New party wants one law for all

A new grassroots political party aimed at ending what it sees as racial separatism in New Zealand launches today with hopes Tauranga will be its biggest supporter.

One Law for All has a sole objective - that all New Zealanders are treated equally in law, regardless of race.

The party’s policies include abolishing the Waitangi Tribunal, abolishing race-based seats and positions in central and local government and stripping all references to the Treaty of Waitangi from legislation.

With the party yet to select a leader, 74-year-old Napier man Tom Johnson is temporarily fronting the party and says racial inequality is the most important issue facing New Zealanders.

“I have felt that for some time. I love my country and I am not prepared to see myself become a second class citizen here, and I don’t want to see my nine grandkids grow up in a country that becomes an apartheid state, in whatever form.

“Our history has been revised, sanitised and all of the sudden the truth is not being taught, and that’s unfortunate, in my opinion.”

Today’s launch is about getting the party’s policies out there and gathering members, says Tom.

“Our organisation is starting itself from the grassroots up…we want to get our policies, what we believe in, well and truly established.”

Further to the above policies are to:

  •   •  Ensure that no individual or group has preferment in legislation or funding on grounds of ethnicity.

  •   •  Ensure that there is no constitutional change without the support of three quarters of those voting in a referendum.

  •   •  End the official state promotion and enforcement of divisive biculturalism.

  •   •  Repeal the current foreshore and seabed legislation.

  •   •  Withdraw New Zealand from the U.N. Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples.

Tom says the response so far has been overwhelmingly positive – from a variety of ethnicities.

The party’s website received about 4000 hits across two days last weekend.

“My phone has been red hot, and I don’t think I have had a derogatory comment yet, no doubt they will come.”

He specifically recalls a phone call from a Maori woman who phoned twice to tell him she supported the cause.

Tom knows it’s a “sensitive” issue, but is encouraging people to stand up for equality.

“Many people are afraid to put their head above the parapet. And they avoid it. This is unfortunate because we have ended up enduring a lot of things that shouldn’t have happened.

He stresses it is not an attack on Maori.

“We want to be a part of principal that appeals to all New Zealanders, regardless of their ethnicity, hence one law for all.”

“We have to convince a lot of people. We are very hopeful that all the wonderful Maori people I have played rugby with, that I admire and call my friends will also support us.”

Today the party’s steering committee is officially launching its policies, with hopes of building enough support and members to register in three months’ time.

The goal is to eventually win enough seats to hold the balance of power, says Tom.

“The more people we can get the more waves we’re going to make.”

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Posted on 24-06-2013 15:48 | By Environmental education

Would one law for all include treating all criminals the same, whether they are solo mothers or chairs of the board?

What took so long?

Posted on 24-06-2013 13:53 | By Waterboy

Tired of feeling like an intruder in my own country. Funny that the "culturally elite" use the money pilfered from us, to fund their very campaign against us? 100% support mate!

One law for all

Posted on 18-06-2013 12:56 | By The Master

I Like it like that ...


Posted on 16-06-2013 14:03 | By Plonker

Of course, but that will stop the separatisum, bias, legal aid traders, so called historians that are destroying NZ’s real history all in the justification of more claims, power and control of what they all agreed to be "equal" with the queens subjects.

Absolutely only option.

Posted on 15-06-2013 16:12 | By CONDOR

One vote, one electoral roll, one class of citizenship and one law for all.


Posted on 14-06-2013 20:30 | By kb

Don Brash was onto this ,I thought John Key would have carried on but has been a bit of a disappointment, this guy has my vote!!

Crazy mule ...

Posted on 13-06-2013 16:07 | By The Master

It does not say it any, it is meaningless asssumptions made when the article is very clear about what the party stands for.

@ 14 GK

Posted on 11-06-2013 19:15 | By Plonker

You have no idea mate, please read the book again ... he is not "anti" Maori at all, he is saying that he is anti-separatist that means the small profiteering Maori IWI groups need to be put back in their place and the playing field leveled up again so as all is the same for everyone. I guess you are just pulling out the "racist" gambit as usual that only happens when there is no real explanation for anything.

14GK boss11

Posted on 11-06-2013 18:16 | By crazyhorse

Where does 1LAW4ALL say they are anti maori, sounds like you might be a bro of Willie Jackson, doesn’t he squeal racist every time someone talks about winding back the special priviliges and hand outs, as for the treaty, maori wanted the treaty not the English, they got sick of being beaten eaten and enslaved, there was also a big chance the French would turn up, they were not as gullible or easy going as the poms and maori knew this. Read twisting the treaty, read the TRUTH!!!!!


