Reoffending down, hard work ahead

Corrections Minister Anne Tolley says reoffending has been cut by eight per cent since the Better Public Services June 2011 benchmark, meaning there are 1,476 fewer repeat offenders and over 5,904 fewer victims of crime each year. 

The Government has a target of a 25 per cent reduction in reoffending by 2017, which will result in 18,500 fewer victims each year. 

“The latest statistics, to the end of December, show that Corrections is making excellent progress,” says Mrs Tolley. 

“We are absolutely committed to delivering safer communities and fewer victims of crime, which is why we are doing more than ever before to rehabilitate offenders. 

“The biggest gains so far have been with community offenders, who are being given more intensive support alongside drug and alcohol rehabilitation. 

“Our increased focus on drug and alcohol rehab, education, and skills training in prisons will also see benefits over the next few years, but there is no doubt that it will require a lot of hard work both from Corrections and prisoners themselves. 

“Offenders deserve to be punished for committing crimes, but we need to do everything we can to steer them away from crime so they don’t create more victims and return to prison, where they cost the taxpayer $98,500 a year. 

“The National-led Government’s introduction of working prisons, the huge increases in drug and alcohol programmes, job skills and training opportunities and education initiatives, are all vitally important. 

“We have made great gains, and while there is still a long way to go, I am confident that Corrections will deliver on our targets.”

Source: Office of Anne Tolley.


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