Time to move it

With the days getting longer now is the perfect time to begin a new fitness routine.

Sport Bay of Plenty recreation advisor Nicki Scott is encouraging everyone to shake off the winter blues and get active in August with Play in the Bay’s Move it Month calendar of activities.

Harris, 10, and Ralph, 14, Chater at Dialled Indoor Skate Park.

“Spring is only a month away so it’s an ideal time to start,” says Nicki.

The sports promotion programme is offering activities suited for all ages and interests – including scooter and BMX schools for pre-teens.

Nicki says along with the programmes to teach riding tips and tricks, and aerobic exercise classes for under 10’s, there are also many options for mature adults and seniors, such as a badminton open night,  fun exercise classes along  with activities suited to all ages like the introduction to Pa-Kua martial arts.

Jumps, flips and fancy tricks – BMX and scooter riders can learn how to fly on two wheels this week as part of Play in the Bay’s Move it Month.

Dialled Indoor Skatepark event organiser Kate Thomas says the six week BMX and scooter school at the Triton Ave centre is a great chance to learn everything people need to know to improve riding.

Class sizes are set at a maximum of 10 to ensure everyone gets their share of attention – and instructors will teach each rider suitable tricks based for their skill level.

Kate says tricks taught will depend on the children’s skill level, but for scooter riders can include 180 flats, tail-whips and bri-flips or for BMXers could doing a superman, no-handers or bar-spins.

The six week courses both begin with a session on maintenance and safety, before going on to cover rider etiquette and skill development.

“It offers a great chance to learn everything you need to know to ride safely and have fun.”

Both courses are suited for children from seven to 12, with all participants needing to bring a helmet, covered shoes and a BMX or scooter.

Both courses run from 4.30pm-5.30pm with the scooter school staring on Wednesday, August 7 and the BMX on Thursday, August 8. Details: 574 5923 ($80 course charge).

The full Move It Month calendar can be picked up at libraries or downloaded from www.sportbop.co.nz


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