Cannabis first in Tauranga

In a Tauranga first, around 30 people have gathered in Yatton Park to protest for cannabis to be legalised.

The Legalise Cannabis Protest or J Day is being held around the country in an effort to sway the Government’s stance of its cannabis laws.

People are protesting in Yatton Park for cannabis to be legalised. Photos: Tracy Hardy.

The protest consisted of people walking around and making their opinions heard as music was played in the park.

Tauranga protest organiser Blaze, who did not want to give his real name and says most people know him as Blaze, wants people to be able to have the right to smoke cannabis much like they do tobacco.

“Cannabis can be harmful. But a cheeseburger is also harmful to the body but you don’t see that being illegal.

“People should have the choice to be able to use it if they want.”
He says thousands of sick people may are already using medicinal cannabis illegally.

Cannabis is used to by numerous people suffering a wide range of medical conditions including glaucoma and cancer.

“If they get caught they can often be arrested and charged as criminals.
“People already use it for recreational use. What we want is for people to be able to use it medicinally without the stigma that comes with it. Make it fair for everyone.”

Paying taxes on cannabis, like people do when they buy tobacco, is one of Blaze’s suggestions as a way to regulate cannabis use.

“High tobacco prices have put a lot off smoking. But you will always get someone who will want to smoke no matter the cost. The same can be said about cannabis.”

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Make sugar illegal

Posted on 01-06-2013 15:45 | By Stricker

If one bothered to look at the amount of criminal activites associated with Cannabis compared to those associated with alcohol your looking at a 60% difference with alcohol being the bigger problem and alcohol is legal. Over 50% of the current offences a person is charged with on a daily basis is alcohol related NOT cannabis related. Sojourner you believe cannabis to kill brain cells yet sugar and fat are easily accessable and they cause obesity and heart problems yet they are freely obtained everywhere we look. NZ is one of the most obese countries in the developed world yet they aren’t illegal. There are better things to waste our hard earned tax money on rather than a few people consuming cannabis on a recreational level or medicinal level yet we continue to think of it as a hard drug. It’s a class C drug. How bout we focus on the class A drugs.

hey sojourner

Posted on 15-05-2013 01:13 | By admiralbigspliff

sojourner clearly you have thc confused with alcohol.... it DOES NOT kill brain cells... The human brain/body has special receipters that only respond to thc unlike alcohol which infact damages all cells in the body including your precious brain cells.... people like you need to research the facts before you say things like cannibus kills brain cells and they dont regenerate... wtf there is no evidence to proof what you say is anywhere near accurate. We need to lead the world on this matter but it seems as if the government is going backwards..

It's currently illegal...

Posted on 08-05-2013 13:35 | By Vamptonius

...despite the wealth of good scientific data of it’s positive effects and lack of harm mainly because drug companies don’t want nearly half of their inventory becoming obsolete. Why do taxpayers fund crime, then fund the police to combat crime? Legal, 21+ cannabis would cut gangs off at the knees financially as well as putting our police dollars to better use while making our police safer.

justifies the sense of making it legal!

Posted on 08-05-2013 01:14 | By Miribaba

I agree on every word he is saying, let there be awareness, tax, R18 & regulation, and for medical use it has to be 100% available. Also, thinking from tourist point of view, what is called in Amsterdam, "Gedogen", which means that it is tolerated as long as you don’t use it in the open and don’t create annoyances. would be a great way of improvising on economy by not trading in black! Besides, what is illegal will still remain illegal including all the illegal activities.

Well Said

Posted on 07-05-2013 13:01 | By geoff

This guy is well-spoken and makes a good case. It’s a shame many people will choose only to see a young guy with a beard and continue believing in their firmly entrenched prejudices.

Brain Damage?

Posted on 06-05-2013 11:37 | By Lilly

Please show me some links to brain damage from cannabis. While cannabis may damage brain cells no one has ever produced any scientific evidence showing it causes the death of brain cells. There was the monkey experiment, but those monkeys were suffocated, hence the braindamage. there are however studies showing the protective and regenitive properties of cannabis. Did you know the usa govt owns the patent for cannabis as a neuro-protectant? But all this is irrelevant to the fact that prohibition does not work, that prohibition maximises harm. Under prohibition we now have the highest teen usage rate in the world. Holland which tolerates sales to adults, and uses truthful education has one of the lowest teen cannabis use rates in the world. Portugal has seen dramatic positive results from decriminalising the possesion of all drugs and treating it as a health issue. Portugals crime to fund drugs has dramatically reduced. their teen use has dropped and new HIV infections have dropped, and more. This isnt about cannabis being good or bad it’s about human rights and whats best way to address our drug problems, rather than letting the gangs handle it. If you support prohibition you are supporting organised crime.

