Woman in car 'loses control'

An 86-year-old woman is in hospital after reportedly losing control of the vehicle she was driving and falling down a grass bank near Barkes Corner in Greerton today.

An 86-year-old woman is hospitalised after reportedly loosing control of the vehicle she was driving.

The woman was treated for neck and back injuries at the scene and was transported to Tauranga Hospital where she remains. 

Ambulance acting team manager Bill McNeilly says it is believed the woman lost control of the vehicle she was driving before falling about 10 metres down a bank around 10.30am.

“She's just gone down, from what we believe, and lost control just on a bank and gone off the side of the road into the scrub there.” 

Bill says there were no other occupants in the vehicle.

The cause of the accident is yet to be confirmed with police.


Pomfart rudeness

Posted on 30-01-2013 13:38 | By peecee09

You are a rude and arrogant and lack any respect for the older generation.Shame on you.There are many more accidents involving the younger generation than older people so pull your head in.

Get a move on

Posted on 29-01-2013 17:34 | By pomfart

I wouldn't mind old dears on the road if they stopped dithering. They stop at roundabouts for no reason at all and generally dither. You'd think they would get a move on as their time on this planet is about to end. They must have things to do on the bucket list other than dither?

Drivers over 70

Posted on 28-01-2013 20:59 | By Player

So,APLUS thinks drivers over 70 should have a compulsory annual driving test,how would they like to be tested every year,I am 73 and have been driving since 18 and only had one traffic ticket in that time,wonder how many APLUS has had. Wake up APLUS, 70 is not old these days.

It used to be... (APLUS)

Posted on 28-01-2013 20:11 | By tibs

They were tested on a practical basis until one Helen Clark in an electoral gambit to outflank one Winston Peters gave it to the doctors to do.

@dgk and APLUS

Posted on 28-01-2013 19:14 | By tabatha

Sorry you feel this way, but do you not realise that family are also needed to take some responsibility for older drivers. I believe there is a place in the law for them to say enough is enough. Also if you are worried have a word to GP who gives medical clearance about the ability to react to the laws. Surely it is time to stop buck passing and be sensible. Remember parents brought you up so that you can take care of them when they are older.

different circumstances

Posted on 28-01-2013 18:31 | By rosscoo

Yes some elderly do need to brush up on the road code. But each case is different so dont condem people unless you know the facts.

All The Best

Posted on 28-01-2013 18:02 | By The_Courier

For a speedy recovery although i am with the other comments, the 70+ age group need to be tested, can only imagine what would happen if this person went the other way off the road, could have been a fatality with a innocent passer by......


Posted on 28-01-2013 17:39 | By Watchdog

And plenty of young hoons end up over the edge of roads into ditches sometime swith fatal results. Do we ask for Annual License testing for them too?

Tests for all then.

Posted on 28-01-2013 16:35 | By outjie

Not only older people but everyone using the road should be tested at regular intervals. We all witness younger people doing horrendously stupid things too.

Tests for everyone then?

Posted on 28-01-2013 16:27 | By Peden

Do people younger than 70 never "accidentally" run off the road, or hit a power pole?

Proper tests, who cares about WOF's.

Posted on 28-01-2013 16:04 | By dgk

APLUS, I have to agree. My mother in law passes her medical for driver license renewal, but her driving, and her knowledge of the road rules scares anyone in the passenger seat with her. She needs to be tested properly.

I'm sorry

Posted on 28-01-2013 15:59 | By APLUS

But I think it's about time to bring in compulsory annual driving tests for people over 70

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