Hot pools hot after cold weekend

Mount Maunganui hot pools are back up to temperature today, after an electrical fault shut the pools down for part of the long weekend.

The pools at the base of Mauao were closed after staff noticed the pools were cold on Sunday morning.

Mount Maunganui hot pools were forced to close when an electrical fault caused the temperature to drop.

Tauranga City Aquatics Limited CEO Tania Delahunty says an electrical fault in a pump caused the temperature to drop.

“It was a fault on the earthing of the bore pump. We don't know why it was caused, it could have been the hot temperatures. It was just an unexpected fault the staff found it when they opened up.”

The hot pools work by pumping hot salt water from an underground bore to heat the seawater used in the pools. The pump is below the ground at the bottom of the bore.

“Steve Miller brought the pump up and we just had to work to reinstate it,” says Tania.

“Everything's back up and running again now, as of yesterday.

“We have to appreciate that while we did a lot of work in refurbishment, the bore is an older part so we have now got a hybrid facility there where some of the stuff is brand new and some of it is old.”

A replacement of all the Mount hot pools infrastructure and ancillary equipment was planned as part of the $9million redevelopment project halted by owners Tauranga City Council.

Repairs to pipework and a partial refurbishment were undertaken in winter 2011, when the pools were forced to close for repairs.


And the problem is

Posted on 30-01-2013 19:39 | By Investigator

Complete lack of maintenance and no one that knows what is going on. It really is bottom of the cliff stuff.

Maintenance costs vs CEO costs

Posted on 30-01-2013 09:38 | By Phailed

Could we know the amount spent on maintenance per year compared to the amount spent on the pools CEO per year?

Murray will have the answer

Posted on 30-01-2013 05:41 | By Sambo

possibly that pools have the right to do what they want.

Monitor vital equipment

Posted on 29-01-2013 19:51 | By dgk

In a situation like that, I would have sensors on equipment, rather than wait for complaining customers. Just common sense that seems to be beyond the abilities of the management team there.


Posted on 29-01-2013 15:14 | By YOGI

Seems to me that since the hastie decision in May 2011 to shut the door for a few months and spend millions on a few pipes and a bit of concrete that nothing has been right ever since. Yet the performance of the show piece pools at the Mount continues to flop about with random results flourishing as the norm. It is time to open the doors on the whole place show us ratepayers what is really going on and provide the truth of what the money is spent on and why these problems are not remedied on a timely basis.

Maintenace not refurbishment

Posted on 29-01-2013 10:24 | By tabatha

The important part of any swimming pool is to maintain it. Sometimes pumps do need to be replaced. Tania needs to forget about the refurbishment and think maintaining.

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