Realise what the debate is....

Posted on 05-05-2013 21:51 | By timmo

The question here is not ’Is Cannabis Good’ or ’Should you use Cannabis’, the question IS ’What is the best method to handle the use of Cannabis in our society’. Many people tend to confuse the issue and answer questions about if Cannabis should be legalised in the negative, simply because they don’t agree with its consumption. While prohibition does ’work’ in some ways, it is a horrendously expensive (both financially and socially) and blunt approach to the issues surrounding use of a drug. We have tried this approach for the last half century and it has been largely ineffectual, as evidenced by our high rates of use, not to mention expensive with no tax to offset any healthcare costs. Furthermore, under prohibition, the small percentage of users that do have issues with their use will not seek help for fear of legal repercussions. In other countries who take a more enlightened approach to controlling Cannabis, their usage rates are lower than ours and the people that do choose to use it do not need to resort to giving gangs business to buy their ’tipple’ of choice. Quite simply, legalising (with strict parameters) is the best way to control a soft drug like Cannabis and this fact does not change even if you vehemently disagree with its use.


Posted on 05-05-2013 19:43 | By JacksonT

who are you to wave your finger?

Legalise Cannibas

Posted on 05-05-2013 09:19 | By rosscoo

WHY? Do they not realise if they legalise it then government can collect revenue will most likely be put in same category as tobacco. So dangerous to health or not they should consider all aspects are they better off buying on blackmarket or off shelf with tax


Posted on 05-05-2013 07:44 | By NZnative

"Drugs are not dangerous because they are illegal"….. "They are illegal because they are insidiously dangerous to both your mental health and our society"


Posted on 05-05-2013 05:18 | By Sambo

so please tell me the benefits of alcohol???, if people would follow the "everything in moderation" theory, chemically engineered drugs are the problem, and if you are pain killer dependent, I recommend you try a little cannabis, it may open another window for you, if you have sampled it and it does not float your boat fine, but do not make comments from your "tunnel vision" world, why cannot its sale be controlled?.

Dumb and dumber

Posted on 04-05-2013 19:35 | By sojourner

Cannabis kills braincells which are not regenerated. It makes people stupid who were not already stupid, although I question the level of intelligence of anyone stupid enough to do drugs and come up with these unfounded dumb arguments for them.It also has been proven to cause bipolar disorder in youngsters. One can take pain killers for pain; I do so every day. It keeps my mind clear and me functioning as a normal and responsible human being, something that can never be said for cannabis.


Posted on 04-05-2013 18:27 | By Sambo

what has dress code got to do with it?, and better wearing a kaftan, than some crazed substance abuser on "P" carrying a large weapon, this would be possibly the only time I would agree with the people who wear kaftans and roman sandals and name their children, sky, rain, or serenity. Legaslise it with controls, its done with alcohol!!!

Well done!

Posted on 04-05-2013 18:13 | By Ninja

I popped in twice as I drove past. I don’t use cannabis, however I see the validity of the argument to decriminalise the use of cannabis for medicinal and recreational use. Lets spend our energy and resources of calling the real criminals into account. Bigger fish to fry people! Well done to the organisers, spokes people, and contributing artists who showed up to tautoko the kaupapa. Friendly faces, great atmosphere, awesome vibes... what more could you ask for? And to the person above "Why" who said there were no well dressed tidy looking people there. What are you alluding to exactly? Btw, I was there and I’m no scruff, thank you.

Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha

Posted on 04-05-2013 18:00 | By YadaYada

Had to check my calendar to make sure it wasn’t April Fools day. Medicine my ass. Biggest problem is after smoking it you eat a dozen cheese burgers.


Posted on 04-05-2013 16:35 | By Bop man

Is it that there are no well dressed tidy looking people with these people, I guess that cannabis does kill brain cells.

Totally agree

Posted on 04-05-2013 15:15 | By gazzaj

If cannabis is legalized & the right education is given its no more harmful than having a few alcoholic drinks. Cannabis is far better for the body when compared to the man made synthetic K2 & other legal highs, its been around for many years & know so much more about it which makes it far safer to use & should be treated exactly the same way as alcohol, dont smoke & drive, but home use is fine. So many people are already using cannabis, make it legal & the dealers will go under, tax it like tobacco & the country is better of by reaping the taxes... Cannabis is not that bad, but K2 is killing families & communities....

Think of the other side

Posted on 04-05-2013 14:45 | By Just the truth...

Fair enough for these people but for the people selling it for money, if it is legalised, then wont they go onto doing more serious crimes such as burglary, armed robbery etc?

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