X Factor auditions see hundreds

X-Factor hopefuls lined up as early at as 9pm on Friday to get the chance to see if they make the cut to star on the New Zealand talent show.

Te Puke singer Luke Tyrrell had some people arrive at 4.30am for him so he would have a place in line and he arrived around 6am to line up.

Luke Tyrrell, 26, from Te puke with his family at the X Factor auditions. Photo and Interview by Tracy Hardy.

Brooke Takuira, 18, from Te Puke, lined up at 9pm on Friday for the auditions.

“There was really no one here when I showed up. There was a group camping in a van.”

Despite it being cold, he was glad he arrived so early as it allowed him the chance to choose where he wanted to be in the line.

Luke played Diesel’s song Right on the Tip of My Tongue for his audition.

He says his performance went really well.

“I was nervous, my hands were shaking and stuff but I pulled it together enough to get through. I got a maybe from the judges.”

Luke has been performing since he was a child.

“I have a certificate in music and I have just been singing in local pubs for the past six years. Today is an opportunity to open the door and make a career out of it.”

Luke played Diesel’s song Right on the Tip of My Tongue for his audition.

“I got my first guitar when I was five and have never stopped playing.”

The show is travelling to 27 different towns and cities in New Zealand for the first NZ version of the global talent show.

More than 120 people had lined up for auditions at 10am.

TV3 publicist Rose Swale says the tour has been good so far.

“We have had really good turnouts from the centres we have gone to. From what I understand the producers say the calibre of singers has been really strong.

She says people having been lining up in the early hours of the morning to make sure they have a chance to audition.

“Before this, we had a 3am start in Kapiti so I think they take the cake for most dedicated people for X Factor NZ so far.

“It might get beaten in Auckland so who knows.”

Rose says more than 100 people have been coming to auditions every day in the different centres the X Factor tour has been to.

“This is the pre-audition phase of the process where they audition for the executive producers. They will with get a no or a maybe which means sometime in the next couple of weeks they will get a phone call or an email to say they will be going through to the next round.”

Successful applicants will move onto the next round and perform in front of four judges and a live audience.

Mount Maunganui raised international star Stan Walker has been confirmed as one of the judges for the show that will be hosted by entertainment presenter Dominic Bowden.

Entries are open to individuals over 14 as of January 2013 and groups.

Once through the final audition process, the performers are split into categories - boys under 25, girls under 25, the over 25s and the groups.

Each group is mentored by a judge throughout the competition, and the judges compete to be the best mentor and have the winning act.

To enter visit the TV3 website to download the X-Factor NZ application form.

Fill out the form and bring it to the local audition.

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