Marching against asset sales

A protest against asset sales saw around 250 people rally together in Red Square this morning.

Mana Party and Labour supporters, and other people, marched side by side to voice their opposition to the National Government selling state assets.

People gathered for a protest against asset sales in red Square today. Photos: Letitia Atkinson.

One protestor, who did not want to be named, says the country has changed so much.

She believes the country has become “openly racist”.

Another protestor says selling the assets will only bring a temporary financial benefit.

New Zealand Council of Trade Unions president Helen Kelly says selling the assets makes no sense - economic or social.

“Retaining the action against the sale is very important.

“We will soon have a referendum on the matter and it is important the Government knows that despite their crude rush to get the sales over with, we will not be deterred.”

A crowd of around 250 protestors marched from Red Square to Simon Bridges National office on Devonport Road holding placards and banners saying ‘No Asset Sales”.

A section of The Strand was closed for the protest and police were present to make sure nothing got out of hand.

The protest in Tauranga is one of many being held around the country today.


No alternative

Posted on 28-04-2013 12:27 | By morepork

If you have a family heirloom you really don’t want to sell it. But if you need money desperately, you probably will. Years of mis-management by successive Governments of all persuasions has left us in unimaginable debt. We are a food producing nation in a hungry world and yet we can’t make a profit? Instead of pulling together to make a future for ourselves as one Nation we are divided and bickering. Billions of dollars being paid in reparation for something that happened long before any of us were born, So many different factions (not just on Racial lines) all seeking to get their snouts in the trough, and now the Piper is knocking on the door and wanting to be paid. We are mortgaging our childrens’ futures and handing our nation over to foreign investors, just because they have the money we need to fuel our profligate "politically correct" policies. It isn’t racist to say that we simply can’t afford the payments that are being made. The only sound way out of the morass is to produce more, and cut debt. A desperate Government is selling assets because they see no alternative. If they did what they really NEED to do, they wouldn’t be the Government any more. In 50 years when there are no more Treaty reparations, old age pensions, or benefits of any kind, and everyone who can work is a State employee in Prime Minister Wing Fong Dong’s great Socialist Government, New Zealand will be a very prosperous nation. But it is the Ruling junta who will reap the benefits of that prosperity, not the rest of us. A bit like the way things work now, really....

No mandate??...think again...

Posted on 28-04-2013 09:05 | By groutby

ronillian, were you out of the country immediately before and on election day?..National RAN IT’S CAMPAIGN on PARTIAL assett sales, and right or wrong, we all know the result..the mandate was entrenched then.

Makes no sense

Posted on 27-04-2013 17:57 | By ronillian

It is politically irresponsible and divisive for this govt to privatise assets when it is abundantly clear they have no mandate to do so. Nor does it make sense economically or socially. It is asking for trouble to bulldoze through such asset sales against the public’s wishes. Privatising what was in public ownership is transferring assets from broad public ownership to a small number of investors: more wealth transferred from the 99% to the 1%. Whose side this govt is on? Income and wealth gaps have widened under this govt and will continue to do so with policies like this.

Oh my Gosh

Posted on 27-04-2013 17:28 | By kavitsara

Nationnal they do they best. Howerver what this people want does’s matter. If you not happy just go back to you comefrom. Don’t asking too much from government looking at your self frist. Go find a job and working hard not just sit at home and making babies for get money from the governmet.I feel sick when see the news. Yuk!!!


Posted on 27-04-2013 17:25 | By Sambo

with you all the way, and firstly stop "tribal payouts" and "breeding for money" payments, then maybe asset sales do not need to happen, the pictures above paint a story, wake up and smell the coffee!!!!

Stand up Fight Back

Posted on 27-04-2013 17:23 | By gr3g0s

I was there, I marched, to all you knockers, when was the last time you stood up for something you believed in?? Many of the people who were there are workers, like myself, there was plenty of pakeha (myself included) so those who think this just unemployed Maori got upset again, sorry think again. This was a protest against Asset Sales, but for me I marched for so many more reasons, the current National government are eroding our rights fairly consistently, our rights to work and recieve fair pay, our right to protest, our right to privacy. The National government are trying to privatise our schools, prisons and other public services. And right when the people need it the most, we have lost thousands of jobs in the last few years, the government decide to get tough on beneficiaries whilst making it easier for big businesses to make more money and avoid tax! Wake up sleepy Hobbits there is darkness coming if we dont stop it!!


Posted on 27-04-2013 17:01 | By kawerauk1d

its that simple national didn’t hide the fact that they were going to sell state assets the told everybody yet close to one million voters didn’t get off the A** and vote so no use moaning about get out and vote these clowns out simple

welfare has cost us our assets

Posted on 27-04-2013 16:57 | By The Big Tomatosaurus

The assets are being sold to pay mostly our welfare payments. If we borrow a billion per month, then the next generation has to live with the debt. Either keep borrowing or sell assets. One or the other!

@ AratakiJive

Posted on 27-04-2013 16:20 | By Captain Sensible

I totally agree. We live in New Zealand. Nobody has a mandate to alter it.

NZ the divided

Posted on 27-04-2013 14:36 | By traceybjammet

the reality of life is if you overspend on your credit card on benefits and other s tuff they eventually the debt outweighs the value of a dead asset also politicians and government cant run our country why do we think they should manage businesses competition is the only way to get prices down and we need investment in our country. Most people in these protests have a political agenda that has nothing to do with what is best for NZ silly MMP is costing this country a fortune with crazies stopping things from going through only because they have an agenda about themselves not whats best for NZ

Pull it together

Posted on 27-04-2013 13:00 | By Blessed

Many people of the Older generation in the Area i live, do NOT want these asset Sales, Easiest way to look at it is,If you have a Asset, why would u sell it?? You work hard all your life, for no reason, because u get nothing back, Pension is a joke and the Politicians get a pay rise?? NZ needs to start working together, and STOP pointing the finger!!

The protest

Posted on 27-04-2013 12:52 | By Peoplepower

It was good to see so many people from so many places, i see what it is that needs to change and why people need to wake up and realise what we have now and what we will miss if the sales go ahead. My son and I attended the protest my son didn’t know completely what was going on but knew there is a message people need to hear and he knows a bit more about what the govt is doing and want to do more of which will only make our country worse. People need to think about what is going on in our country. We can no longer be oppressed by these tyrant who break laws and change them for their own interests. Maybe in the future people will learn about what they are really commenting on fully before they go saying the things which they clearly don’t understand.

Future generations

Posted on 27-04-2013 12:31 | By Stricker

I commend those who participated in this event. At least they’re trying to preserve our country for future generations instead of trying to make a quick buck and leaving nothing for our children and future generations to work with. If you believe otherwise, what a materialistic and selfish existance you live by. How disgusting are you!!

Sad to see........

Posted on 27-04-2013 12:03 | By groutby

Several children being used with these "protestors"...dosen’t take much to read between the lines here to see the real meaning for the "protest", just look at the unofficial divisive flags and the messages...tell the truth guys..what was it REALLY about?

Aotearoa on the placard?

Posted on 27-04-2013 11:45 | By AratakiJive

Last time I looked, this country that I love and live in is STILL called New Zealand, dammit! It’s treasonous to call it anything else.

But how will the govt pay for benefits?

Posted on 27-04-2013 11:10 | By Phailed

No to so many things makes you wonder how NZ will make a living to fund possibly the very people who are moaning?

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