sand so they can ’see no evil’. It just makes no sense to me at all, except to make the authors of this act feel better about themselves, good election fodder as well maybe.

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