Posted on 11-06-2013 12:02 | By 14GK

Any Party that’s anti-Maori is not one law for all. It has rascist foundations accordingly. What a laugh suggesting linking up with Winston the First. He plays his Maori card only when it suits and his Party (read he)is clearly anti-migrant so ther’s some rascist undertones there too I reckon.


Posted on 11-06-2013 07:22 | By boss11

What a load of rubbish. This is one of those ’some of my best mates are maori’ crap to get maori to like Toms irritation on history and land claims. The colonials that came here created the treaty for access to Aotearoa so they wouldn’t have to kill or detain anymore maori, who said no in the first place, now you right wingers want to abolish it? talk about give and take back. All the ’for and against’ people on this forum, including me, should all meet up at a meeting somewhere with Tom and get into a debate about it, so we all know who is making these comments instead of hiding behind the comment page.


Posted on 10-06-2013 19:06 | By Plonker

Muslims? Where are they, I thought Helen sent them all back to Indonesia?

Be Careful

Posted on 10-06-2013 13:05 | By rosco532

Here come the Muslims....Will be ’’Welcome to Paradise’’ for them...

Crazy Horse

Posted on 10-06-2013 12:59 | By YOGI BEAR

80% I think you underestimate the portion of the population that understand the issue, more like 93-94% being all non-Maori.

@ Jonny Redneck

Posted on 10-06-2013 12:58 | By YOGI BEAR

It has been tailoured especially with you in mind I believe.

Go for it Tom

Posted on 09-06-2013 12:02 | By Diana

Maybe you & Winston should put your heads together & join forces. Greater in numbers. What a team you would make!


Posted on 09-06-2013 09:40 | By crazyhorse

Thanks to the Sun, Twisting the Treaty,and an educated Tauranga electorate, now we have a party the other 80% of newzealand can get behind, suck it up Johny things can only get worse for you.

One law for all

Posted on 08-06-2013 20:41 | By Johnnyredneck

The simplicity of this party suits tauranga perfectly.

Good Luck

Posted on 08-06-2013 18:59 | By Blessed

1 law 4 all

Time for an attitude change

Posted on 08-06-2013 16:06 | By rayf

Full support from me for any party prepared to stand on this single issue. It does not matter that other pressing issues do not appear in this presentation at the moment. Those will be assisted to a great degree by suitable alliances AFTER a show of strength on this policy is indicated. There is only one way to change political attitudes in this day and age, and that is to put your hand up and say that you support such an issue. Enough support and much can be achieved. The One-law statement is not specifically about support or non-support for our Treaty but for most New Zealanders, fed up with activist nonsense and media coverage of same, will feel it is time to tell those involved in those anti-community suggestions that they do not have our support nor in any legalised separatism. - Ray

@ Blessed

Posted on 08-06-2013 15:06 | By Plonker

Please read it again ... "One policy party" so there is no education policy ...

@ Dave

Posted on 08-06-2013 15:03 | By Plonker

You are right many NZers will not vote for this new party even though they know it is the truth. However sadly you are a bit off the track in what you say, the current situation is already "divisive and separatist" now and getting worse daily, to do nothing will end up as full blown apartheid state. Is that what you want?

@ Crazy Horse

Posted on 08-06-2013 12:49 | By Plonker

You got it mate, the current trend is not good at all and needs to get back tot eh truth of it

By Blessed

Posted on 08-06-2013 10:33 | By crazyhorse

This is a single issue party, health care and environmental issues are up to who ever (1LAW4ALL) go in to government with, as far as keeping your culture alive should you not take that responsibility, the Irish, Dutch, Chinese, filipino,and everyone else who has (Culture)seems to.

by dave

Posted on 08-06-2013 09:57 | By crazyhorse

A treaty is written on paper and does not posses a heart or spirit, comments such as this are exactly why we need a party like this, i do not want to continue being a second class citizen. The treaty of waitangi has gone from protecting maori from each other to a licence to print money and lay claim to anything (now part)maori can dream up, enough is enough.


Posted on 08-06-2013 07:36 | By Blessed

Hes been pushing Equality. Id like to know how this party Stands on Healthcare, environmental issues, and Education? as well as keeping our Culture alive. Its a a touchy issue but be Better then what National is doing by dividing our Country, and destroying it.

backward step

Posted on 07-06-2013 23:07 | By dave

The majority of NZers & people in Tauranga both Maori and Pakeha will not be voting for this party. With all due respects Tom Johnson, we do not want this divisive spirit here in Tauranga that ignores the true spirit & heart of the Treaty of Waitangi.


