Same rhetoric from John Key

New Zealand First says the Prime Minister's State of the Nation speech was unable to conceal the National Government's lack of a viable economic plan. 

Rt Hon Winston Peters says the murky vision in John Key's address is staggering given that he had weeks of holiday time in Hawaii in which to come up with something of substance. 

“This National-led Government is just tinkering with the economy as employment dries up and tens of thousands of New Zealanders each year abandon the country in search of a better future. 

“This public malaise with the country is set to continue while the Government refuses to tackle our seriously overvalued dollar. 

“They even have the gall to tell New Zealanders that they must live with our high dollar no matter the damage it inflicts upon them. 

“New Zealand First backs moves to create more apprenticeships but the initiative announced today by the Government is two years too late. It should have happened soon after the Canterbury earthquakes.” 

Winston says it is outrageous that Mr Key believes his dodgy backroom dealings with Sky City for a National Convention Centre is the best thing to promote high end tourism.

 “Mr Key is the worst Minister of Tourism this country has seen in many years. 

“If he believes that a convention centre is the focal point to increasing tourism then he is away with the fairies.”

Source: New Zealand First. 



Posted on 27-01-2013 21:10 | By len barron

i agree with usandthem.maybe key is all over the place as he has a bunch of ministers who are hopeless at their jobs?

Go winston !

Posted on 25-01-2013 23:45 | By ow

Ha Ha Ha ! go winston ! Dont spill your drink while you are banging your fist on the table in mock outrage

same old garbage

Posted on 25-01-2013 19:47 | By usandthem

How can employers take on more apprentices if they haven't got the work for them?This is the same jerk who was going to create heaps of jobs a couple of years ago and close the gap in wages between Aussie and New Zealand.He even believes his own bull and expects us to believe it too.

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