Posted on 07-06-2013 20:55 | By zyonks

Good on you Tom I will support you 100%

The Fonzzzzz

Posted on 07-06-2013 19:06 | By Plonker

Yeah Mate! It is actually worse than that: - re-writing history to suit treaty claims, destroying NZ history when it does not fit the above, "Twisting the Treaty" for then endz, The treaty was all about saving Maori from Maori, at least senior Maori were at that time astute enough to realize a treaty was a good idea but since then it has been shafted and most NZers along with it into separatisum

Go Tom

Posted on 07-06-2013 18:16 | By Graeme2

All the best for your new party. It is an idea whose time has come.

= I LIKE IT . Keep it simple works

Posted on 07-06-2013 17:25 | By Evan57

I will be looking for more from this Party . Will seriously consider my votes in their direction if looks like stacking up . I like what I hear Tom Jonson says . Lots of posts on here . To Rastus , winstone the p will never get my vote , he is a NEGATIVELY MOTIVATED GRAND-STANDER !

The treaty

Posted on 07-06-2013 16:27 | By Fonzie

was all about one law for all Geoffrey Palmer and a few other morons decided to reinterpret it in 1975 The trbes ceded sovereignty to the British Crown forever and in return ALL New Zealanders became British subjects SO we are all equal under the law Only a twisted lawyer or a simpleton could read anything different into that The tribes knew exactly what they were signing and were glad to do so It saved them from themselves

@ Waihibeach

Posted on 07-06-2013 16:19 | By YOGI BEAR

Maori and non Maori are meant to be equal under the law but what is actually happening is that anyone getting in the way of the heads in the through pig feeders is called racist simply because they dare question why some file claims and some are not allowed when the claims would actually be valid but just happen to be on the other foot. Can’t help but support the whole concept, if the race relations office was half real these issues would have already have been dealt with.


Posted on 07-06-2013 16:13 | By rastus

I cant believe what I am reading - very short memories methinks - Winston has never stopped promoting ’one law for all’ so just get behind hime and support this honourable man. Interesting to see (take note doubters) that winston was obviously correct about Peter Dunne since I just heard on the news that Dunne g=has resigned rather than facing up to the fact that he has been telling porkies and that Winston had him nailed from the start

One Law for All

Posted on 07-06-2013 15:42 | By


New party wants one law for all

Posted on 07-06-2013 14:52 | By algail

So now its racists to want laws that apply to all and democracy is racists. Those are the sort of impressions of what people take out of what they read and see that are holding NZ back. A recent example was the cartoons every anti racist who by definition are actually racists didn’t see the white people in the cartoon. NZrs need to get a grip on reality and stop misinterpreting reality. If this chap got the Tauranga seat and we got rid of the current TCC Tauranga would be a paradise on earth. If Tom gets in hopefully he will be our real voice in the house and perhaps raise concerns about the massive debts the current TCC keep building up. We especially need to get a grip on the reality that technically TCC is bankrupt they owe $400 mil for Gods sake Alastair Bethlehem.

@ waihibeach

Posted on 07-06-2013 14:48 | By RawPrawn

You state, quite correctly, that ’Maori are equal to Pakeha under the law’. You would find few to argue with that. However, the problem that a lot of non-Maori New Zealanders have(approx 85% of the population), is that Maori are treated much more than equal under the Treaty, and that the Treaty is trampling increasingly more over the law

One Law for all

Posted on 07-06-2013 14:12 | By Calm Gully



Posted on 07-06-2013 14:08 | By waihibeach

Yes, if you rip up the Treaty of Waitangi and ignore history, there seem justification for Tom’s view. The reality is, however, that the British came to New Zealand and entered into an arrangement with Maori called the Treaty of Waitangi. So, Tom suggests that because that agreement doesn’t suit the bigots in this country, we should screw it up. I don’t think any right minded New Zealander would regard that as fair. Maori are equal to Pakeha under the law. The inequalities Tom refers to I assume to be the Governments efforts to rectify the wrongs imposed on them by Pakeha. Maori dont appear to have anything more than their entitlement under the treaty.

excellent but

Posted on 07-06-2013 13:57 | By sojourner

Excellent proposal, finally someone with a bit of brain as well as intelligent brawn to tackle this ’elephant in the room’. I do propose a better name for this party, and a more comprehensive agenda, such as better care for the aging and elderly, control on landlords/rent prices,making bullying an offense parents are held accountable for (as in one state in the USA, the same wages for people in the same industries no matter where they live in this country, to mention a few ideas.

good luck

Posted on 07-06-2013 12:58 | By hapukafin

it should have been like this from day dot

Watch out Winston !

Posted on 07-06-2013 12:03 | By ow

These lot will steal your voters. anyway I am sure they must be racist by targeting maori handouts

One Law For All

Posted on 07-06-2013 11:23 | By Milo Ovaltini

Good luck with that, Tom.....

Its about time

Posted on 07-06-2013 11:12 | By Jimmy

that racial discrimination in any and all forms are completely demolished.

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